Weighted Tings

Fri, 07/06/2018 - 12:00 -- SPZRAY

Here lies the time of which it commenced

The days past as every sand

Of the hourglass

In a fell swoop of descending


If the cosmos were mine to mix

And the beauties thereof, mine to possess

All would I have given

Yet all I owned was myself


In the latter months from the time you left

We Were Liars, with Woven

Enraptured my days

As I could not feel


I could not heal from the whole inside

Filled with empty


On impressions "wrapped on things so quickly stolen"


That was Woven

From thence I have become

Through the weighted tings

Of every line, of every stanza


Tings that overcome my heart, which is my mind

Some nights

Like that night I gazed upon the pyrotech finale

And felt the sound waves resonate second


Second to the light which reflected that within

Unaware of my call for its resurfacement

It was urgent then

But now inside is infused with a different wave


Whose frequency is less amplified

Range more diversified

Weighted tings caused this phenomena

And it is better for it to stay this way


With the light still cached inside

The new flow on every line

Swells more evident

For the combination of the two produces an essence undefined


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