a poem about love

nothing turns into something

im surrounded with grey rays of dim light

a storm cloud looms over my head

they catch the rain but the storm doesnt pass

my clothes are soaked and my mascaras running

im curled up in a corner

shivering and scared

then i catch a glimpse through the dark clouds

there were beautiful rays of soft colors id never seen

as they reached out to me i stop shivering

the rain turned to steam

from the warmth of your embrace

and as i lock eyes with you

i came to realize that you werent just rays of color

you were hot chocolate on a gloomy day

you were the lyrics of a song i sing often

you were every atom that makes up the universe

and somehow

you were even the looming storm cloud

just trying to protect me from things i fear

but i shouldnt fear change

and you assure me that sometimes change is good

so i took the challenge

and now i can say that i burn nearly as bright as you do

although i look back at that corner i sat in often

i only see sunrays and softness

the grey turned to beige

and i wake up to hot chocolate on my bedside table 

even when the days arent gloomy

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