This is the best way I can describe how I feel right now

How I feel knowing that it’s over

That our adventures are over

That the plans we made will never come to fruition

Knowing that I gave you every chance

Every piece of me that I could

Allowing myself to unravel at your feet

Watching you step over my ashes

5 months of making time for you

To see you

To be with you

Because I love you

Not in past tense

Not because I loved you

That would be misleading

Because I will never not love you

I will never again breathe without your name on my tongue

But the taste has turned sour

Knowing that all my efforts were in vain

That my heart was not expensive enough for your taste

Not fermented long enough in my cellar

And that you could move on so quickly

As if it’s simple

As if I was nothing

Just another bottle of wine,

Forgotten in a box somewhere

Cracked and leaking til there’s nothing left

So, perhaps I wasn’t sweet enough

Or perhaps I wasn’t bitter

But whatever the reason

I am done waiting for the rain to fall

I am done desiccating to your name

I have no more tears for you

And you’ll never hold me again


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