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I fell in love with the sky because  no matter when i would look up no matter what the weather was the sky would always bring me to a familiar place  Well times have changed..... I grew sad
  If only I had known the last time I saw you was going to be my last, I would have hugged and held onto you so tightly, Not even the Grim Reaper would have been able to rip you from my grip.  
To take the long way Away from HomeHow to make peace with that purring engine, Subtle vibrato?Past the nascent crack in the window The scent of conifers Flanks the blue range
crossing from the park to the bank, stepping over the remains of a grackle on the grass that glides into the sidewalk and suddenly dissolves at the verge of the
A land flowing with milk and honey Has its place in dreams and for those gone… And for us? It has been It is now It will be that war conducted on Both sides and either shore:
Will it forever be this way?  Will rebels ever be able to —  If to mind — were play!  Will ever figure the heed?  Perpetual! Mate! 
In a garden bathed in light, two blooms, unique and fair, One stood tall, the other, a tender bud in her care. The elder, a sentinel, a beacon through the day, Watched over her sibling in her own protective way.
Your love like the moonlight always outshined by the sun. By nightfall, illuminating even the most wretched weeds. Your vioce, smooth on my skin gentle on my broken heart.
Greatness is not uniform My spirit is untouched though the people that surround me speak otherwise. Greatness is not uniform The accolades those who came before me achieved were told to be unattainable on the path I set out to walk. Greatness is n
_misUnderstood Demeanor_ 🐾
i believe some beauty is worth going blind for  
Don't think about anyone else but me; Even if you go to the bottom of hell or go to the top of heaven, don't go without me. Don't think about anyone else but me. Even if you pick something from
Bananas at Midnight   My head likes to whisper to me all the things that I can never go back to. She never lets me forget that Time doesn’t just pass
Todas las vidas existentes me han traído aquí.En donde la oscuridadse vuelve la única esperanza de descansoy la familiaes una turbulencia leve y descompuesta. ¡Ahí, Ahí!Me dicen unas voces mudas a nosotros
 Recovery is the key, to being healthy,  but I cannot seem to turn it. What is the point of opening the door? My illness questions what we are doing this for... but I say there are future days,
 Recovery is the key, to being healthy,  but I cannot seem to turn it. What is the point of opening the door? My illness questions what we are doing this for... but I say there are future days,
Being an overthinker flying freely, Where thoughts take me, Can't control them. Bcz I'm an overthinker Takes me to the clouds Whirling in the winds, Feeling you in the air.
i collapse inward on myself trying to consume the world with me a black hole of sorts slow motion, a crescendo, building and building but never reaching its peak
Cries for help fall on deaf ears, Invisible pain, ignored and unclear. A desperate plea, a silent scream, Lost in the void, like a fading dream.  
Unspoken Words are Powerful Weapons But the written word is a Queen For unspoken words appear on paper And what was Unheard Of Becomes Seen
I sink into a whirlpool, fears coming, is it all a tool? They drag me down with fake resolves, I wonder, am I just a button doll?
There once was a little girl,who dragged behind her a cartfilled with horrid and corrupt creaturesall for the world to see. The onlookers stared at her cart in disgust. “What would one want with such dreadful things?” The poor girl was miserablefo
All my life I've longed and strived With hope to find my home Home A place to call my own Gold that never grows Old Old One who learnt to earn One who's not afraid to run, Mad
Sing for the flowers that bloom and fade without regret, the light is in darkness and the darkness is in dazzling light, the silence between speaking, between joy and sorrow it is the calm of heart,
Here's a tree that only I knew, Its roots deep in my heart it grew, A symbol of my hidden truth, A friend that saw me through my youth.   Its leaves were like my every dream,
Is your favorite color still red? Because my favorite is still blue. Do you still wear those black pants?
The moon isn’t for the Sun.  She isn’t for him.  They were never meant to be  anything more than eclipsed.   
My secret garden is no longer dead The grass is green roses red The darkness no longer crawls through my veins Breath no longer clawing up my lungs Feeling content, relaxed Almost
I know I cannot impress upon youThe love and care that I carryIt is not explosive, but stable.Strong, safe, familiar.Natural and home grownWith roots buried as deep as a tree decades old.
I am the mystery you don’t know and the reason you live.I wonder if my beauty will be adored and saved from destruction.I hear the horrible sound of metal machines cutting my wings. I see their ambition, their horrendous ambition that provokes sou
Falling from infinity  Does that mean I'll never hit the ground?  Perhaps I'll have time to learn to fly  before I'm blown into a mountainside  or drown in a cloud. 
All started out, So promising, A polite young boy, So promising.    Curly haired, A little naive too, Got the crap kicked out of me, Older boys hated you.   
All around you are snakes- Serpents peeking through green blades, Awaiting to strike their cynical fangs and make your heart ache   Comfortably coiled in evil
  Envision the world we all must share Blanketed by the sun’s bright glare We all exist in this world together   Collaboration in our presence.  
God is with you. It doesn’t matter how you feel It doesn’t matter where you are Your situation is irrelevant God is with you.
We’re all fighting the battles of life We’re knights in our kingdoms of one. Often times we’re beaten down And beg for the war to be done.  
Help me God, I’m lost Contemplation alone won’t save me So again I come to you, Lord With another desperate inquiry  
Sitting on your bed, crying.  The angst and pain ripping through your heart Every second, slowly dying Anxiety tearing you apart  
Why must I lose everything I own?
Why must I lose everything I own?
I Am sorry My actions, i.e. who I Am, hurt You. I apologize for partial understandings that We're too afraid to address. So it forbids Us the whole opportunity of full acceptance in One Another.
While what she knows cannot be taught try and walk the road she walks Note the stillness in the trees mirroring her effigy   Morning knows to wake the sun
Absolute breathe in the dawn of effervescence Sweet fluidity of ecstasy perfectly perfumed  In the lap of silence 
Silent storm chaser  Sweet hail of rain, wildfire, and  Cumulonimbus.   A mystic lover 
Till you know the softness of rocks and feebleness of mountains  Till you know hardness behind watery concrete 
I see the Sky clasp cymbals of the Sun, I see the Sky clasp tambourine of the Moon, The heads of the Stars, as states and nations 
Calls countries make  Are made by their people  Calls countries receive  Are received by the people Yearning for a country transfixed or transformed
Tonight love speaks its magic  Surreal hands, poetic voice The cost of romance and opacity of intimacy. Fair legacies beyond impressions and fragrances 
It is not because you miss, crave, or yearn for something  that it comes to you  It is because that something misses, craves, yearns for you  that it comes to you.
Oh, love, stir the rising strip by strip  Where Love has a breath of fresh want  Sweet suspense of her spur  Where she plays a number on me 
Spoons of seas sail to Islands where meals hail Rippling flush of divine renewal course blessings 
Where the sky kisses the sea Is where delectable romances are served for the coffee of eyes, tea of hearts, and honey of skin there I found an offspring of the Universe
She is beautiful  Like a mouse, her heart moves  With the window of her soul  open to Heaven’s skies    She is beautiful 
My story is a mirror of souls I have been daily  With divine ink duly set diurnally Each season with a taste of weather narrates spirally 
Darkness knocks the door  Weeping dust sing from the floor  Windows clash with scents of blood 
Hearts hold the wheel Driving lanes within mortals insane  That is when I found you  I chose to hold you 
Unethical protocols  Juicy prompts Veiled passion Serums promise. Oxygenated clean days 
As I stood Crying into my mahogany lined mirror Tracing the curves that curse meThe wood reminds me of soft spots where it is solidThe wood dark and musky, masculine in nature mocks my feminine bodyMy body’s looking wrongThe mirror distorts and po
my whole life, i’ve been told that love is infinite and unconditional. that love works in strange and mysterious ways. that love comes only when it's ready.   
She whispers her melodies in the early morning, soft yet bold,  her blue green soul, hypnotic and chaotic is the sea,  unyielding before me.   
Here I am Broken, battered, Grief stricken and bent over Tears, tears Oh the tears! Flowing, pulsating A river dammed yet bursting Let go, let go my soul Open the flood gates
On top of a mountain, We will meet-  Like chalk stains and the rinsing of knuckles.  Tonight a salamander has slayed a dragon.  
At first I looked at you with this hopeless ambition  This thing that I knew it would be ok  I started out looking at you with confidence and this unwavering conviction you couldn't corrupt me  
  The queen arises with grace and beauty  Ever so elegantly waves to the community  But Hidden within her great big dwelling
a twig of emotions snapping, seagulls bleedding and flapping, hunters and the animals they´re trapping, the bear hibernating and napping,   Life is life, Life is a shoe box, Life is pretty,
Érase un ser vagando sin rumbo Con una mochila a sus espaldas Para recorrer el mundo. Érase una mochila cargada De chuchillas, piedras y recuerdos Pesados, pesadas y oxidadas.
A heavy rock on your shoulder, A ray of darkness on your chest. She follows you everywhere you go, But only you can hear her.  
Clothes eat away at my skin.Clothes push and pull me in.My body is screaming at me no.But I just can’t let it go.The scars of your touch leave me hauntedAs that scared little girl cowered awayI step in and stop your misdeedsGet your hands away fro
I'm on a little boat Which was never meant to set sail. I'm on a little boat, It is anchored by the bay. I'm on a little boat From where I greet you every day. I'm on a little boat
I'm falling But you won't catch me. I'm falling, Landing out this time. I'm falling But you didn't push me. I'm falling But you didn't pull me. "I can't help it if you're falling"
Love hurts but a loss of a life outragesAll this she knew as only poetic linesBy her sweet sixteen, pretty gorgeousBlossoming like a petal filled roseYou see she wasn’t ready for this pregnancy
  There are all sorts of people around us,who will be harshly judged. They will be called cruel names, we need a stop to this game. A change in the world ,is what we need to see.
There is a reason two souls meet. Reaching out for one’s hand to grasp a feeling you have yet to feel. The beast met with beauty, but the beauty was too bright. It shined like the north star when the stars first come out.
There is a reason two souls meet. Reaching out for one’s hand to grasp a feeling you have yet to feel. The beast met with beauty, but the beauty was too bright. It shined like the north star when the stars first come out.
“Were not really strangers” So then what are we? Were like the venom in a snake bite Or the poison in ivy   Were a broken mirror A sad song A cry for help A conversation that ran too long
  A Doll alive in a paper house Layn mildly upon her virgin bedding Left to be all-bearing Beneath silent, stained glass Revealing a perfect paper family.
  A Doll alive in a paper house Layn mildly upon her virgin bedding Left to be all-bearing Beneath silent, stained glass Revealing a perfect paper family.
it is all numb no longer feeling only empty space my hands shaking i cant breath but who cares it is all numb coping through prose i have to stop being sick of this
it is all numb no longer feeling only empty space my hands shaking i cant breath but who cares it is all numb coping through prose i have to stop being sick of this
When it comes to emotion between you and me, I was never moved by your subtle ways you think brings everyone concord.  You smile, but what do you smile for?
Look down at me.  The shapes you see, that could easily be reflections of who you want, If you forget it's just me.  And does it matter, the bleak expression unforgettably cutting across my eyes?
When I say I love you, Please believe me its true When I say forever Know ill never leave you When I say goodbye  Promise me you won’t cry
why is it do we sin ? we walk a line that is already so thin the light down the garden is oh so dim   he has been branded a sinner and so the line got thinner   we claim righteousness
lonely at the end of day pass it may we all want to be conquerors but now were all wonderers night is a time of peace yet its everything except peace oh how beutiful is the moon
I know iam not a coach. But still i can make an approach. Deep in my thoughts i want to give you a hint. But your appearance do blow the wind.
By Alexander Thymmons Written in August of 2007 (then, a rifle platoon leader in the 3RD Stryker Brigade Combat Team“Arrowhead”, 2ND Infantry Division)
By Alexander Thymmons July 4th, 2007 (then, a rifle platoon leader in the First Stryker Brigade, Second “Arrowhead” Infantry Division) On Patrol during the Surge
When you are Heartbroken inside, youd drop no tears Rather you try to hide your fears You cant face reality because of depression Instead show your expression Tell them heartbreakers They are never shakers
When you are Heartbroken inside, youd drop no tears Rather you try to hide your fears You cant face reality because of depression Instead show your expression Tell them heartbreakers They are never shakers
Long have l been away in hibernation, retreating in my closet and regurgitating on the antics of the political waywardness of a country sinking in the ocean, rudderless, careless and order less.
Oh mother, sweet, kind. A farce of true compassion. I'm your diary. 
Can I be your dog? Fed a bowl of cigarettes in the stale morning,   bowl of you at night. I'll wag my tail when you're home, follow you around.   Can I be your dog?
  I can’t laugh because I’m not visible I don’t fit anywhere   I’m like a  bird with ducks Unable to fly in the future I don’t like the smell of the soup That make me feel vulnerable
  A girl, raised to have the mindset of creative liberty, bred with the blood of Indians and the spirit of Mother left to wonder the world;
A rose blooms this night Sharing beauty with the stars. The sky wheeps with joy.
The sun feels like happiness soaking into my skin  The waves sound like music to my hears  There is laugher and smiles shared all around the sun
Dawn A new day starts The world is awoken The sky is painted beautifully Oh, dawn.
Some run fast, some run slow Some fall behind and don't know which way to go The scenery changes from seeing the track straight ahead
My dearest….   I wish you were immortal   Or life would be bland  
I am a Rose I might be small Might look fragile But I have some thorns  Definitely not afraid to hurt you back  But I am always fighting  Might not look strong I am beautiful I am a Rose
Stay up all night Can’t handle tomorrow  Rather dance in the dark until my legs are weak and my head is spinning I’ll say I put up a fight
All my life I’ve been around Niggas who think they can take something  From me My skin Rips at the sight of them Their teeth
The porous language of a soothing, sitting oracle, The contraction of your drying lips that never sipped delight, The ghostly vapor of your sound health is no real or fake miracle,
I want to feast on a bowlful of stars, And bathe in the heavenly mist of inspiration, I want to avoid the backwash of death and ride its wave instead,  
Thou weakening eye of  day, why Withdraw thine radian crown , O it's  the evening bed drawest you to west wind, The silver plate peek through the blue curtains, Flowers shut their eyes to welcome him, While thy silver dew scatter though , Look how
Let me speak to you the words that reside between the lines of what defines poverty. Poverty....
It marches in boldly, Adulation no retraction. No holds barred, Wrong reaction. It invades you forces you, Sour taste makes you spit. Turning your thoughts into a thick soup of shit.
I remember the day, I remember it all It was a rainy day. The sun took cover behind the clouds, I guess it knew my fate. The Clacking of her hills, All I hear as she approaches the room
I remember the day, I remember it all It was a rainy day. The sun took cover behind the clouds, I guess it knew my fate. The Clacking of her hills, All I hear as she approaches the room
My mind is an ocean that you tried to cross Now you're stuck in the middle somewhere If the moon is the greatest thing I've ever dreamed What's the chance that you'll meet me up there?
Pain, as bright as my neon highlighters Statements, bolder than the sound of my voice Colored every which way I trace Over every word So none feels left out Because I know
The piece missing from every puzzle And when found  I don't fit Some will try hard To press their thumbs  Jamming me in and out of every corner Where I was not made to be So many pieces,
I had once loved a Poet; daring, audacious, tall, sensitive, true. He could hear my heart speak from simple texts and knew just what to say to draw me deeper in love. It was his heart;
  She was no ordinary girl  Stuck in a messed up whirl  She had friends but she’d rather stay in the clouds But she always said aloud she didn’t like coming down 
Death is a veil of beautiful darkness. It moves and changes. Painful but soft, lovely but not.  Death is a song, a tune, melody. I sing to death, and it's perfect harmony. 
You, It's been you since the very first day,Those hazel eyes like the alps beneath the bewitching sunset,Stars, embedded like diamonds in the sky, like your soul embedded in mineTogether we enkindle hurricanes, But I boon my rainbow in your arms A
how i long for the momentswhen every other soul becomes irrelevantanything and anyone else is blurredand it feels as ifyou are all that existsin this parallel universe we createwhen our eyes meet
Pain is like snow. You look up— And no matter how hard you squint, You can't quite see where it's coming from. From time to time it may stop,  But in reality, It's rushing at you, All at once.
