Dear Little Girl

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 08:16 -- aml7

Little girl, now don't be sad,

I understand your pain,

How you feel there's no way out,

That you have gone insane.

That you're a recluse through and through,

No friends here you call home,

The conflicting anguish inside you,

To fight it all alone.


The war that thrives inside your heart

Does not define your strength,

You are an unbreakable iron wall,

That cannot fall apart.


Yet you hold compassion, thoroughly still,

For even the wretched kind,

You even try to stay behind

To fix their indominable will.


They don't deserve you child,

They know not what you are.

Not a little candle, more than that

A brilliant burning star.

There is so much more than this

A life that lays ahead,

So much that you won't want to miss,

To where your burdens led.


Little girl, you may be torn,

But I know this will not last.

You will one day take the world by storm,

Your troubles in the past.

So do not fret, now I can see

A rising bright new day,

A happy world, with you and me,

So I know we'll be okay.

This poem is about: 


Just A Small Town Girl

i love this poem.

i find myself in her place. it's compelling and beautiful. 




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