A Lost Friend

I stumble through the grey,

I’m still searching for your face.

My breath is heavy and long,

I can’t believe you’re gone.


I know you’re in a better place,

Away from all this hurt and pain.

But still I cry for loss of a friend;

A friendship to never be had again.


It’s hard to accept you’re truly gone.

You were there one moment, then all was lost.

Sometimes in life, nothing seems to change,

But when I look now, nothing's the same.


What just happened:

No one could see it coming.

We were struggling together,

Then “together” became only me.


I’ll try to move on,

Because I know it’s what you’d want,

But it’s hard to keep going,

When your best friend is gone.


But I’ll hope in the end;

When I’ll see you again.

I’ll fight for you,

My ally and friend.


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