It comes into your life- A fresh soul, Awaiting a home Waiting for tender loving and care You could offer them the world A field of friends, Connected by roots But when you start to neglect
I feel the beating of my heart, like that of a drum, Flirting with the ripples of water, my feelings are warm Dancing with the tunes of mocking bird, filled with lostness in love
*LOST HEAVEN* Click Click Click The light flickers The bird whispers For the lost slayers She whispers into the night Telling the clouds of its delight Like there was so light For such a sight
My heart, Built like a gameboard- Open to all Multiple pieces, multiple players A roll of the dice, A deck of cards. You serve a strong poker face. Unpredictable moves,
Is it easier to know That the wrath in the eye of an angry lover Has been forged in that Which will forever be stronger than malice  That the smile on her face, 
alligator skin running marathons up and down my limbs making it obvious I don’t belong.   climbing my arms and shoulders to mark up my cheeks and chin,
Despite all the mirrors I've walked past, I could never see myself When my finger touched the reflection,  Printless marks left the glass A fragment of unimportant dust The loudest whisper you never heard
I don't understand why do they look then laugh I try to ignore it Because I steadily endure it But the is pressure pouring To a point where I can't ignore it Where all my morals just vanish
I don't understand why do they look then laugh I try to ignore it Because I steadily endure it But the is pressure pouring To a point where I can't ignore it Where all my morals just vanish
I don't understand why do they look then laugh I try to ignore it Because I steadily endure it But the is pressure pouring To a point where I can't ignore it Where all my morals just vanish
I don't understand why do they look then laugh I try to ignore it Because I steadily endure it But the is pressure pouring To a point where I can't ignore it Where all my morals just vanish
I don't understand why do they look then laugh I try to ignore it Because I steadily endure it But the is pressure pouring To a point where I can't ignore it Where all my morals just vanish
I don't understand why do they look then laugh I try to ignore it Because I steadily endure it But the is pressure pouring To a point where I can't ignore it Where all my morals just vanish
I don't understand why do they look then laugh I try to ignore it Because I steadily endure it But the is pressure pouring To a point where I can't ignore it Where all my morals just vanish
I don't understand why do they look then laugh I try to ignore it Because I steadily endure it But the is pressure pouring To a point where I can't ignore it Where all my morals just vanish
I don't understand why do they look then laugh I try to ignore it Because I steadily endure it But the is pressure pouring To a point where I can't ignore it Where all my morals just vanish
A rose Beautiful, with sharp prickly points Viewed from any angle, it is still a rose From an optimist's perspective, A wonderful bloom of color From a pessimist's eyes, A withered, flowerless vine,
Fff For a minute you liked me. The next blink set me free. Was it easy for your misery? “ There were reasons to believe . No jokers and no sleeve .”
glowing inside and out, a warmth radiating from her body. you can see her ideas sprout, confidence flourishing like a poppy winds start to kick up,
To the ones I didn't shed due to your consolation. Tears. And to the ones I'll shed when thou won't be there. Tears. And to the ones I shed invincibly in thy presence. Tears.
I am at the start of This wide open, never ending Tunnel void of an ending light Torn in two, both Scared and more empowered than Ever was i.. I believe this time I'll fight !
  She glides with grace and charm and they underestimate her. She Radiates a sweet melody of summer, As she Drowns out the howls of the winter wolves within.   Slips through your fingertips,
I watch the time slowly fade away.... Precious moments disapper into what one might think is times greatest enemy...            Faded Memories  
Bureaucratic liars hand out commands Empty-headed sheep obey Free-thinkers get shot by men in blue
When you look into her eyes Trying to find whatever lies Behind those dark stares, Under that cold skin of hers, Beneath the crown she had worn, All you can do is fantasize: What would it be like,
with beautiful words, we glow like water makes a plant grow. with a little mistake, we're forever scarred, like that flower in your backyard, exhausted, worn out, dull. when we can no longer take
Let them be as a diamond, Always pampered, Protected, highly valued, Loved But always diminished by the tiniest of cracks and chips   I’d rather be a Zirconia crystal Malleable but strong
Her soul is new, a few seconds born. Her heart is full, until it’s torn.  Beneath a bridge a day old, Her mother leaves, as she’s later told. Though half of Her heart left too, a year passes and she’s been renewed.
I’m held together By loose stitches and bindings Inside I crumble  
 age of 14 weight 126 pounds   wrestling season I was 8-0, my favor  I was very excited. Like a kid getting candy on halloween  to begin my last match of my wrestling season
 age of 14 weight 126 pounds   wrestling season I was 8-0, my favor  I was very excited. Like a kid getting candy on halloween  to begin my last match of my wrestling season
everything is finally starting to hit me and i'm lost i don't know how to deal with this all at once. i'm slowly losing myself; i don't know who i am anymore i'm struggling
My mind thinks too much And yet, i can't think, can't eat, sleep, breathe I feel a Pandora's box inside I can't let those emotions out, not now But I can't keep them in, can't let them win
You spend your whole life somewhere Only to leave, and to come back And to find that nobody remembers you. You’re an opaque ghost filled with nothing but vague memories.
When you think the sky is falling That you’ve missed your life’s calling
    I don’t wanna let go And If I did will my heart be cold I wanna stay warm Not in the shadows Fearing hatred
I was the tree, Standing alone, grounded into the soul of courage, Bound to hopes of many beautiful seconds, which I want to live in. You were my leaves, Surviving with me, striving with me, from your beginning
Alone? Don't ever think you are alone. Just look at the night sky, You find only a single moon bearing many scars, enveloped by all the stars...
I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer. Ride all day I think I lost my way. But love on my mind ain't a player.
He stands one hundred feet above ground, on top of some  abandoned building; perched on the edge of life.   His Arms bend in wicked ways, and
Better Dayz! These goes out to the people in the penitentiary!
We’re in deep danger  Provoking hatred with a stranger  Leading on others to anger  I tell you we’re in danger    His heart is craving love
To Space More beautiful than the brightest smile as old as all of time itself The soul of the universe  creatively dancing through the sky Oh space, how I adore you!
We had meant somewhere along the wind,  Whipped carelessly from moment to moment.  And with a final gust, we were carried  To the edge of the atmosphere.   
I'm still looking the exit of this maze. I'm still searching in the clear that they say. But how can i help myself if i can't manage to escape? The vines that strangle, wolves that tattered,
my heart is cold, my mind is too. i've always been in some stage of freezing. and you're an icepick carving away at my being. i'm sorry, but,  i don't think there's a sculpture
How am I supposed to be confident when I have so many flaws. From the mistakes I make, the risk I take, to the scars, open cuts, wounds on my body.
As you get older stuff matters less and you start to enjoy life.
These words are tales unspoken Of a boy whose heart was a graveyard Buried in it were empty love notes and brokeness He wondered if love was real  And if it was, why he couldn't feel what others felt
I've been uprooted thrice. First found no comfort in being myself. By  being swept off the ground. The people hanged stigma over With voices harsh and loud Second, the state failed to make me proud
You are the greatest secret kept from yourself. It is in hiding your Light that you become lost. It is in resisting the moment,
Spend ten hunnid on a bitcoin I lost all my money in bitcoin I made it back but a what cost My wife left me...
I'm the shit I'm fartin', I don't know how to potty
i'm stuck in a game of tug of war.   on one side is my desire to please him --   the other, my insatiable hunger for less serious,   tall,   dark,   handsome pleasures.
i am the sun -- bright and joyous, rarely clouded, warm and friendly, unknowingly smothering.   he is the moon -- cool and collected,
i feel so weak.   i am a beggar pleading for change   from a man whose hands i'm afraid will never give to me again.   i only yearn for those few small tokens of affection.  
you are blue in its dullest and brightest forms.   you are the sky, throwing your arms open above me with no clear idea of what you're trying to reach.   no matter where i'm looking, i always see you.  
you are every shade of blue imaginable.   you rush in like the waves of the ocean, never fully satisfied sitting in one place.   you suck me into your embrace until i feel like i can't breathe,  
A family is like a circle. The connection never ends, and even if at times it breaks, in time it always mends.
A family is like a circle. The connection never ends, and even if at times it breaks, in time it always mends.
From the fruit you came Hucklers and demi god's made kings and queens. Poetic justice will forever be ours , in the days count of biblical times so then, pain and otrocities were gained  
More than a decade in my life Never loosened your hold in the strife Being a best friend to this loner Served to be an excellent attitude toner
Feet on ground Feet on snow Snow is slick Feet are feeble Feeble blocks Blocks of brick Bricks are broken
I would measure deeds on the scale Adorn the time with the pendulum Wondering how sand walk on her.  Taking time to understand as the fine dust I am.    I would return,  grey or not. 
We sat around fire with deep heated passion. This was how everyone could tell we were crazy for a season or a reason. Our laughters revealed us in person and degree.
All I need is who you are to me  Thinking out loud before the mirror  A worrysome image to make me fret or blush.    All I need is you, tell me the tale of me  A tale I shouldn't have forgotten.
Miami was a charm of a city What difference does that make me I learnt to rise and not feel usual hurt.  Time after time it was pleasure for every measure.   Love was the spice of my life 
I saw you in the heavens;a shining jet,so proud, sereneyet cynical,mocking small shapes below.With your avoidance,you avert amorous traffic;glide the skyby your radar.
Is it too late, To run away from the chaos In my head. To a place more quite Where solitude dwells In a house of gold; It does not glitter But sings the songs of a nightingale.
yell, scream, shout   silence is scarce.   with every word spoken, a new argument begins.   each room of the house is a minefield.   i tread lightly, but somehow always become collateral.
you are a work of art.   from far away, you look absolutely perfect.   but when i'm standing in front of you, all of your gritty details show themselves loud and clear.  
thumbs   running circles around each other   take a break from pulling heartstrings.   i graze your veins   feeling every jolt of electricity pulsing through them.  
honey-brown skin   glistens like liquid gold   and pours into my open mouth.   i drink up as if i've been parched for years.   but this flavor could never compare  
fluffy flakes flutter and weave a blanket of white   as the butterflies in my stomach   flap their technicolor wings.   but the only color i feel   is a deep, melancholy blue  
your laugh is music to my ears.   i cling to your every word like my favorite lyrics.   you strum my heartstrings like you've known how to play your whole life.   somehow i already know the tune.
we're both drawn to extremes,   waltzing with opposites.   it's an awe-inspiring, complicated dance.   i've never learned the steps, yet i feel like i've known them my whole life.  
Smile while you can, And please do make it wide. Don't wait for it to be gone; With it, may you abide. As long as longer, stay with its side.
My heart is very heavy, Like it weighed a thousand pounds. Like clouds turning dark and gray; And it terrifies the ground, And a large army abound.
Hear! Lend me your ears! Friends,family and peers! For I shall tell you a tale, That happened in our vill.
My smile is the Pen. No matter how wide it is; dark Ink -- it will Spurt!
My friend you are alone, In a seemingly darkened place. Eyes are weary of tears; Whose heart is bleeding could not ease.
A clean and clear, white sheet of paper; messed by ink. The world and me, the people here; we live that brink. Just like this night -- a villain veiled -- and then I sigh. This tyrant darkness shakes my shoulders. Solitude!
Heart and mind a separate creature Disparate in every feature Matched and mirrored, evil twins And this is where our play begins Heart a mass of nerves, emotions Torn to shreds by its devotions
A mirror sits still, reflecting time. Raising questions without answers. Where will fate lead my steps? Will she once more tear her gown,
You are my rock And I am Sisyphus. We share sizes and blue eyes; I am bound to you.   You are my rock, with a mind of shale you prise for the fool’s gold beneath; I return to you. 
You are my rock And I am Sisyphus. We share sizes and blue eyes; I am bound to you.   You are my rock, with a mind of shale you prise for the fool’s gold beneath; I return to you. 
I was a cactus plant, Waiting restively for my blossoming days.
Droning buzzes fill the room when I step foot onto the block. A thousand flies encircle me  on staggered steppes to the ceiling, 
They hide from the light cause they're vimpires, Vimpiers in military suits and combats boots: Ravaged our village and abducted our queens, Their muzzles at point blank shattered young dreams,
I accidentally filled her mindwith serenading cicadasthat erupted on El Dia De Los Muertos,a piñata swarm of insects,their nightmarish candy formseating away all the love in the universe,
A heart As cold as a winter storm It freezes you to death  With the wind the words form   A heart Filled with warmth Like a summer breeze It never causes any harm  
The Church is a hospital for humanity. It is a body of people, not just a building. Every member whether black, white, Protestant, Catholic, pastor or congregation
God is the Judge and the Angels are the Jury. The Church is the Defendant and Satan is the Prosecutor.  Jesus is the Attorney for the accused and the bailiff over Satan.
God is to Love, as Satan is to Hate.  Christ is to the true Word as the Anti-Christ is to Sin.  The Holy Spirit is to true Teaching as the False Prophet is to lies. 
SACRED HEART What does this world possess?
Scribbles and Scratches Papier-mâché remnants  Past reflections of everything I used to be I am NOT the blank paper I once was Not because I didn't write my story It was subtly eroded 
A chill sweeps across a wide river, Interrupting the thick humidity of warm spring air.  A light breeze wisps gently above the surface of the water.    Overcast and moonless, with the exception of two stars
Thou art a beautiful creation, Not for a naught, but for preservation. I am selfish, oh! Such prejudice. Yet I art selfish for thee. Oh!!I beseech thee!  Look away and far away.
In the blue lane i failed trying to learn. i stood head's up cos all i quest for is to earn. my hope is not to dine in strong wine. so i drew the line. between pain and gain.
When the windeth blows, it's ev'r so cold But nev'r as such within mine soul F'r thoust claim'd I'm dark withineth But I hast not commit'd sineth   Shall clouds rolleth in, I dear proclaim
He brings joy to me, his laugh makes my heart smile, his eyes, like the sea. Endless charm is his style, and he is my willow tree.  
sometimes      i feel like nothing sometimes       i feel like everything  sometimes       i am the sun sometimes       i am the moon sometimes       the world is too much for me
every time I want nothing more than to disappear  I think, "it's been a while since I've wanted to die this badly." and it's true. some days are far worse than others, but some days 
On some evenings  When I allow myself  to the garden we made Dandelions in my feet  ask me for you.   Uninvited they were at first You remember I hope. Question to the question I ask,
Shards of my mind litter the floor,  Fragmented pieces of sanity. I try to piece them together.  I fail.    Who cast that fatal blow?  The searing pain that rippled through my mind.
It’s cold here, all alone. The fan is off but I’ve never felt so cold. Am I destined to stay here, wasting away? Spending my days cold and alone.
You say you're broken. That you're scattered and lost and falling apart. You lean all of your weight on me. Your limbs have fallen off. You cry and cry and cry. I pat your back.
The black clouds are rolling in The lightning cracks like a whip As the thunder roars with the pride of a lion The sky's blue slate is wiped clean by the darkest grays And shadows begin to cover the streets
Countless ideologies arise allies axis  accord not in sight world combats queen and eagle  is the weapon  that beats back the boche
  After the traces of your feet walked away,  Freeing her roots,  those for lengths, were weighed heavy into the earth- at the mercy of your dishonesty.
it’s already midnight the soles of my feet bleed against the hot pavement  just like my ancestors  against the hot sand in our homeland
Flakes of snow, gliding down your back, as they melt. Under you, my hushed brokenness held. The heat, the rush, left the sky blushed. The touch of your silky black hair,
  In the midwinter a dazzling storm,  left only to feel, the here, the now and the gone. A hazy mirage not so hazy, not so mirage.  Stood still, dim and harsh-
Another day to go to work. All dressed up looking decent. A perfect perfume for a pleasant scent. A little make up on to look glamorous. Finally, a big smile to look perfect; But am I happy?
The earth was in ruin Trees gone, seas dried Those 100 men had done it And now they were running from it One girl stood up Her name was Rose She had a green thumb like no other
I still think about you Every day and every night We drifted so far apart Was it wrong or was it right? I wanted to talk to you I just couldn't break my wall I hated how we ended
They say when I get in the gods toast a coin the well hold its breath  and the wall open its ears. Blanket shrugged in the corner while the carpet curls up.     When I pace up
Wings of Cloaken Skybirds Death of a ceiling broken past Remains of regret for niceties Falling too fast to catch   Timed too inummerable to measure
It's crazy how it is YouR my Friend And then The Next your gonE` Our Love is Like a Circle of Energy that connects us its Like your right in front of me And then your..😒 ..😯.
Everything gives us something, Light gives us shadow, Shadow give us darkness, Darkness gives us fear, Fear gives us emotions, Emotions make us human. Everything gives us something,
 Yes, i was in deep pain              When you wanted me to take the blame  Oblivious to the miseries and injuries you fostered  Yet , you made it all seem so lame 
Again, An another sleepless night passed,Again,A chain reaction of thoughts occurred,Yet Again,YOU crossed,Again, I forced,Again,I missed,Again,Yet Again,Constant I feel, Room of emptinessThis pain, This rage,This sorrow, This bitterness  Wonderin
The storm leaps around it wanders everywhere it runs fast like a monkey and grabs everything around it a banana from the tree jessy 's umbrella and what not? no one can control it
April 25th She carried the baby for nine precious months, The baby boy was delivered, everyone rejoice and sang a joyful song,
I know of a man appealing like a million dollars but his net-worth cannot amount to a single cent.
The man walked down the windy road to see what he could find. After several minutes the road jumped up and he was sure he lost his mind.
Once I'as going away Far from my hute. Waiting for a conveyance Along my class mate. Just after a while- I see a fairy Toward my front like The Venus of the sky. But I avoided, avoided
I feel her heart getting colder I reach for her hand Searching to feel her love She pushes me away There is so much weight on my shoulder
You have only known me while I grew up in a closet, I feel like I’m alone, having no one to hold my hand, No one to comfort me, or to tell me “I promise it’s going to get better!”,
When I’m looking back, I feel I’m about to have a panic attack, Memories are everywhere,
Wow he's so handsome, gorgeous as can be. Out of the random, twas a mystery, It was love at first sight. Never really knew you, seen or met you, but when we finally meet it will be everything.
I am from my mother's garden, A garden of the heart; She planted all the good things That gave my life it's start. She taught me right from wrong
I remember the first time I cheated laying up under somebody else's sheets First time I slept with her I fell in love cheatin on my woman with these streets.
I remember the first time I cheated laying up under somebody else's sheets First time I slept with her I fell in love cheatin on my woman with these streets.
Darkness is more than just the absense of light. It's the inability to see. See a future See a purpose See a reason to live.   To fear the dark Is to fear the monsters that come with it.
(Dashes equal a beat. The ellipsis is a long pause. A poem wrote at 15/16, then revised.) My life isn’t as bad as it seems, that even in the darkness there are beams,
My cereal bowl holds stale lucky charms and Milk white atrocities Bathing away the cobwebs Of spiders better left alone
I walk into the winter night And the fragrance of the Queen of the Night embraces me It is sweet I gulp in lungfulls of it As if it is a draught I am greedy I want to breathe it all in
                                         I adore your beam,you reflected your beam,with fetching me through your eyes. Splendid is your creation,as like the ravishing Universe,carries everything equally.
