Everlasting Love

“Taylor my sweet it’s been so long,

 since we last spoke.

I remember every word we said,

including every little joke.”


“We all have really missed you,

and wish you could have stayed.

You're brother talks and talks,

of all the games you played.”


“I think of all the days,

in which we spent together.

Nothing could change our feelings,

Our love should have been forever.”


“I took your love for granted,

Thought you would always be around.

But all of that changed,

the night your body was found.


Years ago was the horrible day,

On which the accident occurred.

A night on which horrid things were said,

But neither meant a word.


Taylor got into the car,

vision  blurred with tears,

and  drove down the street,

Ignoring all his fears.


He made a wrong turn,

then all he felt was pain.

His life faded out

as he laid in the rain.


“Oh the days have no meaning

When I'm living without you.

Without our everlasting love,

I will bid this world adieu.”




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