Out Of Control

Inside I am broken

All but the sound of my heart

Hands grip around my neck, choking

Tearing me apart


I lay emotionless

Listening to the my heart beat

Feeling it pounding in my chest

Sinking into what feels like defeat


A tear slides down my cheek

I blink it away

Memories, emotions so weak

I am in dismay


From within something is clawin

Screaming, SHOUTING, wanting to explode

Outside the gray skies are dawning

Craziness waiting, yearning to unload


I am out of control

Pain is all I feel

Lost in my missing soul

Nothing else is real


I try to wipe the thoughts away

And struggle with the demon inside

I'm screaming at my soul to stay

But it will not abide


The screams are getting longer

Im struggling to see

My tears growing stronger

Yet all thats left is silence, and ME



Written 10/28/14

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