Venting while Typing

My heart is breaking,

my faith is shaking,

too much is what all of this stress is taking.

Can't calm down,

can't look around,

on the outside I smile.

On the inside I frown...

So tired of life,

so tired of the knife,

it's not giving the same feeling anymore.

With myself, full of strife.

I see the light,

i'm in the dark,

every day i fall deeper,

while being torn apart.

Can't let it show,

won't let this go,

everyday my stress and depression grows.

Maybe it's time,

to confess to my crimes...

I'm broke, I don't have a dime.

Everyone thinks i'm rich.

Everyone thinks i'm a bitch.

That or i'm being called a nasty snitch.

People think i'm a hypocrite.

So tired of the bullshit.

That's only some; not afraid to admit it.

I can give anyone advice,

tell them what I think should be done.

When it comes to my troubles,

I feel there's nowhere to run.

I try my hardest, to forgive everyday,

but with myself is what i really can't dare say.

I guess this is just me venting while typing.

I don't know the source of why I am writing..

At this point, I don't care, soon I may explode.

Soon people may see what I never wanted to show...



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