I caved and seen a counselor today. I impatiently waited in the office, picking at my skin, filling out monotonous paperwork, checking the yeses and the noes, and more anxious waiting.  
As a kid you learn to swim Not doggy paddling or floating or splashing But actually swimming in a body of water What you don’t learn Is how to swim to the top
Childhood Innocence By Addisen Rose Davidsavor Bring me back to my childhood innocence And teach me how to giggle again, Teach me to believe in the fairy dust, That sits on the backs of beating butterfly wings
My brain is a television  and my eyes are the screen  I’ve been relayed a message  more minacious than it seems.   
I’ve realised I will be writing about Him forever and will never fully describe Him He, the stranger made of metaphor He, the indomitable fire that feeds on empty He, the ocean I drown myself in
There's a thread,  That weaves its way around the heart, Searching for something to mend.   There's a book, That patiently waits to be read, Searched for its hidden meaning.  
What eats the soul, Goes unnoticed, Without a fight.   What attacks the soul, Is noticed immediately,  For the damage it causes is too great to not be noticed.   What timids the soul,
Be careful of the tiger, For they can catch you in a grip, That can kill you.   Be careful of the eagle, For they can catch you off guard, That can be the difference between life and death.  
A little sparkle. That’s what you were. A little blue cross A little green pulse A little heartbeat Of pure spirit That lit us up with love. Your struggle for the chance to be born
What is my depression? I feel lonely, I feel pain, I feel emptyness. What is my depression? I feel a noose tied around my neck, I feel a razor cut into my skin, 
Everything was normal when I was young. I was happy. I had great friends. But that changed when I was 13 years old. The tic said hello to me. I never knew the tic before. The tic had weird characteristics--
Dear Mom, why do you hate me? Is it because of secrets that have come out lately?  That I do not love the same way you do,  Or do not follow religion as if by voodoo?
I feel my heart beat to the music. The voice that sings inside my head And speaks to my body.  With rythm in my toes, blues on my fingers.  I conquer the world's problems  One note at a time.   
Waves Slaughter themselves upon the shore  As the daybreaks with the ebb and flow Rushing, crashing, breaking They are the inevitable and continual None can contain None can recreate Waves
    broken promises, temporary emotions, the red lace, abandoned, unseen desire 
A simple beat. Four measures. Guitar. Drums. Vocals. The first verse drifts into my ears. My heartbeat falls into rhythm with the bass.
I hold the world in the palm of my hand It has a spine like the trunk of a tree It is a lone tree on a faraway land With colorful fruits so far as the eye can see  
Tell me a story, Doesn’t have to be long. I don’t need you to sing from the rooftops. I just want to listen. I’ll hum a few words, Put in my own two cents.
                                      Chi-Raq, SOUL-CHI, Murder City                                           I am beautiful amongst the trees yet ugly on the screen
I’ve replaced the names with poems.   I’ve harvested every cathartic drop of memory in order to create something fathomable.
The flower grows  In the soil.  It sprouts from the ground.  In swoops the farmer  To pluck it out.  It is a weed. 
As I walked along the street I saw the shadow of a soul Its heart was beaten, all I saw was dullness It was screaming for help, but no one could hear  
Wake up. Run. Jump. Fall. The cycles of failure race through my brain I swim in a lake of my tearful demise How did I get here? Reluctance to stare at my reflection Constantly talking and yet saying nothing
You were my bird. My beautiful bird. Your wings were so prepossessing, I just had to stare. Though I had a feeling you didn't feel the same as me anymore. Your pining gaze at the window often left me in confusion. What was so...
You told her she was dead to you She is dead because of you.  You told her she lost you, she is lost without you.    The tears nesting in her eyes make you a blur. 
A picture with no shadows in itHas all too much to hide.Pompous, plushy, prickly colorsWherein no truth resides.  
Have courage and be kind. These are  the words that are as old as time. If you  live by these you are guaranteed a life of joy  and happiness
Being in love is like being a surfer on the biggest wave on your carreer. It's scary at first, not knowing if you're ready for it. But once you're in it, it is a high that no drug could ever match.
I look into the mirror. What do I see? Not who I want to see. Not who I want to be. She looks back at me. My eyes full of distaste and disgust at the girl in the mirror.
Silence screams throughout the day Children weep as others play the screaming silence never decays the silence is never acknowledged. not even seen as if it is there  a steady scream still fills the air.
Her hand grazed my skin. “Please, be calm my child.” Serenity plagued each of my senses. Flames from the fire grabbed at my shoeless feet. Yet, I was the happiest I have been. Mother looked sadly into my green eyes.
One day I looked up and saw the sun Shining it’s brightest yellow The sun said to me, “Am I amazing, sweet, glorious child?” I turned and said
There are rythms that echo through  my rib cage, each bone curving as your a note gets cut off.  It is hard to hear, when  other heartbeats play loudly like a siren   Its okay to love another, but
Ignore the voices Those murmurings of doubt Call forth the flame, The light to face the darkness
Dirt and sweat cover our faces. Our hands are our tools.  We become numb to the pain and the cold metal. Slowly we become machines. Our minds begin to turn and wind just as the wheels do. We lose the feeling of being men.
Books People Music Everything's made of a story. I want to know them all. I read every tome in the library.
Little kids dream big But I dream bigger Kids dream of unicorns and candy Parents dream for their kids to be happy Dogs dream of treats and belly rubs And Soccer players dream for the dubs But I?.. 
I can swallow I can swallow two pills   At the same time And it gives me a thrill   Mixing my meds I find it addictive  
<p>Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win</p> <p>As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a
Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a stranger I pass landscapes f
Inspiration, for me comes from the ink carved squiggles of the written word. Never before has anything been more beautiful 
I see your glittering eyes  and the crinkled skin around them. Your joy is a spark of love that will soon flame into passion.   How I envy your delight and the way it motivates you.
I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this, but welcome to planet earth. A floating rock in space a perfect 146 million kilometers from the sun made up of 71% water, 29% land, 8.7 million different species, and 7.7 billion humans, aka us. 
  Lil white boys Yes, you I am talking. For once, I am taking up space Listen. What are you, scared?
I am the sun and the moon. I wonder about the lights out of my reach; I hear the sound of stars falling around me. I see the endless paths warping before my feet;
The American Dream A run in fear The sprint to safety A jog for a dream A race with death
Rise above when you fall below.  Pain will come, but choose to grow.  My heart cries out to the ones I love the most, but still  No one comes when its my chance to rise. I am her baby girl, I even have her eyes.
So much relies uponLittle working bees.From cold winters to scorching summers,The bees never failTo contribute for their hive.  
  I hold the story in my hand My eyes jump from word to word as  The tangible account transforms into an elusive fantasy My hand moves to continue the narrative
It started as an interaction, like a small rose seed getting sun. I began to feel a strong attraction, I knew something good had just begun.
Be aware before falling in love Fore it always brings sores Later which turn into storms with all the love comes a curse  With a prize No matter how hard you try  You may never rise again!
The cheers, the applause, the cries  And I ask them to indulge in this moment  For it will fade  Like a distant memory   
She reminds me of a plant because of her stems  and the way they bud and burgeon through every space.  She is kind, and indiscriminate, and withholds judgment 
I felt their eyes, piercing through me with gazes as sharp as knives.Drip.I listened to their sweet lies, releasing the bitter poison that they implanted into the depths of my throat.Drop.I saw the sudden bursts of raw emotion, introducing me to t
A Journey   Embarked on In the early dawn of life    At first guiding By loving hands  Teaching hands
You are everything I hope to be in life. You are strong, caring and loving. even when things aren't right you don't show it. You are everything I aspire to be as a women. 
They bustle from place to place, Pink cheeks, loud voice, cherry face. Hands guide, hugs envelope, terror forms,
Do not swear by her, for she changes constantly, warned she. But change is inevitable and she keeps me warm.   Her rise promises me comfort and security and her death, the promise of tomorrow.
The flame has a life of its own Mysteriously ignited by the fuel of existence and Set ablaze by the quaintness of the world’s wonders, Wee beginnings as a single spark in a pit of ember
  C-o-l-l-e-e-nI’d sound out the letters when I’d write them Tiny hand flexed ungracefully around a crayon. Words, form from bold strokes.
The loneliest I've been. The depths my mind reaches scares me --   I've been down here, trapped. Above, I see the stars, the indigo-sweeped sky Taunting me, dangling my freedom high Above my head --
Inspiration feels like a sliver of hope;  The shine on a brand new penny, An eyelash on your cheek, Color trickling in the sunrise.  
I have learned to swim all on my own Chose the toughest battles Got through them both Spent my whole life just picking sides
Little Flower In the spring birds and bees fly around,Everything thing is growing, There are new things to be found,In the spring you are surrounded by beauty, Yet a small little flower is what you seek.The flower has grown to be
Inspire Something that people strive to do in the knick of time Leave a footprint on our brittle soil of Earth once they leave And some day it may or not be me
No where  road trip with you, Mind. You’ve been one to blame for the crinkled maple leaves lining the inside
Ring song Go tell the worldhow close you cleave,my ring. No! Wait! — The worldhas little careto pause and hearyou sing.
Swiftly kissing me on my cheek as I meet my morning ritual glow Feelings of  seduction, temptation , cloud nine  Space high fasho.  Caressing my mind with that courage ,that magic, that gumption,
The worst thing about your favorite sweater: You wear it alll the time, it stays the same size as you keep growing And no matter how much you try to stretch it out,  it doesn't work.   
- to kiss god on the mouth his lips taste like cheap pekoe tea and overly sweet vanilla creamer. i run my hands through the hair of something i don't believe in. there are no hymns, no bible verses no miracles.
 Feldgrau comes to steal me.  Seeing your green and grey colored arms start to clutch your FG 42,  Is this to be my last color?
One can walk along their merry way Without a care or single stray Along their path, they run into fear Now's their chance to hole or veer The choice is clear for most, they flee 
 Americans We We were the arnsenal of democracy, There, fighting on the beaches of Normandy. We felt victory at last and our enemies none, By standing together, Americans as one.  
He is not perceived as dangerous. But his eyes hold an ocean that begs to drown me. His smile seems to paint a cure to my sadness until I feel his words shoot through me like burning bullets.
The edge of the boat chills my hands, As I stare at the vast marble sea. The wind fills my hair with flavor, As we race the waves expeditiously.  
I shimmer like gold; stun like pink diamonds My hair reaches heights, and my skin varies like the dust of the ground I am strong because of my color, and I endure because of my will I do not shake, and I do not fear
The world can be so dark, but just remember at the end of the cold dark night the sun will rise  and there will be a spark that shines  brighter than ever before waiting especially for you
Power. the estimated, imaginery will of a being something that determines what can survive, while also being as simple as something that can turn on an electronic thing. Openly seen in everything
Love inspires me to Adore, Pain gave me a reason to work for more. Love inspires me to be Active, Pain gave me a reason to break from being held captive. Love motivates me to do right by others,
What is child’s play? Who is child’s play? Where is child’s play?  Child’s play is intense passion without a clear end point, or any end at all.  Child’s play is what you love only past 10. 
If I had to choose if I’d rather have the world end in fire or ice, I would choose ice.    At least for now.   
The enduring love of my grandparents' hands Held within one another as they commit to stand Throughout the hardship and sufferings of current and past To uphold a legacy that will infinitely last
A hammer shatters the mirror and blood pools in the places punctured by the mirror's shards. Maybe the blood loss will make her lighter.  140 to 135 to 104 still counting. 
You needed stupid.    Stupid enough to believe your throne of lies.  To worship your sins and glorify your violence.    you needed meek and timid but fiery and hot   
Once awhile ago I was lost In a place so cold everything was laced in frost Couldn't find my way in a blizzard I screamed but couldn't make it so my voice is heard I cried, yelled, pleaded with all my might
Maybe it was your eyes,  Big and droopy, but also told stories of the wise.  Or maybe it was just everything about you.  How you fertilized and reaffirmed my dying thoughts.
the grass here is scorched. weak and frail, snapping under the will of even the mildest wind.    the edges of each of the blades are just that;
Back when things were simple and innocent, life felt beautiful and full of bliss. I could feel the warmth that life gave me.   Each trip I take around the sun leaves me with less and less
Back when things were simple and innocent, life felt beautiful and full of bliss. I could feel the warmth that life gave me.   Each trip I take around the sun leaves me with less and less
There's been the bad, I used to crack a smile, while I cut myself -Clinically- insane   And there's been the good,
In this world we are surrounded by limited resource. Most of which we have destroyed without remorse. 50-100 million buffalo used to roam the great plains. Until 1884 when only 325 remained.
Never become my sunlight Which ever drain my eye Blurred vision of my sight Go far away from my eye Go away way way Go away way way Ho ho hou Wo ho hou Ho ho hou Wo ho hou
Mental necessities; Deep breath, go outside, be social. Disruption followed by the cries of others; What I need. Cuts between He and I heals differently. He chose a band aid. I chose to let the cut breath.
Trapped in others' dreams, life's inevitable loop. But break the cycle, failure teaches us to grow. It is your own life story.
"Dearly Beloved..."Stunned, I am amazed by this purgatory endured for loving you; dwindling morals and virtues as the ticking beast in my chest grows more enamored of solely you.
My home is the field With fear of being shown the red The crowd fills in, watching Whether real or inside my head
 Silent, Sad, Mad, What is wrong with me? I am crying inside  where you can not see. Silent, but LOUD Explain to me.
Childhood friend Why do I go crazy We never talked about it I think about it daily I left before you could The hood never betrayed me I was incarcerated I thought about it daily
Love is not what it seems. It is not a delicate feeling that makes one bubbly and light inside. It is not flowers and sunshine. Birds do not chirp. Rainbows do not appear. Life is not happy and perfect. Love is the opposite.
You are truly a product of love, Divided by the sum of your ego, Subtracted by the quotient of your imperfection,  Multiply by the difference of your commitment.
i don’t want to know what you think, you don’t care, you’re mind is blowing like the wind but eventually you sink into your heart and it’s showing,  
“You’re nothing but a dirty, nasty female” His words rang in my ear Rang in the air The venom in his tone flooded the classroom
I stand facing east Alone, quiet, still. Only one companion -- A proud cactus standing tall. Together we watch the cold night Become the hot day. Dry baked rocks beneath us,
Wheres the butterflies and rainbows? The urge to cut builds up each night  And it just doesn't feel right 
I am sorry. I’m sorry that your first joy is not the son that you prayed to God for since you were a little girl.
Once upon a time, A girl gave her heart to a boy,But outside its cage of bones, it was unstable.It had started crumbling and deteriorating,so she replaced it with a robotic heartin hopes of repairing the damage. But the damage was done,her true he
I am made of stone.   The years have eroded me into what I am, A poet, A daughter. Carved by the finest of artists,
The stars around me, that push me, Are the ones who burn. Who Breathe the flames of tongue and language And laugh to paint skies blue.   Their firy smiles spark And make me run and leap.
  When I look to the water I do not see the waves Crashing Scattering the rocks and silt below When I look to the water
“Real men” keep their feelings trapped inside Like a caged bird. A simple idea, Yet still too complex for a young child. A child, forced to believe
How easy it is, To stand and look pretty While taking a photo.   As I see the image that others see— Joyful but Smart.
The Shoes of a Man’s Wife     Loving you was so hard to do  But leaving you would break me in two So what am I to do
Money is given not earned, Dumpsters serve as restaurants, Fountains as bathtubs, Shoes are their tires, Makeshift shelters as home, No family but fellow brethren, And no dept because most already paid.
You roared at me like thunder, and struck me like lightning. The day you walked into my life, my dreams were blown away faster than leaves in the gushing wind. You were a fearsome storm
You may say you are educated For if you truly were It would be known To everyone But you  
Twinkle Twinkle Little star Aren’t you tired You never rest Your weary eyes must hurt   But do they hurt from
Vibrant Oranges and reds that have gone mute Seeming to be in a negative filter Blues and purples coming into a mix A swirling breezes sending chills down the spine  
I am a product of a broken home A summation of lost love  intertwined with lost trust   My parents broke my trust   My family tells me I am a perfect mix of  My mother and my father
Tonya, my dear Lady,
The Man
I knew he would be bad for me.I knew his gentle touch would one day make me bleed. Shining barely out of reach.I prayed for him to see me, waiting patiently.
Dinner at my house is a tug-of-war zone because of your 6’2” smile, your slightly muffled handwriting, your candy wrapper-crinkled eyes,
Sweet treachery on a night of drought, And no, I did not see the billow coming. I held no thirst or thoughts about The sounds of soft waves drumming.
Each old novel; a new lover, Assuaging the pain of life. Silence falls over the house, save The rustling of yellowed pages.  
