I knew I had it bad,

when they asked what I would need

if I was stranded on a island,

and the first thing I thought of,

was your blue eyes instead of water.

Isn't that sad?


Then I thought about your lips,

the perfect shade of pink

acting just like the trees,

to protect me from the heat.


All I need are the waves in your golden hair

to keep me cool from the sand

that burns like the sun 

underneath my feet


I need your soft,

perfectly made hands

intertwined with mine,

because with you 

I felt a little less alone


I suddenly got thirsty,

and had a crave for food.

I traded all those things 

to be stranded on this island with you. 


One day I woke up,

and I was all by myself.

You made it out on your own.

I gave up what I needed,

for what I wanted

and still ended up alone. 



This poem is about: 


Dameon Farris

Estrueber this is fantastic  and trully amazing poem I loved it there is so much love described and powerful captivating 

trully a nominy for a reward thank you for sharing and keep writing have a great weekend :D

-yours trully Dameon Farris


That is the way of love and living. Sad, but perfect and beautiful.

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