i'll admit it

i am not much of a poet

i do not know much about rhyming

i just know about the individual

and how it is hard to be original

how we sit here and talk about nothing

we sit here and discuss her hair

and what he is doing

or what happened at that party

but none of it matters

i would rather be known for my intelligence

and my benevolence

my excellence

as opposed to the irrelevance that is now

our conversations lack substance

i am alone

since i was small, i have had no one

no one to talk to

no one by my side

it is just me

my thoughts

my dreams

and it baffles me that everyone around me can smile

those happiest on the outside

deep down

we are isolated

our opinions weighted

i have demonstrated

how easy it is to be nice to people

i have given my all

yet those who have one person

they talk about situations that are meaningless

and being thus

i want something that is not reasonless

i want a friend

i want all to sing in harmony

but for me

i want to sing a song with someone i can call a friend

i am alone

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