Reflections of a Departed Soul


When we walked the face of Earth,

Wasn’t the world a happy one?

A collection of blessings made up our very lives,

And in the blinks of weary eyes,

We were gone.


Now as I peer into the past

From my place in the other land,

After I walked the face of Earth,

I ask myself,

“Was the world a happy one?”


Can you explain the bitter wars

That ravaged on for years on end,

And the lives that were jeopardized

Between the feuds of unruly lands?


Will anyone explain to me

Why our Earth bubbles with dishonesty?

The world would have been a much better place

If you and I had practiced



And as I continue my bitter reflection,

I wistfully remember my last thoughts of affection

When I’d asked myself, “Do happy endings truly exist

For the dead who haven’t yet been kissed?”


Now as I sit upon my perch

High in my place in the other land,

I sorrowfully gaze down at the bitter world

And remember my last breaths on land.


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