I am an ocean Restless, impatient, wildly emotional, unpredictable I am the ocean And you are the sky I reflect you Your mystery and raw beauty When you are clear and bright,I glitter in the sun
Traversing the brim of ill determination stuck walking in eternal night   Existing only in those rusted hallows purely pursued out of spite  
There is a piece of my heart - Torn, flighty, and wild,  Free spirited and purposely audacious-   And it begins now to throw First pebbles, then stones, At my windows,
When she came to me I tried to warn her Despite the danger I know I pose I drew her in anyway A carnivorous flower So intriguing So pretty to look at You draw near it
I am terrible at reading peopleBut I want to read her She’s the kind of book I want to read cover to coverThen start all over again A book I would keep with meAlways learning new things from it
Sleep has become the most delicious donut Dangling in front of the treadmill Like the meal  I was reluctant to eat Could've saved that dollar for yet another bill Like rats  They just keep coming
She was born of woman as a word, swaddled in question marks but cooed with answers - statements of soothing reassurance
In a far and forgotten realmWhere love never goesAnd smoke instead of The clean air blowsAnd no birds there anymoreJust ash-covered crowsThat is the realmOf unkept hate That wretched soul was warnedBy the author who spoke for peace Because the ide
I'm not a rapper I'm not a napper But quite certainly  I'm very dapper My favorite color is purple  I don't like purple nurples Go get the dirties  I'll be here in my thirties
Graceful she is, winking at my every thought.  Sheltered by her shadow, she comforts me. Her reassuring faces, Her beam of life,  She is infinite.  Valiant she will always be,
Today I took my head off to see a different angle It was beautiful to watch my entrails dangle My art friend came over to take a couple pics And no one seemed to worry about it  
Looking for distractions  Hiding in my absence    Tired of my actions  Feeling my inactions    Scared of my emotions  Sinking in commotion    Looking for distractions 
Tell me who are you in the dark? Are you the devil or the little spark  Tell me who are you when I'm alone? Are you the light or the huge storm   
I'm scared of letting go I'm scared to be free    What if it's not like  like what I've dreamed    Pathetic naive  that's not the least    Come on get out  get out of me 
Craig is a hurricane;  A pernicious storm delivering nothing but havoc and destruction. This bipolar alcoholic is more destructive than most hurricanes the world has ever seen.
  A barren world, dark and cold Stained with death and mercy pleas A place forgotten as we grow old A million lives spent for "the land of the free"   A little boy, dearest of them all
Dog   Squares fit perfectly across a rectangle. Lines don’t need to be colored out.  Rhythm and Repetition. Silence and Condemnation.
When the door shuts behind me The walls begin to crumble  The word hope as left my reach as it flies into the submessive dark  How did i get here?  In a world that is not perfect 
When the door shuts behind me The walls begin to crumble  The word hope as left my reach as it flies into the submessive dark  How did i get here?  In a world that is not perfect 
Mother is unique unlike her little sister moon unlike her toxic sister Venus unlike her father sun
Not at my beck(sport from Stefan George)
A lonely night it is An exceptionally long night Where loneliness is my best friend Crying is my comfort, And darkness is my hiding place As I watch them all go against me.  
I wake up in the shimmery light Of the early sun’s sigh. The rays pour in through the open blinds Tiny crystals dance and flutter to and fro Another morning in darling Arizona.
Love is a complex and interesting thing It amazes us, no matter how we swing It can save you from trouble, free you from pain, But sometimes, there isn't any gain.  
At the end of the day, we both do our own things. You study, I clean. You think about academics and family, I think of you and family.
I once had a boy say, You’re gonna rule this world one day.
Pain to be documented for the sake of civilization. Pain, language of the unspoken, censored, plugged and precluded. Pain of mothers daughters and lovers, of sons, fathers and admirers.
The birth of a fawn, of a new life stumbling into consciousness - unsteady legs, blurred mind. This is the place from which I have never awoken.  
“is it  really selfish to leave this world and take with you your problems, it’s like  taking the
Speaking Your TRUTH is more POWERFUL when You LIVE Your TRUTH. Once You align the two, You Will KNOW YOURSELF.
The Alignment of Speaking Your TRUTH & Living Your TRUTH makes the Words You Speak AUTHENTIC. Use Your INNER Wisdom & DIVINE INTUITION to GUARD Your Words, as they are GOLD!
It's MARVELOUS to see the harmony of those walking in Love, working together to care for Our SUFFERING. The connection of those HEARTS create HOPE. These are Our Healers.
   I've seen you broken,     I've seen you pissed,    I've seen you at your worst,    And I've seen you at the end of your wits.     I've watched you sleep,     I've watched you awake,
Losing a friend sucks, sometimes they leave, sometimes you just drift apart until there's only silence, the worst way to lose a friend is when they change, your left yearning for when everything was fine, when you'd joke around play games and just
The water is calm at first Quiet against the sandy shore Then the waves of reality grasp your ankles The strong relentless wave of sadness pulls me in Why do I feel so alone?
If Medusa was a modern-day woman, I imagine she would be a part of the MeToo movement.  
They’re the Lords and Ladies of school, The Gods and Goddesses if you will. Homecoming Kings and Queens.
"Akonadi, the people’s activist." Akonadi is an oracular goddess of justice and a guardian deity for women. Inspired by a Ghananian goddess.    
I rise up from my comfy sheets Light peeks out from the curtains like a playful child Almost like my little Persephone   I gather up my supplies
Like emotion and color Time is a lie It puts into perspective Death and Life Black and White Night and Day
let me tell you the story of venus of the swamp. how she emerged fully formed from the pond scum; her hair thick with algae
I have a lot of things I want to complain to you. But how would I do that when my shoulder is where you seek to lean on when you cry? I am confused However, I pray God saves you and I
Feelings are weird My tears, they make a river  Falling one at the time   Filling a pool of cries  I'm hiding, you see No one knows the real me  No matter how many tears I cry at night   
Black and white. It’s all black or white. Ana is the white. She tells me to starve, starve, starve, you’re not good enough, you’re too fat, thinner is winner, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, fade to perfection.
I was patently yearning to have myself treasured in your shielded custody. Yet, amidst your compulsive warmth I fell into this perpetual abyss that you build for me. I could forever wait, I even pined for you, my sweetheart...
Tap tap tap on my roof you hit starting notes, Continuing and supported by bass sounds from waves. You come in your time and even sometimes, come in to our time; All you care about is your downpour,
In the iris of one’s eyes, I can see far into the soul. And what I see brings no sighs.   Your strength and faith isn’t a knoll,
BROKEN YET STANDING! With your words sweeter than Berri you bury Me in the glum, How could I stop that tender voice that rhythmed that sound in the vains Of my heart??
I can feel it ever slipping away, Diluting into the abyssal dark. I only feel all that is not okay As everything dons a new shrouding mark.
my thoughts are a poem,but i run into trouble wheneveri try to corral them on paper becausethey like to twist away and run incircles, like wild horses,making me dizzy andnot making sense.
Winter is a season  So cold with a reason Snow sparkles magically The cold wind bites your cheek Everyone goes sledding near a frozen creek A child falls off their sled  The child laughs casually
Nymphs are wicked beings Griffins are flying mammals Centuar are soldiers
They saw, They gawked, They thought it was too much, Unruly, unnatural, undesirable My hair. My personality. My identity.  
What happens when you peel away the layers Scrape away the acrylics Is it a doll inside a doll Inside a doll  All with the same expression
She is in the dying flowers and the burning trees She is in the children who cry and plead The animals who hunt and bleed Earth in every form Artemis, Diana
Everyone always tells me I have a way with words.Yes, my pen scribbles almost uncontrollably, when I picture you, and how I like to describe who you are, and how much an acquaintence could possibly mean to me.
I died my hair bright red the other day; now my curls are poisonous snakes. Twisting, turning, tangling.   We know that in nature, bright colors mean posionous.
The look of Daisy had trapped him into a never ending feelings. A boy who felt in a beautiful girl, who was to shy to speak. Who had loved Daisy for years and years.
With Eyes like rainbows,pools overlooking earths magnificent colors with dancing lights in which life glows my body falls as it looses all control spiraling into ur maze unconsciously losing myself as it goes
Don't speak Don't look at him in the eye Because if you do your his next victum He likes chaos He loves war And no matter what you do he will continue to hurt you when he gets the chance
He came to me when I died Took my shoulders, careful calm and slow  and lifted me up in to the air. We floated high over trees and buildings till I couldn't see the ground.
Come, let me tell you a story, My weary brother, Come, and let me teach you something; The Night is long, the road is tough, And the stars are too distant, simply not warm enough.
“Be wary of the sun, for it will melt your wings” At least, that was what they said to me. But, no one warned me of the perils ahead. They promised a breeze and warmth on my cheek,
What is love, is it free for everyone Or is it ethereal and abhored What is love, is it a birthright ignored Or is it a gift granted by the Son  
One moment a dark room Candles soothing The next A bright blinding bike ride   Sage burns Clouds cover a multitude of eyes Whispers can be heard for miles at a time   Fat rotting
The heart's a fragile instrument but shatters if it's played. A tiny bump will leave a dent and make the colour fade.
Look what they made of you, Drawn out of life, drained out of mind, Damage is written all onto you. Lies and deceit is what works for them, They laugh , while you scream and shout,
He will catch up to you one day, the king of death. The shadow of his past life, the king of grief. Only he can stop this,  the king of murder. When he lurks around the corner,
I wish you would take what you need and just leave me alone. I push you away, but you keep on insisiting. My smile is barely there, but it's there. What do I want? I don't know.
You breathe so close to me and I become foggy You look in my eye and I cannot look away You say that you are unsightly and I show you the truth of how wrong you are You cry and I cry You smile and I smile
My train is always speeding; thundering down the track at full speed.  It heads nowhere in particular. Whenever it stops to unload a thousand passengers, a thousand more board.  Most are unwelcome.
Bumble bee fly so high, Let the world lift you on its icey shoulders Have them know that you don’t die And upon remission, return to your glass hive.
Fraternal of eagle of blue. Matching eye for an eye, quest Blood brotherhood of the roof Garden. Feathering, and wing
Midas was a man, A man with a wish, He didn’t get what he planned, But he just couldn’t resist.   He asked for gold the first time,
Midas was a man, A man with a wish, He didn’t get what he planned, But he just couldn’t resist.   He asked for gold the first time,
I sat in the midst of the unbiased reaction of the atmosphere that moment All I could best do was soliloquise about vanity
i see you in the morning light, with silver eyes like the hanging moon i try to look away, but I’m drawn to you caught in some sort of morning light spell
Sometimes I’m a sexually repressed nun who fell for someone outside the faith,   A guy carrying multiple, heavy bags of groceries for someone who won’t return the favor,
It's the premier of his life’s work He stands on a carpet painted red, awaiting his picture He wears a black tuxedo and a silver bow-tie
He's a stable smithyThinks his genius words are pithyAs he pounds, pounds, poundsInto the night.Swings his big word-hammerNever minding lies and grammarCuz he's gotta, gotta, gotta
Long ago the Greeks had their gods and goddesses Thought to be long forgotten to the sands of time But they’re still very much alive. Dethroned from Mount Olympus
There are those who see me as a Foe, yes, those who I hope to never know. They say to go back, and their reasons, did take me aback. Apparently, I am where I do not belong. Why can't we all get along?  My very being infuriates them, and it feels d
A woman's mouth is weary with fear older than the oceans Rivers flow through our veins Flocks of goosebumps fly across our skin with every ripple and yet we still find ourselves face to face with gods
The teacher told me to study more. My family wanted me to do well in school, And because of the teacher, my grades began to soar.   Studying soon became a chore,
Path to the Heart She's the wave just ere it reaches its crest That perfect moment as it picks you up, right before it breaks into a beautiful surf, Reflecting the world in her eyes.
cross my heart and hope to breathe / suck the air into my lungs like a promise broken / like wind in the air singing hymns across a desolate plain / and wish for something different or better or nothing at all / because this is my story and our st
Let me tell you a secret. The Serpent presented no temptation, simply a warning.   As my teeth pierced the skin of  the fabled fruit, I learned not of God, but of Man.  
The shallow and endless wind visits you from time to time Giving you helpful advice that comes in rhymes. Never fear the slice of life, Because it will surely help you for any future strife.
Today I lie in the ashes of my own passion, the ruins of reckless self-obsession.  I sought to outthink my mind, herself,  the prevailing ruler of all that concerns me.   
Morning Snap. Filter ‘til you’re pretty. Time to apply too many layers of foundation.  Cover and correct your humanity. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star, Jacklyn Hill.
autumn bleedsbruises the treeblood spattered leavesahead winter's deadly blowyet the world smiles at the garish colorsNature uses in proving his loveseasons cyclehe charms her with spring's flowers
When the Light Fades Natali Hutcheson   Hurry! Green mountains turn to dark silhouettes 
She wishes to travel around the world,Around she goes in graceful swirls,She closes her eyes.
my life is like like charybdis my head is spinning, can't take this I breathe in, everything all at once I belche it out and feel like a dunce if only i had someone to come and pick out every crumb
The Isle of Tears One thousand miles off of the coast of Paific and rear end of my imagnination. A place bourne of gloomy skies and lonely whisper wind dread salty like drops all over.
It always seemed that the clock would find a way to reset. If the clock eventually stopped working. Well , a stranger always seemed to have a watch. If there wasn’t s stranger handy ....
Am I really a monster?  I mean, I don't think I am. So why do people always Run?   They do not actually run. What I mean is mirrors break,
Her home lies across Henderson port.The ships here chase the sun inlandFrom east to west and back to east,a pendulum in a grandfather clock.Each turn portends finality, butswings back to begin afresh.No dock for her eyes, just passing boats,sleepy
I have tons and tons of dream filled with happiness and joy. If I am back to my real life everything vanishes like smoke. Trying to complete my day with happiness and atlast the day ends without an answer.
By: Kiersten Warner I once walked along the sand, A beach that stretched through a magic land. A land enchanted for the lonely heart, my heart whose love was world’s apart.   On the sand there swelled a tide,
Uss larki ko roz dekhnay mn jo maza rakha tha. Tha Husan ka pujari wrna kya rakha tha... Thukra diya kai baar aur waja sy b mazrat. Zmanay sy maloom hua koi pyar paal rakha tha...
Come on don’t worry about how it all went down. It was a place always there to be found. You paint yourself like a bad Rodeo Clown. No ones ever chased a bull in a full length gown.
The man whose name was not yet a flower had heard the stories. Every lost lover reduced to a corsage left lonely on the dance floor,
Church   Please be seated, into the wooden bench, grasping the written works of human vices  in the youngest of hands. 
Papers stuffed neatly into their respective folders,            Textbook clenched tightly against my side, I turn to face the dawn.             My mother stands against the light.
Witch, Evil, ugly, cruel. No, Magical, beautiful,loving, Mom   Welcome to Moe’s! Taco salad, nachos
It started at a young age I can't quite put my finger on My mother always told me it was rude to point But every one of my flaws would soon be pointed out
Life, reality or dream sometimes I ponder; From toddler to elder hopes of fulfilling the hearts desires  Eyes on fire that fill to the brim burst forth to forge a path lining our trail which lead back to beginning,
They told me, all my young life:        Time heals all wounds -- and I assumed that they were right. But what, I wonder, heals the wounds that Time inflicts?  
Poverty, underprivileged, deprived, and depressed. The struggle of no warm water and your stomach tends to rumble
Walking through this springtime land Full of dark woods and fields Where daisies grow and lilies stand By running brooks that laugh and reel
Butterflies take flight Not knowing the havoc they cause. I'm not sure if it's from fright Or because there are no laws.   Their wings beat and beat Along the walls of their cell.
Hidden behind posters, Behind words, Behind screens.  A voice, a voice  Shouting in a tunnel, Bouncing off the walls,
      Swirling, swaying, spinning in time to the blaring music I close my eyes When they open, I’m a little girl
Moonchild by Teresa Cruz Summer night drives through the town I called home.  Every single street silent and dark only the light of my friend to make me feel safe. My friend, The Moon.
A pair of baby socks; Pure white like snow; Soft and warm like a hug; smaller than the palms of my new parents' hands. Free of loose strings, holes and stains; A blank page to write
I thought growing up was like a tree Up up and up It turned out more of a leaf, A leaf that flows in a river,   I thought growing up would be simple Success, success, and success
Many of the experiences that make us grow are uncomfortable Many of them are surely life-changing Some of them are relevations My growth experience, sure, it was painful But it made me accept the pain
It was a normal day  Well at least WAS until... My four year old self found out Daddy was going to be sick forever  Confused Thinking medicine is the cure  Numerous hospital visits and doctor appointments 
Foggy difficult memories Were swept under the rug Wonderful moments  were placed neatly on a book shelf in DVD boxes Above all that  On the highest shelf was Stupidest of worries
I knew what lied ahead So I chained my feet to the ground Refusing to travel to that place But it was inescapable   The world ripped me away 
Is growing up like graduation, A sudden change, an exclamation? Or is it like radioactive decay, As childhood wastes away?   Whatever the case may be, What it is for you, It will not be for me,
It is time to wakeup before mom and grandma remember not up the volume to loud on the t.v. it is only Saturday rush to get bowl of cereal remember dont spill the milk
We’re just enigmas The stigmas I don’t understand it The world, how will I manage A new generation full of ideas reprimanded Millennial
Tall palm trees shimmy in the soft breeze,  Standing tall like soilders, Guarding the colossal college walls. Daunting yet appealing waves wash over me,  As my bold reflection stares back at me,
As a kid,  you take everything for granted  not knowing what you are doing.   You know, that when you leave your house, your bed will still be there along with your blankets and pillows.
A girl briefly met Death after Hissing for twelve years and  Death was prompt and eager. The container of her life Turned against her.
I need to be brave Leave the sunken mud For the forbidden sand Make it to New York Be in Carnegie Hall Walk on land Time to put down the sweet tea to trade for folded pizza
Hold your head up beautiful Show them who you are truly are   You’re strong,you’re tough, and special  bloom like a flower,flow like a river  show them who YOU are  That African American Queen 
Simon Says   As A Small Seed I Admired Daddy   Daddy Was My Heart and Joy   As My Roots Start To Spread He Saw Something Different In Me  
I want to take the skin from the the back top part of your neck All the way past your shoulder blade And make a comforter out of it. 
When do you grow up and what’s its result? Better question, what decides that you’re an adult? Some people say paying taxes, getting your license, finishing school… …drink at the bar, be in the jury, or finally move.
