Help. I’m alone and I can’t cry for help

There are monsters stabbing my mind, I must conceal from everyone else

 When it comes to being loved, I simply just repel

I don’t want to nail the floor, I am lost with no direction


I don’t know who I’ve become

I’m on the brink of being corrupt

I cry tears of pure disgust

Because the gashes cannot be undone


My heart is engulfed in sorrow

I’m guarding my feet, I can’t dance to the tempo

The negativity is all that echoes

It put a knife in my back and shot me dead with an arrow


I thought I found refuge, but it was just fallacy

Now my chances of liberation can only be narrow

Everything has blinded me, my senses are scrambled

Why do the worst things always appear as the angel with the halo?


My mind is a battlefield, my thoughts are the soldiers

It feels like the opposing troops are now taking over

I’m admonishing you all, if this gets any colder,

I might relinquish and crumble due to my choppy composure


It’s almost like we died the second after we were born

No one can make me wallow in agony because I’m already torn

What happened to the good nature in which we were all sworn?

We could have lived elated fantasies but instead we just mourn

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