Of The Effects Of


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Bright smiles,
Dream eyes,
Wind blown hair,
Stomach butterflies;

Intertwined hands,
Never-let-go hugs,
Warmth of a kiss,
Oh, the effects of Love.

Time slowing,
Hearts torn,
Far away glances,
Thoughts worn;

Teary eyes,
Trouble to swallow,
Sadden faces,
Oh, the effects of Sorrow.

Boiling words,
Harsh glances,
Friendships torn,
Fights with lances;

Shouting voices,
Sense of danger,
Tight fists,
Oh, the effects of Anger.

Howl in the dark,
There's no light,
Not even a spark;

Heavy breathing,
Something's near,
Thump in the night,
Oh, the effects of Fear.

Kind words,
Jumps in the air,
Huge smiles,
Pleasurable care;

Laughter all around,
Somewhat careless,
Friendships born,
Oh, the effects of Happiness.


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