Oh, it kind of hurts!

The things we realize we won’t ever obtain
Oh, it kind of hurts at times
So far away from each other and I have much to say
your voice is like flowers and it makes me sway
This is foolish cause between us will never be such a thing
Oh, it kind of hurts!
We will never meet because that topic will never exist
I feel something different; something I wish I could erase
Infatuation, what a thing to feel
Oh, it kind of hurts!
To know I will never see that beautiful face of yours
To stand right next to you and say that you are mine and I am yours
Someone else will be in charge of that and I hope they do it right
for how much it hurts that I won’t be a part of your life
Oh, it kind of hurts!
The day will turn to night and the sun will rise again
and I will not be by your side
Life has something for you and it is not me
for it was never me because you see right through me…
Oh, it kind of hurts!
My heart is in a position to dive in or let go
I must come to terms with myself that between us is only friendship that will never grow
I guess for now I can dream
That me and you can one day be
Oh, it kind of hurts!
That you’ll soon be turned to a memory.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Damn. It sucks but I can empathize.


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