There was a barrier between me and my goals And I had crossed an inevitable bridge to self doubt  It created an illusion that the weight of the world
I'm alright… That was what you told me You always said that I'd be alright… But that was before you left   Things only got harder from there
Inspired by the following: The Book Thief - personification.  The Hunger Games - Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire. Thor:Ragnarok - Hela, the goddess of death.
Growing up  He never had people Who would stick around  He's ashamed to say  that his own mother neglected him 
    Tripping over wires of  The mental lies Society tells us to hide Behind a disguise
He sits so close, but the silence turns the inches into miles and   every slight noise causes an avalanche in my chest   as I wait for him to say something. Anxious Reticence.  I have changed so much. 
I have only been to the circus a couple times But there are a couple things about it which I clearly remember The controlled chaos The performers and the beasts
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday. -Kahlil Gibran   OPEN THE BOOK OF YOUR LIFE GO ON, FLIP ITS PAGES
It all began when I started to like boys. But little did I know, those were all decoys. They told me sweet nothings as if I was one of their toys. 
Days grow longer, nights colder; Everything seems to change. Yet, there’s still me- I’m unchanging. Same face, same clothes, same friends, same creation.
Days grow longer, nights colder; Everything seems to change. Yet, there’s still me- I’m unchanging. Same face, same clothes, same friends, same creation.
Rushing, rushing, rushing the current in my mind a constant reminder of the light I cannot find. Freezing blue water, turns my heart cold my pack has forgotten of the "I love you's" I once told.
Slam me down Pick me up Wonder why what I do is never enough For you Sweat drips down my spine Tears drip down my chin
when i was younger all i desired was to be older  locked in my my mind wanting nothing but to be a soldier  clenching my heart because i was its only holder  trying to be something but trapped in my own enclosure 
I am not a pink bloom With its free-spirited nature Nor am I the alluring red I am a white rose   Many have made attempts To inject me with dye And while it took for a while
My mother always caressed my hands, and I was always warmer than her. It was hard for me to understand, but warm hands are what most people prefer.  
Her grip was like claws around my throat dragging me down making me ebb away into the distance.    She sat on my pillow every night and asked me what she was doing there why she had always been there.
Ice cream my favorite snack Cookie dough chocolate chip in particular Ben and jerry's My favorite ice cream place
 from proud bellows to mere whispers that are all too mellow, a withered soul looks upon those with a sense of longingto escape its comatose.
At what point did I grow up?  At what age did I lose my innocence? When did I see the true colors of the world ? Dark, muddled and no bright hues, All gilded, we are blinded from the truth. 
Ever since I was sliced from the belly of my mother, I had always felt embarrassed. This emotion had brought upon me a type of distress which is hard to escape not because it is impossible, but because it was deserved.
Life doesn't hand out free passes, You push through the current, Or swim parallel to get back to shore,  
I These words I use are truth Even if I disagree Because no matter what they mean to you May hold different meaning for me Words- to tell a story that otherwise wouldn’t be   Quite easily it is
Tic-Tac-Toe. Three in a row. I must confess, I'm cold. Baby, I'm cold. I'm a heartbreaker. But love fills our lungs like air and we must breathe it in.
When I was a little girl, 
People yearn for attention, pictures, videos, A contagion of media, However, I wish to recede into mystery, A shadow in the background. A well-dressed silent martyr of who no one knows the sound of their voice,
I still see the scars of you when I look at me  Evident in the mirror, my thoughts, and how I feel Your rough touch and harsh words still linger rolling of your tounge and pressing deep into me
She's gone I fell in love At nine years old And I never doubted my heart was taken They said, "You're going to have a little sister" And I felt it start to leave I screamed and saw my life change
Change. My life is change. It is, Language, Feeling like an outsider in a foreign context yet being amazed by the unique utterance. An experience,
The Young Sapling By: Madison Winchell   The young sapling, small and frail Is suffocated by the roots of mature trees.
Dayana Nunez                        Glow up, grow up June 10, 2019 Taking it all in, born a little guppy fish, Nibbling small bites from the world.
The devil is brighter than the love you be. The darkness is terrified, (For you), it’s too bright to see.  
I look back to my youth My pride, joy, confidence Like a bullet proof suit Now I stay in the confines of my room 1 2 3 4 Walls containing my pain But when, when did it all change
Chop chop chop I watch them cut her down everyday They are vicious with sharp blades And loud laughs I watch as every blade gets deeper the sap pour out Chop chop chop They tear her down with her own blade
His love she cannot hear. In his Heart; the crying notes she cannot hear.
Waking up outside on a cotton candy cloud, So sweet and tasty the sky looked.  A green fence appeared in front of me it looked at me, it empowered me.
I remember looking in the mirror telling myself, ¨It's true, maybe you're not that pretty¨. Moving from New York to Atlanta was a huge culture shift for me.
It’s when you sit down and your ass already hurts. The lamp shade remains crooked, but you put it off Until tomorrow and you start falling into that place; The place without walls, but filled with floaty feelings,
When you claim to not be a child, it's like Saying you can breath underwater or see through walls: Only a child thinks that. But to say an adult cannot be a child
You were so quiet before. A meek, fragile sort. Your art was never seen by other eyes You thought they’d think you were telling lies.
The kid that was the king,It was really quite the thing,He ran about without a doubt that what he was doing was great.Movies raised him and kiddies praised him making him a king,They’d scream and shout for this little sprout making him the king.Th
  Stalking through darkness A feeling of encroaching predation He seems to have a prowess In checking for my sedation Blinded by his appitite
Happiness is key to life. Sometimes I find the key then I lose it and have a hard time finding it again.
“forget your perfect offering just ring the bells that still can ring there is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in” -Leonard Cohen  
The lady of the first sun, Hesitates to let her first world down That’s all she relies on All her life she had dreamed of raising this world Her people look up to her, While she cares and provides her heat
It’s warmth from the fire, Expanding, expanding, and expanding until I struggle to breathe The color of my palpitating heart as it teethes,
During the shallow times I call then I was filled with no types of experience. My life took action with the knowledge I have received, which back then was small and little known.
The mind is confined by self infliction Restricted by its own conviction Pointing towards a single goal Racing like a lucid foal   Made in China
I’m longing for you. . . As the robin longs for spring, I know not what degree of warmth; Your advent to my frozen xyst shall bring.   I’m longing for you. . .
Her mind is filled with the screams of the damned Roaring over the cracking Tearing Ripping Of the sky The pounding beat steady Louder Louder Louder Gutteral cries Deep down
How easy it is to fashion the blade The one that drains ichor from the veins One manual screwdriver One small clump of poster putty One small piece of paper One razor All to make one blade
There is a collection tray, Decorated with a golden cover And pretty rocks the crows brought; As it is passed around The false silver scream at false gold, Both bronze,
Childhood is sunny the clouds begin to emerge Keep sight of the sun
Anger, a muscle memory, triggered by his voice now teasing, now taunting, now icy creeping in my ears and down my spine.    Like tomcats we clawed,  screeched at each other, like 
i know it will be a beautiful Day 
The first time I grew up, I was ten years old. I was wearing a blood red dress And a wide-eyed, prepubescent smile.   My mother bought me ice cream
  A crack resounds from the soul of the earth.  
Even when I think it'll be a rainy day, I watch my blue skys fade away from grey.   Sunflowers dance all around, Under the clouds I'll never be found.   I love my little flower garden,
The stars of your eyes glide over my life Your constellations have me hypnotized Fantasizing about your planets I blast rocket ships into your space
Patience What is it? A nonexistence. The mind was wicked, and the body was involuntary. Play around, aggravate sound, Adam found. Indeed, an innocent one.   Patience What is it?
New ones, soft, thin, smell like a new magazine. To a jail? A hell? A cage? No To a library, gather the knowledge, read the books. One, the book of life, we do not read. We write. This new year, this new passage.
I’ve come to find that in a small town like mine, The sports page tracks the passage of time. Wrestling stats, baseball team hats, Years go in plays and new quarterbacks.
  I gaze at the world Above Me   Endless and open   Beyond my reach A world I yearn for   You can’t go, you can’t fly …I want to
Simplicity is the beginning, It is easy, Nothing to stress about But one mustn't stay there for too long  
Me and my little sister all alone Mom and Dad are not home Empty stomachs howl in the night not a crumb of food lays in sight  
sitting thinking about who i was, i laugh mostly ammusmed, slightly shamed. sometimes i wish i knew what i know now but to learn and experience is half the game the other half is trying to stay sane
I was once that awkward little boy Fumbling with my shoelaces as my crown jostled upon my head I ruled with an iron fist on those late summer nights as the realm of the backyard became my own Until
  The air becomes dry and the wind stops mewling familiar hymns that I stopped singing So that I may talk to you  
When you’re sleeping I sometimes lay my head on your chest, You’re always so busy. These are the times in which I indulge on the symphony that is your heartbeat, My little crusader it pains me that this you won’t remember.
So I ask, what good is a picture, that doesn't speak? What good is a mouth, if it is only used to devour? Then I proceed to ask, what good is a "man" who knows not, when to hold his tongue?
We never really grow up. We're constantly learning. There is pain in the process, But there is growth from the pain, And there is excitement in the growth. So revel in the excitement.
Heed this call forevermore To avoid this sordid gore That arises from this deadly sin Apathy - it always finds a way to win  
Music moves Music feels Music loves Music heals   Every note and measure
It wasn't until one day, A Thursday to be exact, That I opened my eyes slowly To the shimmering beams of light. Soaked deep beneath my skin, I welcomed the light. The glow emitted from within me
Things seemed to have changed since that time long ago, 
Things seemed to have changed since that time long ago, 
What are you? I really wanna know I have all these theories but no evidence to show For it, it's strange really You look like your white but there's something different
I've acted like clay. I've shaped myself and even bent myself backwards. I've done that for a person who doesn't think twice about me. I've converted my dull image into a mysterious, intriguing one.
I had a dream once that turned to nightmares   right after seeing it with clarity  
I had a red-eye from the kick and start pills I used,  coupled with a red hot bonner. It was half past six and I had gone 6 rounds,  lubricants from my last condom drained out.
I can see the rain a comin' fire in my eyes I can see the rain a comin'  baby no disquise with you. I can see your face when I'm alseep the words you never said rest heavy on my heart
When I sit on my roof to watch the sun riseI see the sun smile as he is painting the skiesBefore i was old, I don’t think i could seeWell not really old, just the end of seventeenI never noticed the sky, and all of its worthEven though its been th
It may seem foolish to themwhy I was crying over the dresser I had no to way to express myself-except for the dresser,where I had stored my life 
It took a while. Until I could look up at the sky and instead of hiding myself out loud, start living for the sun behind the clouds. Start looking for those lemonade skies and imagine flying by.
Billionaires donating money donating money to a burnt down cathedral poor people donating old clothes to other in need billionaires donating money  donating meant to a burnt down cathedral 
CLICK!Snapping photos,Paper-printed memories. Both good and bad,They are forever preservedIn the scrapbook of our minds.
He was the light in the dark the burning flame in my heart until she came around. He was my best friend, my obsession for him i had ever lasting passion but she came around.
Walk, Stumble, bend, Crack, break, trip.   Swollen hearts shatter. The whsipers grow bigger, louder. Never silent, always wild.   A rose snaps in the wind. The storm quiets,
Is there a right age to learn about Death? My grandfather would argue there is not, That we should learn about it early on to face the tragedy when it arises.
A dress form is a peculiar thing. It sits in a storefront window, Showcasing a dressmaker’s work.   Much like a dress form,
Slowly letting go of my childhood as a voice leads me into the right direction. I have no choice,  so I take a moment to look at my reflection.   I stare and analyze myself as if I'm searching for an answer.
I’m sitting in my car Steering wheel in my sight My car is parked I’m waiting for my sister to come outside It’s weird that I’m the driver That I’m even old enough to drive
I love you, i cherish you beyond imagining never comparing you with no other You sacrifice things to make the love grow to an undisputable dimension
I reminisce about the days I rode my sparkly-blue bike down every street and back road. Racing cars even though my legs never moved fast enough to win. The wind was always so cold against my skin, but it gave me a sense of possibility.
There is this nyerkuk His name is Junub He was born during poverty His father died under Kawaja And his mom with Jalaba     He sat all alone by himself Next to the so mass grave
There came a point last year when I realized I've grown; I wasn't the same person that walked through the front doors freshman year; It was as if the narative of my life had taken a different tone;
Who knew I needed water, Maybe the doctor.  For a flower to blossom, Now that I’m in college I know the problem. Water is the answer to health, Which now I know means more than wealth. 
She falls apart often she pretends it’s alright But she goes back to that night it wasn’t the first, it wasn’t the last but it was the one that shattered her mask she ignored the things from the past
She was the apple of my eye To bad she had to die She was the love of my life If only she didnt fight She was the one who took my heart
She was the apple of my eye To bad she had to die She was the love of my life If only she didnt fight She was the one who took my heart
I’ve been missing you like crazy, You’ve been on my mind lately, I know it sounds cliche, Things people always say,
In the middle of a forest there is a rock with moss Untouchable Inspirational the woods are a mass of needles and thorns a labyrinth of struggles
The Playground Kierstyn Edore   Laying under the warm rays, back pressed against the American mulch A naive child squints into the golden light
Panic is a bathroom sink, Grime-covered and overflowing, Tearing the skin off my hands With its vicious heat splashing, Burning cold through spilled ink.  
Unborn and already A path has been chosen By those that are not them - To become another cog In the inescapable machine that is society.  
Eleven ounces lighter, I stepped on the gas pedal, Eleven ounces lighter I had to push a little harder. Breathe.Leaving home was too easy. The goodbyes were only temporary. But, what made it difficult was leaving her.
Eleven ounces lighter, I stepped on the gas pedal, Eleven ounces lighter, I had to push a little harder. Breathe.Leaving home was too easy. The goodbyes were only temporary. But, what made it difficult was leaving her.
Time is one thing that never rests  It can be spent, but it can never be returned  We make time  Time for friends  Time for family  Time for love  Time to grow  We grow 
She promised me control and gave me just that for a price my life, my body, my soul.   Trips to a box to rid myself of fuel so happily consumed so easily expelled
Little dots are all connected, all around the world, How come that from all those stars, Only some shine more and more? I can't see the stars, my view's polluted, Only the brighter ones,
White imperfections on the skin, Hard on the touch, shinny, firm. Little white crescents, battle marks, Bigger marble line, accident signs. Lightning bolt that reigns my finger,
The soft touch of the yellow light Folds my hair gently behind my ear And I look up at the lovely moon It’s freckled face always smiling back at me
I had gotten used to the lines by now. I no longer felt the eagerness to ride. The exhilaration seemed unappealing and mertilus.
Oh, little flower you’re so pretty. I thought you stopped growing in the winter.
I had gotten used to the lines by now. I no longer felt the eagerness to ride. The exhilaration seemed unappealing and mertilus.
Only One!   Ectomorph= Tall and gangly Mesomorph= Average Endomorph= Short and fat  
To say you don't matter, the words  Pour from the mouth, lips frozen in a  Cold front of all things unkind. Each syllable slides like ice, Piercing, While the memories unbearable are
Take a breath, pause. Step back, pause. Am I okay? Sit at home wondering why, my body isn't like theirs. My voice isn't like theirs. It's like the world is,
Now I am Free You used to be able to destroy me No you have no part of me When I left your home, It feel as if I left my dome of missery You no longer control me Now I am free.
  They don't understand, No matter what i tell my friends, They don't know who i am They criticize me and don't know me.   It hurts so badly,
Graceless, the sinking soils, a cold thorn between Venusian thighs Had pierced her bud so aggressively, Despite my vociferous efforts, To keep him away: Above the lands, I find the tattered remains of letters
Why do they keep doing this to me? Don't they know I'm F'ed up on several meds? That I'm emotionally unstable?
Emanating from deep within its coils is warmth The red hot comfort like an indoor campfire   As it hugs and envelops me until I no longer remember the suffering
What did I do to deserve this life sentence? I sit alone and cry, stuck in my thoughts trying to find a way to break free from all this pain and misery.
Am I Good Enough? My dreams are not in the clouds They are right in front of me I see them vividly All my aspirations and goalsCollege, lawyer, politicianIt seems so simple. But am I brave enough to reach out in front and grab the future Will I dr
Its taken three years for my skin to harden Watch it turn from rice paper to steel I used to be friendly as a sign of submission But now I stand toe to toe with those I don’t even reach the shoulders of
The fate in the hand, the heart set aflame Like smoke rising from a tornado of autumn leaves  The cry of lonely death sings in the crackle of heat The fate ends here, we all turn to ash We all turn to ash  
An assassin of emotions & a murderer of spirits should not be blessed with such a melodious snicker & silvery mumble He should not have hair the shade of honey for he is not as sweet as such His smile should not sparkle as the stars do for
I want to be the muse for each part of who you are & who you will becomeI want your thoughts of me to play gently through your mind as my fingers do on each key that I brush over I need for my laugh to be the charming staccato you hear in your
In the moment that i realized I love you, my life became an endless summerRays of light pierced through the skyMy heart blossomed as the sunflowers do& the salty ocean waves crashed playfully onto the shore the way your lips crash onto mine My
It's always been a bit too familiarThe glow in your eyesThe sparkle in your smileThe way you illuminate my darkness During the nights that seem the most opaque& during the bleakest of twilightsThere has always been a certain star that ignites
Vast and deep, cavernous and abyssal, gaping and yawning, such was the endless nature of my trepidation, full-bodied, looming, that omniscient shadow, solidifying, forming chains, holding fast,
Some dogs don’t have to prove their strength - Everyone knows a Shih Tzu can’t beat a Pit Bull - Even you I think, has way more than a tenth
I am here  or maybe there I don't know or maybe I do know. I look at you  or maybe the side of you who doesn't think twice before hurting  before suffocating with hate that loves my insecurities.
