with time comes responsibilty.

only those who can partake in such things such as a job are said to live happy

but does money makes us "human"

does being wealthy make us proud and lovable?

who says were not normal because we want to be free?

why do i live by these "standards"?

why do i live by what other people want?

why why why...

to make others happy and proud is fuel in my heart

to make sure other people are ok is my fuel

to love, to cry, to...feel is my fuel

not money, not riches, not satisfaction

no, not even my own life. but others.

i live for the comfort that everyone else is ok.

for i come last. until the bitter end.

through all of my trials i only seek one thing

my own well-being.

but what about everyone else? what about what you said?

what about there lives first?

ah, even when i sit up at night i cant think of who im gonna be tomorrow

im to worried about the lives of others and what they wanna be

no im not a friend, im not family, im the pit in the stomach that yerns and yerns

the feeling that makes you wonder...what will you do to make people wonder.

all i wanna be, is remembered 

for a cause i am

and for the future i will be 

because i am what i am.

but a feeling.



A selfless sacrificing nature inspiring poem wow. We could learn from it. Yes money shouldn't be the ultimate and only goal and loved ones should come first. Thumbs up for your very fine nice poem.



I see comments are not common here yet do Pleez do write your thoughts/comments on my newest poem too like I have done on yours. 

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