Bitter and Wrong Thoughts

Help me, I'm terrified.
I want to lose control but I know who I am.
Help me, I'm terrified.
I want to run, but my feet won't move.

Help me, I can't breath.
My eyes are searching,
What's the truth and whats a lie?
Help me, I can't breath.
Stuck in this comatose nightmare, my hands reach into the darkness, into nothingness.

Help me, I'm bleeding.
Stains of my past lead this knife to drag across hard skin.
Help me, I'm bleeding.
My body aches and shivers with every sob I let out.
The water pounding hard over my skin.
I moan my regrets to the still air filled with steam.

Help me, I'm stuck.
A never-ending nightmare of hate.
I'm glad you can't see the hell I'm in.

I'm glad you can continue to blame me for a crime I didn't commit.

I'm glad I can make you laugh,
My acting is getting better.

I'm glad you don't hear my screams and the glass breaking around you.
I'm glad you're deft to me,
Go on keep on sipping on that bottle, I'm glad I'm such a burden.

I'm glad you're ignorant to my lies,
Believeing each one just because I smile.

Can't you see?

I'm a corpse, an empty shell you made.

Isn't it a travisty that I'm a disaster, handmade by a mold overused and ment to be destroyed.

Isn't it funny,
I'm the reason you're stuck in this stupore?
Made a monster and thought you could make it serve you with good intentions.
I'll be the last mistake!

Isn't it funny how that works out?

I've got an evil grin and a strange glare in the eyes that you could never read. I can't be controlled, I was made to break one day.
Who could have guessed it would be so bad?

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