Home is a place where love lies and family resides. Home is not a place where buildings are constructed. It is a place where flowers do not always
he's a liar. fear whispers in your ear, looks over your shoulder, places his cold hands around your neck.   "you can't possibly do it," he says. "thinkthinkthink
layered shirts, cut- off jean shorts, and neon, knee- high socks. I was picked on. please include me.   “No, your annoying.”   what? is it my fault
  It was a looming figure, the shapeless ones you see in the dark enshrouded by a halo; A halo with no recognizable source. It was a ravenous beast
For the longest time,  I let it encapsulate me.    Fear gripped me with its  frozen, harsh, ugly hands.  They were unrelenting.   I would tell you a story  of suffering  of  pain 
A tough mind of delight, Raised by the fire not light, A shinny hair of the goddess of the night, Who dares to take hold of the blight,
The cogs of a clock for a mind, Always churning. A razor blade for a tongue, And the eyes of a predator, daring you to challenge.
Rain patter-pitters on the windowsill. Shouts echo through the hall- broken glass, hours pass. I have seen the countenance of the rain, It shrouds my hill.   I watch-listen for others who felt the chill, Those who have countenanced their rain- att
Blue used to be my favorite color.  Your eyes were like looking at the sky on a perfect summer day.  But skies turn to storms and you struck me harder than any lightening bolt. 
When faced with dangerWe must stare it in the faceAnd scream.It is in our human nature.Now run,But when it’s a man we never can.Arrivals and departures They ask us why we always leave them
My childhood was a lime-green twist car that raced fast across the living room. Thirty laps to go, around an oval track --- with a dining table, in the middle.   My sister a cosplayed
Insecurity. I am prisoner to Insecurity. How do I get out? How do I set myself free? Anxiety. Insecurity has a friend: Anxiety.
Listen let me tell you about BOX Not a container with a flat base and sides typically square or rectangular and having a lid I wanna personify the BOX I knew as a kid See, BOX was close minded (get it box closed minded)...... NO BOX WAS closed....
I took my dark thoughts down to the seashore, But they just stayed inside or behind me. I don't want to be with them anymore, So I treid to free them out to sea.   No matter how hard I try to let them go,
There is fear in the streets, tarnished in disappointment and remorse   We failed to follow life’s course, catching and releasing like a wild horse.   Fear of heights, and falling from tall skyscrapers—  
Beowulf versus Grendel A classic tale of battle, which continues in me. My Grendel has terrorized me for years, Sinking her claws deep into my soul Every day I fight back – Becoming my own hero
My best moments were ten years ago. Being able to jump in my parents bed Feeling the warmth of their sheets. Not thinking that one day I would have to let go. My family was once a completed puzzle.
My best moments were ten years ago. Being able to jump in my parents bed Feeling the warmth of their sheets. Not thinking that one day I would have to let go. My family was once a completed puzzle.
Kisses Of Pain   I was first introduced to you when you were in 7th grade Your friend had done it first You didn't understand why she did it
My fingers hurt, but not as bad as before. Maybe because the numbness is going away and the actual pain is revealing itself. But sometimes pain like that is good, if only because it means we are healing...  
The scene begins The FIRST BOY waits Framed by shame and regret that hang around his neck like chains The DEVIL whispers in his ear You foolish foolish boy
The past is a renewable resource, A chance to add to my short repertoire. The timeline can show lessons in mem'ries, and old, never-been-heard-before stories.   The past is my not-so-secret garden,
Tears stain your cheeks. You come to school every day, In a mess of mascara. You’re hurt, And I know who did it.   We pass in the hallways
By time, my brotherYou had yet goneDown a dangerous gravel pathIt hadn’t been too longFor your brotherWould still be able to laugh   Confused, but guilty
By time, my brotherYou had yet goneDown a dangerous gravel pathIt hadn’t been too longFor your brotherWould still be able to laugh   Confused, but guilty
“Nomads, Tattered Pavements and Red Hot Redemption” - Chasing scabs of hematoma finesse, devour flaming beneathA roaming fire ant stumbles upon an enticing physique
the girl that smells like period force-fed meat scrub the floor nobody likes her she sits all by herself   the girl smells so bad her pants are wet her body’s a garbage  
I’m not really sure how to start here So I guess I’ll start with something like Hi My name is Jaime
I’m not really sure how to start here So I guess I’ll start with something like Hi My name is Jaime
Little Bird   A little bird, comfortable in her nest, content with being warm by her mama and littermates. One day mama gets up and sings beautifully,
I always bite my tongue at the thought of standing up for what I thought was right. I bit my tongue, thinking about confrontation.
A whole, hole drowning me in darkness I ran and I fell and now i'm seeing a sea, rocking like i'm on a boat, see sawing because i thought i saw a raging sea and a dangerously sharp saw coming after me
I remember the first time I looked at myself, and gave myself a complement "You - Are - Not - Annoying" Those words I longed to hear from others, came out of my mouth as if i was being suffocated by them  
My body stands on a cliff I can't look down my hands will slip from the railing my breath is cold and suddenly non-existent suddenly i jump falling forward
“The rain is so fitting tonight. Saying all the words I fail to express.”I wrote this in the note I never gave you.I remember that night clearly. He liked me, I liked him.
Be it a single lumen or roaring bonfire, my feelings for him burn purple; Pink (love) + Blue (lust).
What goes up must come down.   It's the law of gravity.   You throw a ball up into the air and what does it do?  
For thy Questions I call to thy art whom made heaven and earth is the earth heaven or hell
to the one who broke me   i hope you’re doing well, even though you called me a shitty friend and listed all the things you hate about me
There it was, That shadowy silhouette With its glowing yellow eyes, And tall stature, Always watching, Always waiting, Waiting for the perfect time to strike.  
Fear, a concept I am most familiar with. As intriguing as a well-known myth. One thing I have feared most; losing friends, For friends are meant to stay until the very end.
The stars evade my glance I find myself caught up in a trance Have they crossed me all too quickly? A fool’s wish and a martyr’s greatest desire
It is there with me every day all night. In the morning when my alarm blares, and in the evening when sleep evades me.
You emobody the vessel of pure isolation what more of an effect could you embrace me with for your friend has seduced the one who's given me life into a life of nevermore  and now we stand face to face 
Pip waded with Tuck as far as she could reach, But she could not follow him onto the beach. Pip stood on her tiptoes, trying to follow, But she gasped for air, and choked as she swallowed.
Today, I learned something Something that meant totally nothing  It made me crazy for a moment  The man im seeing might just be my worst opponent  But something about him makes me happy 
I remember, The connection we loved ever so much has now ran away, laughs of joy we shared have now become screams of agony, The memory of running playfully has now become a sorrow filled stroll,
I used to wear clothes based on branding and price My innermost being was my sacrifice In exchange for acceptance, approval, and nods I gave up enjoyment and became a fraud
Life is like a roller coaster You will need a safety belt to hold you in For things will be scary And you will have to face your fears Around the curve there are new possibilities And a future that awaits
it is not my fault and it is not their fault, but still it bites and it burns like a cut full of salt   now i live in the vault,
today as the sun beats overhead,he sits one table and a dry riverbed to my leftshuffling his feet along the grimy cafeteria floors.his eyes glisten like shattered glass on pavement
I heard once, that the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” But my god, the way I feel in the dark says otherwise.  
Our world, separated by darkness and light, Roughly advances, more difficult to fight; People will struggle in order to thrive, Though many just struggle to stay alive;
The rain begins to fall outside. I can already smell the wet grass seep through the cold glass windows. I see the puddles. I hear the deep rumble. I can almost feel the rushing force of liquid around my feet. But I stay inside.
Parted Lips a-POP-olypse The seats of the minivan burst into flame  as rabid fragments of monster carrots feed Death while he
I sit down and wait. I look up at the clock until the hour and minute hand says three o’clock.                                  
I hold my breath as I watch the seconds on the clock tick.  The short hand is working but the long hand is stuck,  Like me.  Waiting for my date to show up 
  I hold my breath as I watch the seconds on the clock tick  The short hand is working but the long hand is stuck  Like me.  Waiting for my date to show up 
From fixing doors, to building homes dad you always know what to do. The master of creating, the master of building.
I was born in the land of women.   Raised by wolves,   Nurtured by mother bears, fierce and strong.   A tiger, stripes a path to their past, and a future they refuse to sacrifice.  
Taunting vultures circulate overhead Without invitation. The incessant, whipping wings Pay no mind to The air that I displace.  
You held me tightly like we were lovers of old I was part of you; you chose me Days spent in the sunshine of our existence Memories created
Here I am The passing of time A 70 year old man Death keeps stopping by As my time whines down He comes to remind me Your time is up He then suggest Stick the knife in your life to be
Fear is the snow stuck on southern back roads, and I am deathly afraid of the cold. Fear is the bully on school playgrounds, and I am the kid longing to go home. Fear is the traffic light that never
I was afraid to be heard. Afraid to be spoken to or with. I was supposed to be the loudest in the room, and yet I was the quietest.  I feared fear itself, It feasted on my brain and my thoughts
I had a smile to give you but I hesitated I waited until you looked away and then all the sudden my smile snuck out of the back door of my mind and then there was nothing I waited
From afar I saw it, Flying with its gorgeous wings Among the flowers But when I touch it, It flew away   The butterfly is just like you,
I haven’t told my mother yet Not because I think she’ll be upset but Because my brother came out a year ago And she’ll think I’m faking it for attention  
When I let go of you                                                                                                                                                                                                              I learned to dance on
Maybe just maybe today I hope and I hope it will be I've been waiting for a long time  For racial equality and justice to come   Maybe the day will never come But that chance is slim
I always loved the ocean the waves crashing on shore, to and fro lapping up the sand greedily in its maw But when I was a child, I was scared scared when life became viscious waves
What is fear? What is it to me? Fear brings to my fore Plethora emotions~ Memories of emotions~~ The causes And the effects.
I wanna know what it’s like To have my head on your chest and our legs intertwined And I wanna kiss you til I can’t breathe I wanna kiss the air out and put love in its place
Heavy weights bearing down Faster and faster time moves in rhythm Quicker, swept into anxious unthinking  Breathe, in and out, in and out
They say she once smelled of burning ashwood and cinnamon.The smoky aroma enveloped her being year round,
A seed that's been planted In a garden of weeds and harsh weather. I have to nurture the seed and pick the weeds. New ones will grow, But I can watch carefully for your weeds, And remove them gently.
you built your emotions up  in the form of the most dangerous roller coaster with unexpected twists and turns that no one could fathom i never knew just how bad it was
So easy to love living until exposed to the truth that im equally dying It was then i began living as if i were dying  Trying To force out the pleasures of life
For centuries they have oppressed my people  For centuries we have fought for freedom We marched through Jim Crow They tried to make us feel low Something they failed at doing a long time ago.  
Cleverness is so effective Making it seem scam-less Using their disguising friendliness They are the crooked foxes They are who society watches They are good for nothing
Dedicated to someone special .
Every night The case becomes larger As you struggle to shove everything Into the dark nooks and crannies. No matter how many things are added There is always more room.  
flowers deflowered when anxious hands tug on life not theirs vibrant pigments say, i'm right for the plucking plush filled pistils, ripe with life. snatched by roots reminded of my frailty.
She was just a girl, but 18 years of age. Full of love, full of life. So much ahead, and some behind. Decisions to make, places to see, a person to become.   They asked the girl to come to the dance.
I feel around me in the dark,  A wall, two walls, three, then four.  I’m in a box,  I cannot escape, I’m shouting, screaming Help me! But no one hears,
The little green house that lies next to the woods The little old lady that lives next door The neighborhood children screaming at the top of their lungs
A chuckle left her lips as they claimed to know her. As knowing superficial facts seemingly can make up a person's whole identity. Though that's not why she was so amused.
Why become so cruel You're acting like a brute Scaring people away "Help me," you don't say Pride is what you take
In a land down under Their corpses lay Compressed under the weight  One Thousand souls A hundred thousand more All lost to time But with you, no more  their bodies will be harvested
Being black in America Not understanding the norm This barrier to overcome Grab the bull by the horns Consequences will come
I hide behind this curtain and sing But on the stage that’s not me The ringmaster lip syncs the words I want you to believe As I ghost behind the curtain where you can’t see Ringmaster does an act to distract My show in the back
There was a rose that stood out from all the red ravishing ones. This one bloomed too early onto the sacred ground of Mother Nature's beautiful creation,
Sometimes I feel like I could love everyone. Like, actually, love them. Sexually, emotionally, you know, feel a connection that a lover feels in lust, and in falling and in connecting in love.
someone scream when the night falls for me in the West and for you In The East at the moment we both blink   for when we rush  through our safe doors and plunge into stardust
I whistle a tune  unbeknownst to all subjugating aerodynamics take flight in the V, they quack no? I chose the letter G   I hum a melody that pricks the ears of Grays shall they
treat me like Tuesday even if it is dawn on Friday ask me not of my spiders cushioned under skin but of my beloved socks   not of my whys or nos  more so of my whys to yeses
Hi, shiny sweetheart! When I am lost, I write you. You brighten me up!
I had a toothache that resided deep in my jaw. It stung and jolted and even  burned. This tooth was not like the others. It didn't want to chew food.
Freedom is not a word. It is not an emotional state. It is a beautiful bird that cannot be caged. There are many that cannot be caged.  There are many that will try to take it away.
Baby birds and food. Who is going to feed them? Stomachs growl for food.
don't mention my name in your tweets, don't mention my name on your FB, cos my name rings bells in the streets, had a BM and a kid but they left me, and everyday when I wake I feel empty, crown court to the cell where they sent me, and I got to sh
Scratching Clawing frantically Wildly raking with my fingers, Trying to hold on To something you can't see Or taste or touch But feel Deep within you When you finally find home
sometimes I don't wanted fight no more it's like me trying to keep moving while the the wind is slowly pushing you back to get to that someone but i'm pushing and pushing but sometimes i'm tired of the hearybreaks I don't understand why people don
I love to dance But it's been corrupted And corroded And with every twist and turn I fall deeper into a world Of my own.
As the sunlight touches her pale skin, little yellow flowers emerdged from her eyes. Red roses would sprinkle themselves upon her cheeks. Orange Poppys soak in her hair, brightening as the sun shines on her.
The most beautiful blue sky comes after a day of rain, The most beautiful art comes from a place of pain, Some of the wisest people we claim to be insane, These worldly people are evil, ice reigns in their veins,
I'm going to be honest, it's not often i find myself eager to write about love, in fact every time i try to write about love my hands cramp, just to show me how painful love can be.  
Her Paper VoiceBy: Sophia Huynh  
ABCs   I remember when I first learned my ABCs. A stands for apple B stands for bird
Mother you’ve done wellWith your gardens and birds,Your beasts look well as do your skies.But what’s with those little ones?The ones that bounce their heads,Supported by not much. They do nothingBut wait.
  He looked at me with his somber eyes And gave me a handful of lies. The truth sat in the shadows wearing an ugly disguise
we place our trustunder lock and key,and keep our secrets lockedwithin the metal doorsof our mind.not a word utteredfrom our mouthswould containa glimpse ofthat which is hidden,
Deep in the forest, where the black moths play Lies a species of creature that may not have existed today They call themselves, "Dreadlox" from a tale Far too old, a sort of pixie-like creature
  My oh my, what is this deadly sensation? A sickening feeling, oh how I detest it. Like a chemical reaction, I feel the explosion Of a million thoughts, the mind's at the limit.  
i was blind. but you held onto my hand as a child. you held onto the next eighteen years of your future.   i was dragged.
fear Yeah, I’m afraid of everything Especially myself. I could make a fool of me Without anybody’s help. I do it all on my own,
[Tiny, Tiny Why can't you stop being lazy Move forward as the world does Drive your wheel of life, no more crazy]
Sometimes my house is not a home but a prison From the front yard it looks like a lovely family But the grass isn't always greener on the other side
Like glass that shall not be touched   My feeling have been disrupted    My heart has been sunken    Like a boat in ocean    Waves move my heart but yet crash my soul   
A poet's voice Finds potency When immerced In communion - A vision of himself Mingled with another's self, And made of truer words. This is the voice Which reveals the Unfamiliar
I lived in a castle once, It was called love. The walls were built
DAMN TOAST       It was one of those hurried morningseveryone going going going all at once the family had wings on our feetthe Greek god Apollo present in spirit.
bound without chains
"Sorry" doesn't mean I'm sorry for you "Sorry" means I'm sorry for myself I'm always sorry because I make promises and I can't break promises I promised him my heart I promised him I would always love him
Waking up in the morning Gazing at the room’s blank design Look out at neighbors Their happy behaviors
Witnessing so many mass shootings So much hate that is polluting So many lives we are losing This world keeps getting confusing You then get used to it
I've seen Unseen lifetime events Spoke unspoken words Released undisputed actions in factory of untoungable stories. I've seen them.
My body body is soulless even my entire life is soulless After heavily rain messmarized my life garden full of fruitful soul.
I solemnly declared as alone in my planet of earth So dull as I've been alone So lonely even hearing the sounds of passing by flying flies and butterflies My heaven on earth.
To the White man's image my hair is unnatural. To the Black girl's image my hair is unfashionable. Blind to the bounds they put on me, I fight to find what once was free. The devil's comb put through our hair.
