Hannah's Song


Hannah was late coming home this evening.

Traffic was slow and she had trouble leaving.

Work was hard and she hadn't any time

To call home saying she'd be late tonight.


When she finally reached the front porch steps,

She saw the lights on and she held her breath.

She hesitated before she walked in.

Met those angry grey eyes that belonged to him.


Instead of a long embrace,

His hand met with her face.

She fell to the ground.

The truth already died,

And she apologized.


The next day, Hannah went to work with bruises,

Smiling about the roses he gave her as a truce.

Everybody asked her what had happened.

She replied “I fell. It's my latest trend.”


Unaware, Hannah had left her phone at home.

He started to read every text on her phone.

Her best friend, she missed, got a new number.

Knowing not who it was, he boiled with thunder.


And when Hannah went to him,

She weakened at her limbs.

He was holding her phone.

He shoved her against a wall.

She heard the crack of her skull.


There she lies.

She closes her eyes,

Prays to God and let's herself cry,

"Why did I text her?

He's right with his anger.

He was right to assume she was a stranger."


That night, something just wasn't right.

He tried by force to put himself inside.

She wished and she cried, she longed for a knife.

Anything to make him stop.

With all of the pain, she gained courage to strike.

He built up a storm as she put up a fight.

Then suddenly she saw a light.


There she lies.

She closes her eyes,

Prays to God and let's herself cry.

"What good am I?

I'm a waste of a life

Give me mercy, let me die.

He's far too good.

Just misunderstood.

I tried to give him all I could."


That morning, Hannah finally wasn't hurt.

Her eyes were closed, wearing nothing but a shirt.

He was in the shower, crying for many hours,

Knowing he was the poison of his precious flower.


That weekend, Hannah was finally at peace.

Her family and friends shocked and far from ease.

They gathered in black and silently they screamed.

For not noticing the abuse that lived unseen.


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