The Man who Dreamed of Bigger Things


United States
27° 44' 52.8324" N, 82° 39' 52.3692" W

His heart is fragile;
his body is vagile,
he wants to persevere but he feels he has no support near,
he walks the days alone,
he needs to be put in a hone,
sharpen his senses;
so he can sharpen his defenses,
the world passes him by;
acting as if hes just another guy,
little do people know he was about to bestow,
to civilians all around,
a voice that was needed to be found,
as he launched his plan to save the world,
he remembered for the last time that very special girl,
the way she swayed her hair and acted as though she hadn’t a care,
he had to forget that now,
and take a bow,
as he watched his work pan out,
he knew what this dream must be all about;
although he knew know none of this was real,
he realized he needed to feel;
no longer that sense of defeat,
but rather greet a sense of pride into his life
and end this ongoing strife.



This poem is to represent all the lonely heroes in the world ready to break out of their shell and save the world.


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