10/19/2018 11:35 p.m 10/20/2018 2:52 a.m.     Pain is not only given; But can be passed down. For those who are ignorant;
Blindness When everything goes dark, you can't seem to know who you are anymore. When standing in front of two ways, feels like standing in a desert. When telling yourself everything's going to be fine
A useless flower on Valentine’s Day Red to paint her lovers name as tainted as the love he gave Roses have thorns but men have blades He grabbed my wrists and cut my veins
I have such dreams Would she be with me A longshot for me I'm not in her league Me and her, I don't see
The words poured from her fingertips like wine from a bottle The words flowed from her mouth like air through an instrument  In the face of her adversaries, she fought her wars with words as weapons 
I sat alone on my floor My eyes glazed, my heart quiet Watching the calm accumulation of my mess Dirty laundry and outfits unworn, piling
I was born and raised in Camden Nj  Where you walk outside and see  gangbangers  But you know I cant let this regular stuff  faze me  it’s regular to me because I see guns on the daily 
I was born and raised in Camden Nj  Where you walk outside and see  gangbangers  But you know I cant let this regular stuff  faze me  it’s regular to me because I see guns on the daily 
I have anxiety Well not just any anxiety see I have OCD I cannot seem to function when i feel things are not in order click My thoughts aren’t what they used to be
The flowers in her hair were slowly dying. The sky grew too tired of crying. Sheets of white covered her eyes, as the world met its demise.  No one cared to tend the crops. Toxic waste of yesterday filled the air. No rainbow would ever shine there
My parents tell me that as a little girlI picked up paper money and yelled “Mom look at this pretty cardboard!”
I jab at my food, make it into shapes,rearranging the roasted kernelsand carrot bits into a psychedelicmasterpiece.
sometimes i feel like a sheet of aluminum a person not real and slated for repetitive reuse.
“Will She Make A Good Housewife?”  Is an aptitude test,  Given to determine the quality of life Once married for the rest   If she fails, there is no point in wasting more time with her, 
When you live with anxiety for so long it almost becomes a routine in your head. Like a clock ticking in the background as you try go along with your day ignoring the thoughts that still exist in your head.
You ignited the whisper In a crowed of billions A simmer of sparks That lit up a voice A murmur
Protest is a complicated word,  defined as people making their voices heard. We are encouraged to protest for what we believe,  however no one ever seems to concede.  We are told to work together to make a change, 
his back pinned against  a white chipped garage knees pressed to his hairless chest trying to make himself small and invisible  cracked pavement weaves through the dark alley 
M other blesses the day I was born, why is it Y ou spit upon it like a curse?   L ike the day God chose to paint me brown
Imagine this, you’re six years old, the playground ladder looks nice enough to fall off of. The bars are solid,
I'd like to light a match in your skullTo watch a spark turn your brain into a raging fireTo make you think in burning
Life is just a phase, a dark parody which doesn't seem to impress my life. Fine doesn't clear the air, I would never breathe my breath if I see you there.
In a public school, the safest place of all, right?  wrong. Why don’t we hear about it months later, after tragedy we slowly take away the light  Why does it take until tragedy to make change?
While teaching my 12 year old sister how to play chess, she referred to the king as god. I replied, “no, the king is a king
long hair boiled potatoes blessed sacrament niagara falls bitten lip   curved mouth curly whisps loving cradle fantasy cloud rising plume
Undocumented aliens, Racists see them as the enemies They’re trying to make a living for themselves, Not to mention for their families. Getting deported by I.C.E So hard to comprehend
Standing alone in the crowded room Back noise conversations circling the atmosphere of a new age I HEAR EVERYTHING.... But I have nothing to say, The moment I open my mouth I open the door and invite everyone in
Let me tell you about the impact excluding people from history has. For many exclusion becomes a solution Making things taboo Remember the statue we were supposed to look up to
There are days when I wonder why I try at all Most things will end up fruitless all that hard work gone to waste Dreams don’t often come true for those who work hard Life becomes pointless at one point in time 
"I have mixed feelings battered in a bowl. You treat it, nothing less and nothing more. Feeling lost, you don't tell me what's wrong...
The cold darkness of night traps a lonely child, it will not let him escape unless a warm and caring hand guides him to the exit,
The justice system isn’t so just Liberty and Freedom for all is a must The land of the free and home to the incarcerated
Down, down, down, down, We see ourselves fall time and time again All cry in unison for help, for it is all we can muster
Drowning in my thoughts, Submurging myself under the pressure of staying alive. Depression is the disease that would drag me back only to suffocate me. When have I gotten so used to the flood?
Silk falls from the sky here. The ribbons, cut from the clouds that tied them together. It's fibers tell a story within its craft; The process of its production and dismemberment, is all the story we need.
My Mother, My Father, Two halves a whole. If I had any others, oh, how differently life would unfold   I grew with the both of you, as you shaped my ways: With the confidence you gave me,
“It gets better” A phrase i heard a lot From people who didn’t know what else to say Or who haven’t the experience for advice. A phrase that felt like an excuse
My slam coaches and judges tell me That I mumble too much   Something about how I speak when I’m on stage I have this almost drawl
for many years i chatted with the windowsills and the trees, their heartwood  and i wanted to be like that, not some druxied girlhood. not some half - girl, made of skeins  part - misery too ancient to name. 
    I rely on an unpredictable, irreplaceable, and sometimes seemingly non reciprocal relationship. Yes, it seems abusive, but trust me we’re fine.  
When sky speaks of nearby heaven, and the ground of human hands, between them rests the freshest angel. Tomorrow he has silver dollars woven through his course, unkempt mane
A mother's love  whether throughout times of sorrow,  or times of glory, is all but shallow.    A mother's love is a thunderstorm,  rumbling through a once peaceful sleep, 
A pilot thanks his plane for flying A sailor his ship for sailing My vessel is my school My brain has become my tool I'd like to thank my education For fueling my aspiration.
Hi my name is Michelle and I’m 5 years old Even tho momma and daddy not together nomoThis still my fav Christmas I spent it at daddy’s this year
We don't talk about her Her tough brown skin lingers in a corner We don't talk about it Her species can be found in cages   They don't talk about me My culture is dehumanized
She confronts me each day. She challenges me and forces me to overcome situations that I couldn’t fathom occurring. She Shapes me. She shapes me because every time she pushes me down I am motivated to get right back up.
Upon the moonlit morrow, gasps a breath, faintly growing weaker. § If only tomorrow, could pause in rue, of Death's endless eager. § Fallen at last, the soulless spirit
Like the rose garden she caters, Every part of me stems from her.   She has become my inspiration, I have grounded myself in a similar foundation.   I was an adolescent imitator,
Her roots grew through overused soil and an opaque sky. Her leaves fell off occasionally and only had a few left. She was never looked at, or picked out, not like the colorful ones around her.
many skills many thousand skills entering like hotel rooms many students stood in that room before me and will after me, as well receiving a goldmedal, then goldmedal after goldmedal
A spiral of mollusk mantle Swirls and Swirls and Swirls Beneath the surface of the Sloshing waves above.  
the bird that sings at midnight keeps me company as i search for a home looking to the sky lost in what i do not really know
I’m stuck in a box, alone and afraid. Growing smaller and smaller with each passing day. An item here and an item there, All destined to be removed and out of reach.  
Black Birds   As she flicked the rubber against her wrist her eyes linger into nature’s abyss undressing the land with her eyes
The anger of a black man  Is it controlled or does it lash out?  Is it replacing my name with bitch and hoe?  Does a black man’s anger allow him to put his hand on me until I pass out?
in the ether of the internet i found a group of strangers, strung together by randomness and fate we didn't know it then but we were connected by more than our interest in media and video games
I was told a Poet is the toughest critic.And even then I manage to find people who are very close anyway.It seems the closer I get to reality I am left to discover this place on my own.
She is the clay that molded me. A soul's travel that passed down from mother to daughter. What is bad and what is good, What depends and flows within the gray, Values embedded in DNA.
My fears are slowly fading, cascading, 
Shining; Glowing a shade of red like no other, The star shone down through the night sky. Dancing on the water And my eyes,
I remember the nightmare– No, the February afternoon– When the garden shifted for what we dream could be the last time  It was impossible to watch such a disgusting tragedy  But our eyes were clawed open
Black and White. White and Black. Black. White. Grey.   No matter what, their racism lives on much deeper than they say. Anger and hatred for no reason faster than a highway  
Paid to play the game (Subset of development)-- Processing control (To function with discipline),
Crown the King Leave him on his throne Forgotten and left out Crown the King Watch him suffer
I admire your level of maturity. Even the way you bend under pressure. You are solidified, forged in fire. You are the strongest sword. Yet, you are weak. Under the same pressure, you crack.
From cold ashes, the Phoenix rises From discarded marble, David, From clang of pipes, Symphony From rot of seed, Sequoia From acid and heat, Gold From bone-crushing pressure, Diamond
You creeped inside my mind, in one instance and over time.   I felt you in my sleep, with each breath I couldn’t keep.   You hid inside my brain, and I wore a mussel of your shame.   
She is the sun that warms the planets with her gentle rays. The belching voice of “JOVIEEEE!!” every time we meet. Her selflessness cares for me when I’m ill and always puts a smile on my face.
The clouds, white as can be. Shine with her light, glowing the way her smile used to.  The pain she suffered; God himself welcoming her into his world, through the gate of Heaven. 
My love isn't the cold, opaque sky that is gray, Nor the wet grass, veiled in the sky's tears. She's a warm, bright, summers day. The sand surrounding the piers.  
beautiful notes drifting through the halls drifting through the walls drifting through my mind drifting so that I can find   as I drift towards the end of my road
Dear Jane, I said I would write to you, so here it is. I want to say a lot of things I can't possibly fit on a page. Things I can’t think off of the top of my head right this second.
An endless train of hills Rolls sighing toward the beach; By us stook in their way Unhindered as they march   And one by one the shore They fall upon and smash,  Then into their own troughs
In hills beneath a leafy, living sea I seek elusive gems to see and name. In their own tongues, some known, some strange to me, Their anthems sound throughout their secret home.
a final water droplet, cascading down the path of a forgotten waterfall
My heart is like a locket without a key. Will I ever find the key that’s right for me? All of the searching and looking I do. I won’t ever find one to say, I love you. 
I thought you would be my best friend for the rest of my life, But moments in between the lines I felt the spark of your fire It was warm to the touch and thawed my frozen hands
Always shifting Always changing Never in their final form   A breeze sweeps in They take new shape Affected by the world around   Always growing Never waiting
“It” can be many things. Together, “they” stitched the dreams, And were all “him” in the fabrication of sleep.   “It” is also female. Alone, “she” wears and tears the tapestry.
Soy una artista dibujando un espacio en blanco No puedo retractarme de mi banco De memoria Haciendo historia Escribiendo rimas me da euforia
She is strong, But she was not born powerful, She is kind, But she grew in adversity. I call her several things Friend, teacher, caretaker,
A cloud of sadness,That covers my happiness.It does not let me see the sun's rays,It does not let me breathe,Eyes following me all the time,Songs behind my backWhich are not directed towards me
My lonely ship, Navigating the endless sea Of work, Of love, Of life. Feeling lost,
For all the raging seas, For all the turbulent forces, For all the doors that had no keys,
I am Taco Bell.   I am a diluted version of all the things Mexico has to offer.
I am Taco Bell.   I am a diluted version of all the things Mexico has to offer.
my head is constantly telling me I am scared, I am anxiety chest hurts, nervous, taking prescriptions panic attacks, pain, and other mind numbing symptoms but through and through I try to find hope
I’ve witnessed addiction yank at the roots of a family tree.I’ve listened to slurred words that stung and blared violently enough to roam as a wildfirenesting inside weak hollow trees,blazing from the inside outuntil ash is simply a remnant of its
He has a chocolate box for a heart, and an ocean for a mind, and a galaxy for a soul too sweet too deep too complex  for most
He has a chocolate box for a heart, and an ocean for a mind, and a galaxy for a soul, too sweet too deep too complex for most  
I hurtfully close my eyes, And for a moment, I wasn't there.  Hearing only quiet whimpers of hushed cries.  Taken away, By the wind that blew soft and gentle. Whispering in my ear, That I'd be okay.
We are the stars above in sky Look above and there we fly See our wings and see our eyes Our strength our courage See us fly  
Snowflakes, Moments are like snowflakes. Each and every one unique and individual. Snowflakes, much like moments and memories, are so unique that you will never, ever
i want your flames.     mesmerizing and beautiful. the smallest flicker still illuminates my mind nightly
To Ferdi Simon, You play with pens and pencils Then they play with each other Muffled talks comprise the symphonies As the lead is flowing through the paper.   Coupled with melodious poundings,
Image by Belinda Capol   I am terrified that one day I will wake up and you will be gone. it will all be a dream and she’ll be there, her hair tied up staring at a screen
I am not perfect Though I have tried to be Sometimes I still try to be There is something about being flawless that Mutes my inner voice as it pauses to bathe  In steamy ecstasy That very high
Sitting in a black hole Surrounded by own warmth A single light  That may or may not be mine A distraction An object Hundreds of objects Various different kinds  Which should I choose
As you age, you remember me As you live, you remember me As your body dies, you remember me As your mind follows, you remember me
Life can compare to that of a window sill It’s part of a bigger picture and comes in Various shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are useful others just mere eye candy. Many used to display plants and décor.
A thousand eyelids fluttering in the dim light Millions of whispers piled deep into my head
A chair can stand with only 2 legs. A mouth can be fed with only one hand. Birds can chirp, but never sing a song. We can live, but never on our own.
I close my eyes and take a step Right, left, right, left   My hand placed gently, my hip grasped My right leg traps with the other, My mind goes to rest Right left right right  
Clear skies Clouds white as paper Air is crisp flat ironed pressed Birds sing a melody Grass seems greener A breath of fresh air; breathe in With every step I take I smile  
I stare up at the height of the now lonley, very damaged, fifty-five year old wall. Her once brightly colored bricks now faded, and weathered. She and He made me, just a short 18 years ago.   
Slapped but no pain A blue awakeningan ocean of despondency a bare guardianLost and filled with love a yelling man gone and back againBut a single tear fallsand help running through the halls lasting love The difference between life and deatha chi
It's interesting to have to even consider what my Village would be, considering I am supposed to be in a village. Yet, I find myself having to define what village I am in, because the village which was assigned to me feels foreign.
Always Before the holidays My music teacher Played the piano   The song From the music man  
  This New Earth The summer harvest Has been reaped To feed our souls. The last bounty gone To the dust of leaves, Clinging to the mother branch
When I was a kidI always had this weird obsession with band-aidsThey're as close as I could get to the stickersMy parents wouldn't buy me
Blue magic more blond then bleached, a little tarnesed slightly bent out of shape with sheep, unbarable stench meldoing cum stained sheets, wasnt me as he is so to speak, unprovoked dismanteld damenesing regaining adbominal not standing on my own
Lost in a dream of who I used to be Shuddering to think of what they see   Adrift in the ocean drowning in shame As waves of sorrow silence my name   My soul weathered by the guilty air
You have not known how many years I've waited for this, For you maybe, yes you can say that. Or maybe the feeling you light up inside of me.
"Try it again, just slower this time." His patience never ceases to astound me. I squeak through high notes, I push through low notes. He's still here. Voices in my head scream that he is only a mirage,
You went and fought overseas You came home and did the same It was me you taught It was you that hid the pain Beyond the bounds of space-time Below the dark blue seas
I'm small. Too small to make an impact, almost unseen. The sun beats me with her relentless beams of heat. The ground beneath me boiling I do my best, work hard against the worlds fever.
I’ve only got one Most have two, Or sometimes even three   I used to have two Until one left   I was hurt when the split came
Motif of War: I got drafted. My number was called with the pull of a trigger. My number: 09/29/2017  
What do we believe is in the sea?  How can you believe there’s nothing more to see?   A blue so deep no light seeps through    I wish I could see that part too.
Jihadi (Islam): One who fights against the evils in himself to purify his soul. Jihadi (Media outlets): One who kills innocents in the name of religion and God.  
On a cold, dreary night That frightened the dead I found you, black rose In a garden of red   You were never perfect With many a thorn
I feel like I’m drowning, Suffocating under waves that never relent. When I finally get my head above the water its only for a few moments before another waves comes and once again I'm dragged down under.
I have locked myself in a burning house and refused to let you in I lit the match of temptation and let the sin engulf your beautiful place for me The shame fills my lungs and I cry because I know death is near
Past: A girl. Afraid. Terrified of her own self, Because it had become the unknown.
In empty space, we’re forced to roam The vessel’s engine a high pitched shrill In search of that which resembles home   As complex as the human genome
My most feared tormentor, that hushed sentry Guarded in its webbed domain, transfixed by its prey, Whether it be me or a sly housefly grappling against its threaded prison.  
    I am born on March 17, making me a Pices But I don’t like pet fish I’m 5 foot 2, making me the tallest girl in my family
When my whole life gets turned upside down you are the one that i turn to  the one that i think i can handle You have been in and out of my life for awhile
  I remember the smell of nicotine and tobacco,   of yellowed tar-filled teeth, that   always wafted from your face,   whenever you came to visit me
Her long flattery tongue, nuisating beauty oozing out like the village spring, Her complexion brilliant, as the full moon alight and winning even at noon.
Hello, old friend, it seems like your back again I thought i got rid of you I guess i was wrong You were gone for a year and a half  Then one day you jumped right on my back I haven't thought of you in a while
Oceans boats sailed into coastal of the mist. All soul disappeared just for seconds. I think of the pride of the goodies, you snicker(ing) the hunger like commercials. All calls no dials she in control of the pain like joy(riding).
