She's drowning

It's heavy

Weighing her down


Long ago

That she can't 


Feeling weightless

But the bad kind

That makes you

Feel like a shadow

Like air

Like something

That isn't

Even there

Biting and pouncing

Sleeping and dreaming

Of somewhere better

That doesn't hurt

But hope fades away

And sadness stays

Your soul turns gray

And it's that

Kind of day

That barely goes up

And seems to stay down

You're just not there

You seem to be missing

And the shell

Is left behind

With a frown

Faceless and soulless

Colorless and more

They were all open

But now they close

The door

You're trapped again

At the next level

Time for the next


You'll need to defeat

Because you have to


Don't you 

But it sets in

What's the point

Of battling

And striving

To live another day

A day of sting

And burn

And ache


Once as bright

As suns

Now shrink

To stars

In the distance

That blink

Out of sight

They're so far

You can't reach

And you start

To ask yourself

In a scream of agony

Or a whisper so

Miserable and tiny

What is the 

Entire point 

Of me?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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