No One

Wed, 09/13/2017 - 07:15 -- Mansi

No one, just no one
Not he, not she
Not them, just no one
Listen to you
Or they just
Don't want to

So stop screaming
Oh! You don't
Just don't
That won't
Will help you

Keep in your mind
That you're just fine
You're, you're
You will, you will
Be fine

Don't let it out
Don't, just don't
You can't say it so loud
Shut up, shut up
You can't

When you say it
They are just deaf
Just deaf, deaf
Don't, just don't
Don't do it 
To yourself
No one will understand


No one, no one
So don't, just don't
Take a stand

There is no one
To hold you
When you fall
So maybe you shouldn't
Or there is no one
To fall for 
No one, no one
So, talk to yourself
Just you and yourself
No one else

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