For the moment

She believed that it was true, reality.
The touch that lead to a warmer sensation inside.
The laugh, the voice, the comfort.
Complete silence, and pure happiness.
She soon found out that it was a moment.
One second, one time.
Only for the moment, complete loneliness.
Lies, used.
Run, hide, and fly.
Clouds, scenery, wings.
Rock, gray, and cold.
There was light and it blew up in the sky.
Over and over.
A new beginning.
Louder was the sound.
As all that flows, it will be okay.
Red, stuffy, and curled.
Questioning the same life with new viewpoints.
Happiness swirled.
Indecisiveness and uncertainty.
Blame the one who used!
Don't run from this.
Smell, feeling, hope...
Only for awhile.
I can't!
I want...
I don't.
I will...
Smile, Cry, Kiss, Fear...
Love isn't real.

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