Summer Snow

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 22:37 -- Neftee


I wont see you again.

We don't always love what loves us,

But please do not forget

that we laid out in the parking-lot

and kissed till morning.

Even our shame had no regret.

It was so innocent

and purely real

and my feelings haven't changed since then.

But my words will.

I speak hate, before my heart speaks truth.

And we don't always see the scars

but our souls do.

We bleed drops of black blood that ooze

from wounds marred by love

and we hurt bad but never bad enough.

My love,

you were the best thing I ever found.

But now my heart loves to dig ditches

through your ground.

The sound of one thousand giggles turned to frowns

is ringing through and pounding in my crown.

Be proud.

I had the strength to let you know

that we don't always hate what hates us

and that's why I let you go.

The whole of the earth just dissolved

and faded into mud like summer snow

as your pretty face wondered off

to leave me alone.



I wont see you again.

We aren't always as strong

as we dream we are.


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