Rhythm of Your Sadness

I watched you fall, limbs and sins

Sitting there watching all the pain you soaked in

Dancing on your heart, laughing at your words,

never even seeing that you were really hurt


Singing your sad hymns, like gospel music in the choirs

Climbing on your peaks, breaking down your wires,

ripping your pieces, setting them on fire

Not ever noticing what was going on,

how you were so broken, how the world seemed so wrong


Swimming in your tears, catching them in my hands,

swallowing them in my lungs, I never did understand

Washing myself in your sorrow, absorbing all this anger

Allowing your mind to go insane, seeing that you were in danger


Rolling in your fields, skipping in your gardens,

picking all the flowers, and throwing them to the wind

Killing the life inside of you, watching every cell give out,

listening to the cries of the soul, never seeing what you were so sad about


I watched you crash and burn, all your smiles go to shame

I let you die out in front of me, I let you feel all this pain

Seeing you crumble, crushing yourself, I saw you yelling for me

Holding out for help


You needed me, and I never came to save

Never did I arrive to you, with my flying red cape

You yearned for a hero, begged for a second chance,

but I sat there to the music of your sadness, and all I knew how to do was dance


-Chloe Aldecoa


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