From Afar


United States
42° 39' 17.2548" N, 82° 55' 4.3824" W

I watched from afar

Drenched in the downpour

Of rain?

Or tears from Heaven?

I watched from afar

Knowing a part of me

Has vanished into

Nothingness forever

I watched from afar

My eyes were wet

But I swear

It’s only the rain

I watched from afar

Watched her laugh

Watched her smile

Knowing it was never for me

I watched from afar

Watched him hold her

Watched him swing her around

Knowing that would never be me

I watched from afar

But I made sure

I can at least sleep soundly at night now

Knowing she is happy

Knowing she is no longer in pain

And so

I dropped

My broken heart

And left


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