Where have I gone


Nobody understands me
No matter how hard I try 
They will never see it
Without looking through my eyes
Every once in a while I break down
I can't seem to shake this frown
And no matter how good I do
Someone always brings me down
But I don't like this 
The silent crying at 2 am
And I don't like this 
The feeling of always having to hide
They say stay strong
They say carry on
But do they really mean the words they say
I just don't know
Where I am
What door
It is that I need to close
In order to feel whole
I just feel broken and let down
Not only by others
But by myself
I told myself to never get like this
To hold on no matter what others did
But now I feel stuck
And i don't know how to get out of this rut 
Have you ever wanted to be alone?
You hate feeling alone but you like being alone sometimes? 
Do you know what I mean? 
Whatever, what does it matter anyways
I just feel kinda lonely
The worst feeling to feel, yes
But at least I still give my best
At least I try 
But maybe it's time I don't hide
Maybe it's time I open up
Let people see the real me
Time I say who gives a damn and do things my own way
And If a mistake is made, brush it off 
It won't be remembered one day.
I just have to do it.
To break free if this cage that's locked me away
Made me afraid
When I used to be strong. 
It's time I find out where I've gone.


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