Lost in Rain

Through endless charcoal nights,

Blanketed by a thick cream of cloud,
A whisper of rain turning dirt into mud,
The stars do not shed light on this waste of a town


Sitting in silence, breath caught in damp air
I think of your eyes,
Blanketed by thick lashes, creasing skin
How the stars always shed light
From cerulean irises


As the whisper of rain turns
Into a thunderous shout,

I think of the light  in your eyes,
Bright and enchanting,
For another

My hand, routinely resting on yours
Now holding on for dear life,
My lips, used to being invited,
Now ask for empty promises,
Knowing they are paper thin

As the rain kisses my skin
Enveloping my body
Just as you once did
I sink my feet into mud
That was once solid ground
Just as you and I.


-M. Jackson

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