The Trailing Words


Here is a word, or maybe some more

I guarantee, simple is bold


We see the unseen

And feel the signals

The signals of heart


But there are choices

Choices to be made

Choices to be heard of

And portrayed


Like endless seas

Touched to be held

Touched to belong


Drawn to the core

The core of life

Of redemption


So soon will the sparks be held tight?

The lights are daunting

They are melting in words


Too many words to count

So filled with lustful heartbeats

It’s an emotional country, at most  


Where do these come from?

From voices, of course

Simple melodies inside the soul

Directing the inner chambers of it all


Cry to be perfect

Smile to be loved

Stay vivid to be home

I guarantee, simple is bold


There is a trail of words

Blossomed from the surface

From no notice, at all

Craving to fit

To be unashamed


But there are choices

Choices to be made

To free the forgotten

And reuse the reused

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