Confession Explosion


Same time

Your front door creaks, did you notice?

Mine does, too.

10:30 AM, you walk out of your apartment-

The one right across the hall from mine-

And I make sure I walk out, too.


Same time

We’ve lived across from each other for nearly two years

Why haven’t we spoken?

I just don’t have the courage

But today I’ll do it

I just say hello

You flash a brilliant smile

My heart flutters, my palms are sweaty,

Shaking from head to toe

Your lips part, saying my name

I could just faint at any moment

You ask if I’d like to grab some coffee

Of course I would!

You grab my hand

Overwhelmed with happiness

My stomach is filled with flittering butterflies

This is finally it

Will this turn into something more?

Will you ever love me?

I can see us getting married

Maybe I’ve gotten ahead of myself

All you did was take my hand

But I’ve never smiled so hard in my life

My fairytale ending

This is it

I could just die-

Oh, but how ironic?


It’s gone

Lights flicker

Caught between the rubble of the floor

And the cold steel infrastructure

I desperately search for you

One last kiss

As my pulse slows

As the light fades from your eyes

As our hearts fail in synchronized chaos

I utter my last words

I’m sorry. I love you.


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