The Wall Of Me

Thu, 07/27/2017 - 12:52 -- Neftee

I am a wall.

No matter how hard you try

you can not break through this wall.


My emotions are cinder blocks

and my thoughts are a tower.

But I shake inside my stronghold

Fearful of this lonely hour.


She walked up to me,

across the asphalt and

my empathy.

She asked me how iv been doing

and if iv gotten into trouble lately.


I say "I'm fine."


Then she said that shes missed me.

She wishes she saw me more.

But I'm on a power trip

to find that lost forgotten shore,

where the bright of day and the lack of light at night

are separated by the space wherein they cease to fight

otherwise known as



I'm trying not to care.

And for a long time,

I have succeeded.

But eventually you find that a broken heart

is just what you needed.


I have put off my breaking for so long

that I'm more scotch tape then sinew

and less human then super glue.


In these hours I've spent alone

I've grown against my prison home

These bars bend and groan

around my heart of stone and broken bones

I spoke a tomb

Into being with a hollow tone

And it echoed off of the twighlight zone

of my soul.


The wall of me has a hole.

A chasm

Created by all the people I love.

When I lashed out at them.


I chased them all away.

Just to be strong.


I am a wall.

No matter how hard you try

you will not break through this wall.


Lonely days have turned into lonely nights

And I kneel before the end in sight,

Giving it my service.


She walked away from me.

Across the asphalt dragging away my apathy.

"Come back!"

I shouted to her.

But I spoke too quietly.





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