Shut your mouth and listen to what it is I have to say

I will take you all back on that specific day

I was laying in my room listening to the two of you argue

All the times that he didn’t care about how bad he physically hurt you

But you was willing to do anything for him and I heard you say “she’ll  be ready at 9

You came and told me to get dressed

I’ll make you pretty with makeup

You picked out a pretty pink dress to match

You told me that I would be their perfect catch

But why you were telling me this I had no clue

What was going to happen to me later I had no clue

Then they came in, 4 men

I will never forget their faces

They gave you the stack of money and told you to leave

Not once did you look back or take one last look of me

You sold my body for money

I fought, I cried, I did everything I could to try and run away

But they kept holding me telling me to stay

You told me to keep my mouth shut about everything

Or you would make my life full of regrets

So I did, how much worse could this night get?

I was only 7 an innocent lost girl

But you would do anything for that man

Every night they came

Each night I cried

And they all left with a smile on their face





This poem is about: 



I have a 20 dollar bill ripped up on the table and 10 in my wallet its all the money i have to my name. I told u Im really a broke bitch. I have a lot of knowlege but Im seriously broke. Regardless, if you need money now you can tape together this 20 that I was insulted to recieve on behalf of my rock solid efforts to prove my worth to someone who was only interested in getting studio time or attention or blocking someone else from feeling like they had a right to come by or mentally scramble my reality or hurt me by wasting my time believing in something that was never going to happen or seeing how gulible i am or just using me for energy and resources and information. Bottom line he took way more than he contributed to making my life better like he promised to and proved im a dumb bitch who will just go along with whatever anyone says is true. Which is actually true because i believe in the goodness of people and if you are a genuine person with good intentions who does their very best given a certain set of variables under the conditions set by your environment that are out of your control then you will be blessed.


It was really meant for me to see this❤💯

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