The air is so thick that it sticks to my lungs But I keep walking anyway because I want to get home Sweat is dripping down my scalp into my eyes I wipe it away with the heel of my hand  
what is a freak? one who lives to the strangest peaks the ones who we secretly seek those whom show their scars those we admire from afar they are the truest stars
i was missing something. Something. promised Something. true Something. that was lost i was missing something. Something. sacred Scarcely seen. Something. that tears away stone and was acres away from me.
  I am from an Afrobeat/blues//folk/soulfunk/reggaeton mixtape that spins into the wee hours of the morning I am from a Nigerian town where the small village meets the big city
Hey My “Best Friend,”   I just wanted to check up in you, because I haven’t done so in a while…
Underwater.   The waves pulled me in, that's all I could remember.   Not the joys that came before the typhoon swept me off my feet, and somehow at the same time,  brought my world down as well.
I took a poetry class for the first time when I was 21 in my last year of college.   And it felt like the first time I swam when I was seven on the last day of swim class.  
Jeffrey B. Johnkins 7/11/2018   The Teacher Named Poem   Mr poem is speech and song.
It was the words. It was the words that got her through the nights when she felt alone. The pen being her mind, and the paper being the field in which her imagination could roam. It was the words. 
Smile. Even though you're tired. Cry. Because you're happy. Wince. If you're not the one hurt. Scowl. But it could be a joke. Sometimes time just disappears. Sometimes it decides to move a little faster.
Golden brown leaves rustled across the ground Leaves rose and fell with the wind The sun was yellowish gold, The hot bright sun peeked through tree tops Rays of light casted shapes of all kind on the ground
Poems are looking glasses in our world A way to express what we never say.  The unexpressed on paper come unfurled,  Secrets then hidden, now seen fly away.  A view not of nature but of the heart,
When I was young Poetry was fun! Rhyming was a game; Dr. Seuss is to blame. Creativity brought new words along and expression grew by song.   But although it was my favorite literary style,
i feel like all i am is smudged eyeliner and 99/100’s steamed mirrors and the smell of stale, unwashed laundry are the things people associate with me
Brick by brick, And stone by stone A tower grows - I built alone.   It took me days, Or months, or years -
Coming from another poem Onto this page My mind has been opened Praying for my heart to comprehend but then,
As I awoke and sat up in a room with only bare white walls, I thought I was all alone Until I turned to scan the space and Poetry was standing in the corner Watching, waiting.
My English class taught me well.The walls begin to close in,But "Oh," the teacher says,"It doesn't have to be that way.Think beyond the literal."She's right.
Individualized with status and personality, People are nonetheless the same. Religious beliefs, race, and anatomy— All flow in a similar vein.  
Poetry? Teach ME?   What are you anyway? Something to be shelved In a toddler’s sticky nursery In a dusty nook of some academic room In the mouths and minds of the passionate  
tonight i put down the razor and picked up a ballpoint pen i learned to etch my pain onto paper instead of engraving the words into my skin i will write in letters of black ink
Knowledge is the way out, Going day by day wondering how you will escape Patiently waiting on that one date Where everything is just the way that you want it to be But the lack on knowledge is a factor
A park A girl A ball rolls out of reach   A man An arm That’s long enough to snatch   A van
A quiet scene, a hushed voice Abandoned rooms and broken toys A silence more deafening than the noise Of the bomb dropped or a gun shot A life that died and has been left to rot
Her silver threads now browned through flowers. 6 feet under and I'm still here, aged but not silvered.
Poetry is a lighthouse lighting the way to purpose, guiding sailors to meaning, shining a beacon of thought.   Poetry is a birdhouse in a forest, like a capsule filled with twigs from the floor
See life was great before your presence, I’d sit up all night enjoying the cool winter breeze,  consuming every positive vibration the earth had to offer.  I’d kick my feet up 
Let me tell you a story  about a person that is old. His age has gone up high but in his mind, it's low.   Born as the only son in a family of four. There's only one person
I’ve been writing this poem for a month,  I don’t know how to tell you what  This has done for me without also sounding Out of breath,  But last week, I wrote 3 poems and not one of them 
As my fingers play a waltz with paper and pencil Mind and thought collide into a form of unplayed rhythm In a cantabile like form of expression Of simple thoughts
This, this is poetry, the abstract sitting beside me, like a long lost friend exchanging thoughtful memories while Discarded thoughts of tomorrow sit like old men, forgetting themselves over the horizon remaining just beyond the water's edge remin
Picture me as a twisted string Coiled and troubled by many contradictions this world brings Suffered with defeat by my disability
I am hidden in the lines of my poems Read them deeply, frequently, and you will learn more about me than you ever will want to
Poems are pictures, They show you who you are and, Who you used to be.
I always seem to findmyself here. These cement blocks,jutting out of the dirt likemoss-covered stepping stones.They lead the way and beckon me witha brittle finger. But you are nothere.
By: Isabella Gates    On: 07/06/2018
I am a dandelion on a warm summer’s day.>Children call me a flower and make wishes as they play,but as they grow, I’m no longer friend.Im a weed, I’m a nuisance, I’m a means to an end. Gardeners tell them I’m bad for their lawn,their neighbors
Free to be? Who? Me? I hide under this umbrella, ignoring the rain. We all have one. We've all done it. Only my pen acknowledges the cold and gusting wind. It does not judge,
When the music ends and the voices fade When all lights burn out in your faith charade There's a truth that wakes your soul to life And a passion in your heart ignites. They'll never truly know my pain
The washerwoman turns to me and asks,“Did you hear about Damalis?”Our hands dip into the cool river waters,Cold linen draped along our slipping skin.
Hazel eyes staring back through the thin glass of her reflection as she glances at her features; knotty brown hair curling at the ends, creating false little smiles framing her cheeks, listless eyes finding every imperfection and criticizing every
You are a galaxy. A collection of beautiful fragments that shine.   You are a galaxy. The planets that orbit your mind are home to brilliance.  
Poetry is the essence of ones mind,  it is the whispers of the soul. Poems speaks words so loud, you can feel the raw emotion. The words awaken my spirit  that affects my mind, my body and my soul.
A fish radiating off the moon Like the summer's light. Blazing hot as day on the coldest night. Blended in with the ocean blue. Picture perfect, what a view. Only one of its kind yet was considered stupid.
I’ve fallen Into a cage too beautiful to leave The very object that withholds from who till recently was free Is the reason I wish to succeed I’ve fallen Into a remarkably unchallenging reality
Ever falling darkness Turns white snow to black. The shade of onyx Which lights lack. Pull me ever deeper Into the sweet abyss. Your suffocating embrace I welcome with bliss.
After a long timeI met with herShe is my best friendShe is so beautiful She looks like beautiful Her mind is very beautiful When I look at her face, thenI find peace and tranquility 
You try too hard To be creative And you want to break out of The infamous writer's block, But the only thing you're breaking Is the lead of your pencil And the bones of your fingers
The love that you get from your parents.  That's all a lie.  The dreams that you're fed from them. That's all a lie.  They always say that your parents are the only ones that can give you a special love. 
Red is love. It is the blazing sky from the setting sun. Red is the coldest color.
Poetry is an art with which I can turn pain into beauty  and messes into wonders   Poetry is my comfort A safe place where I can vent  and never feel judged or misunderstood  
  Poetry is my heart Its the lantern that lights the way Its the ocean that parts when I walk Its the hands that  sweep me off my feet
Why can I never find words on my tongue? They lay curled up in my palms instead, leaking into the ink of pens or clutched in fists like painkillers or sleeping pills.   The voice in my head constructed
it's a funny feeling havinga place where you don't hidewhere wordsthey droplike waterfalls;where rules do not abide  
How can I describe my stay?I thought am here to stay,I thought I got no house rent to pay,Despite been in the wilderness,I feel on top of the world sometimes. How can I describe my stay in the wilderness?Even when mast Gen goes off,And no network
The Cop I want at Pride Sees the law as a growers guide To a garden of a community Written by amateurs Who only slightly know what they’re doing  
I write poetry So the tick tick tick Tock will stop being Stuck in my brain   Around and around I go
Statue Pure and white Immortal in her fright Carved by a man Defiled by one too The horror of a woman Is multiplied when considering  His manipulation
I look into your eyes and cannot begin to explain the deep passion that burns in my heart for you. I devote my every waking moment to you, for I live to 
There's a break--a bright day near Remain open, don't shut your eyes It seems far; the light tries to run One day we'll catch This journey is far from over\  
Life is not easy. How long does it take for us to realize this? It took me...a long time. In life, we all fall at some point. Some of us get ourselves up.
Between the lines I see light But any type of light it's the kind of light That you would want to touch That you can imagine what it would be like to be in that area
The Silence is grueling. I want to speak, But no words reach my lips. And when they do, I wonder, Can you hear me?   I see the world Thinking like machines. I want to tell them to stop
Headphones soon became my ONLY friend, the ONLY thing I could depend on that would NOT betray me.
It's been a long time since I've written anything, but I have the biggest crush so... there's that.       I'm sending you a Party invitation I hope you'll respond
Bloodshot eyes Clear despite the rain Breaths as silent as they are translucent Dark circles
The Lord said, "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
Words climb against my larynx and punch at my mouth, but I screw my lips shut and force myself to swallow this alphabet lump in my throat. Thousands of letters and punctuation marks
  I first witnessed changes from my body that would make history but as my life moved on so quickly i became a legend of mystery the strange phenomon in me went in circles several times around
Breakbeat poets speak in broken English, behind a facade of wholeness The Breakbeat Poet delivers the news of the death of black babies,
Tulips, The color of sweetened cream. Delicate, like the whisper, Lulling you into dreams.    Burning crimson, Cutting through chilled air, Precise on a frozen branch,
I have learned to read between the lines, to hear  what you have to say.
You accept the love you think you deserve. And you do not deserve that- Not that.   I understand. Only  a deeply damaged soul
Where do I begin? How do you tell a tale so weathered yet so fresh? So foreign yet familiar. Your palm that once warmed my thin fingers
These poems are a forest, Surrounding me with comfort.
I wake up to the scene of this reoccurring dream where I turn on the news and a person shoots another for some booze, weed or new shoes.
Like I drug I was addicted I couldn't see that you were vindictive Using me to get back at her Shattering my fragile heart like a mirror Freezing over from the coldness of your heart
Soft fires overtake the trees when they walk. They scorch the lands and burn the animals that stumble in front of them. Their cruel hands abused by the very power that leaks from them.
I have become very formeler with a rope. A thick rope that some how, one way or anther has formed knot.  It wraps aroud this indescribable shapless place inside of me, not my heart but almost.
A snowfalke drifts down And falls upon my nose Only here for a moment And then it goes   What a life! Drifting about in the breeze No worries Why, a life with such ease!  
Though so hush, communication through a green light is so sweet so soothing. Its switch from green to red so swift and powerful We cry for its return. Telling the ones who wait on its
A poem isn't just some artistic words on a white line. A poem isn't just an approach. A poem is healing and warm.  It's a pat on the back. It's creativity.
I yank the cord and the growling begins A puff of smoke and the metal starts to spin The green soldiers start to charge it And are cut, chewed, and spit out of it
I yank the cord and the growling begins A puff of smoke and the metal starts to spin The green soldiers start to charge it And are cut, chewed, and spit out of it
Remember that monster under my bed, Claws like a lion and six eyes on its head. That old monster creeping beneath me Always making me shout for my dad to go see. That monster who never did one bad thing to me,
Paint the web With silly string colors And make your words dance all over them. In this high strung, imaginary world We spin ourselves into the frenzy; Get all tangled up together.
I tiptoed on the patio to keep my feet warm I unfolded my book and began to read Just as I spotted a red leaf in the tree It's a metaphor, you see That one little leaf I tucked my knees into my chest
A soldier out of time a man who commits no crimes  take away everything he stands for  you'll wish you hadn't  because by then you're done for  The shield  the uniform 
I, in the current state, is not a stateThat nobody wants.My past state, is alsoA state nobody wants.I, in the past,Was like a jesterIn the king’s court.Some memories die,While some don’t.
His feelings were suppressed He had no love in his chest Anger was his best friend And he vowed to protect him till the end Crying is for sissies And little missies Stand up tall when you so speak
The mind is a battlefield A realm of chaos Thoughts fighting for dominance To be discovered and elaborated upon Fragments
Personally, combining thesaurus with meter with soul Offers satisfaction of expression and communication and release— Emptying an ever-filling well-spring by waxing eloquent—
The words written across the page Regardless of their age They come with a hidden meaning One to help us understand the reasoning Behind every occurrence and occasion  
I’m living life in a river bed -- The path was drawn before I was born. The world is so loud and full of life, But silence cannot be hidden here.   I’m living life in a river bed --
Poetry has taught me that the more I put on my page, The less chaos I have in my brain, There’s a class of 900-some-odd kindergarteners-who each ate a sheet
How many more need to die? I wonder why. I wonder how many families cry because The till is filled, but even still One bullet, two kills.
  Locked-up in my own subconscious Second guessing every thought, Every step is expected to be a mistake.   Worried about the opinions of others I destroy any chances of being an individual.
Jewels lie upon me everywhere, uneasy life has deteriorated I seek answers mind in delirium for what jewels i may discover somewhere  the days,months, years to come i only seek prancer to carry me a way to wanderlust.
We live in a world where violence is the answer. That's how states and empires were built. amd also how they fell. Although it is often looked down upon, it is always resulted to,
when they say to the moon and back   i've always thought of it as a straight line   but do you remember that when Apollo 8 did go to the moon and back  
Tonight I fall asleep and enter a state of peace. As I sleep tonight; you surround me with love and peace. My dreams are very claming and vivid.   I love your eyes, face, and smile.
flowers need more than water to grow maybe that’s why I run away at the sight of them blooming I can’t even remember to water them once a day how can I sustain them for years?  
Grab the pack of razor blades Licking neapolitan Watch it swirl down the drain Laugh as it sticks to your lips   Every pill in the house
I gave my shoulders to lean backfor people who feel sad.I give a smile when there is no warmth in this world.
Learning to love yourself is a journey-- mind sways from happiness-- to laying on a gurney-- needing an attorney to defend against the prosecutions of life-- devil sending destruction with little strife-- cuz every milestone you make-- another set
Am I thy most steadfast mirror image? Thou art more real and true to the touch. From thy personality I pillage; On thy existence, I rely too much.  
Ink on the Skin, White like Paper. I am my writing, The corners taper. My poems I read, Then soon become. Sharing the thoughts, I'm trying to overcome. These words I write, Share a story.
I love you! And I don’t know how to tell you that I love you Is the problem that we’re having here The thing is you don’t even realize How much I love you And you won’t unless I make you realize
I would say I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, But sometimes, it’s more like I’m stuck between a rock and the ground. I’m pinned in place, and I can’t move.
I don't want to be awake right now because all I see is him. I can't close me eyes because his face is etched into the back off my eyelids. I can't think because all of my thoughts are of him.
The strings sing as the bow slides against them, Most don’t believe in the magical words, the music is What they don’t  understand It’s your only escape to runaway from the world,
The golden snow fell lazily, you were slumped, absorbed in the blue and grey of the desk even though the blinds let the sun creep in, and exposed your pristine marble features. I could have reached out a hand, could have slipped beneath your concl
The piercing of the gunshot and the race between my heart and mind is on And just like the pounding of running feet on the pavement, my heart is racing But it is the only thing I can hear
Scarlet feathers soar through the clouds, by the mating of lead and flesh. Leading the future to arise, To walk upon their paths in pride. Tis' their destiny to commit, the march that others feared and quit.
My pain is unforgivable, He haunts my most loving and  purest memories.    He sneaks up on me when I least expect him to.
I am a civil war Brain fighting body  Hands shaking heart palpitations  My brain laughs  "Signs of defeat" It says.
The forest is calling, And I know I must answer. Its power, strength, and fortitude Is what feeds me, soothes my craving.   I'm getting weak at the knees, Bending before its will. It devours me,
I know... That this is something we don't like to hear. But the way we survived has made only one thing clear. We hate to be betrayed... But we never own up to the truth.  
To see the world as a series of comparisons Grass like a bent straw Sky, the color of the walls of my room To see the walls and see only the candy coating Of childhood Easter Hunting for candy with my sister
Please fill my lungs up with sealing wax Archaic artifice is familiar; let this be how I die I could not live with myself In these twisted refractions    I could not go on
Aside mother
What am I to do When the guns come marching by In their hollow faces and rickety skin
I touch the sky, higher than the clouds,   When my eye, hand and mind play together, when my energy gives life to a shiny planet which rolls, unleashed, across a green silk sky
You are my moon, Full of song and sound. You whisper sweet and soft, When I'm crumbled on the ground.   You are my moon, You light the way for me. With your bright face,
I planted my legacy inside of you. A tiny pebble of a seed, brittle and bitter from a lifetime of storms. I buried it deep in your soul.
It takes two. co-exsist. is for animals. Law .. We are humans we already co exsist. We need to learn how to be the word we speak. Meaning become one . but takes two to make one then why we except that it takes one now for one. If two made one..
What do I call it? A hobby, a passion?  I don't love it yet it rules my fashion. I cannot endorse it, but it guides my life. It clouds my judgment, in my mind it is strife.
They gave me a nametag and a uniform I count coins and wonder "who will be hungry today?" Sausage-like fingers grip thick wads of bills and sticky cards I tap on the screen and say "seventeen dollars"
the best part of the norovirus is that while it robs you of your breath, leaves you sweat-shaking with hot chills in bed it also steals your appetite finally, to be empty by no willpower of my own
Your pale skin glistens in the light --- almost white from the glare of the beaming down sun. The curve in your spine, barely there yet the first thing I notice, carries the centuries of neglect he has bestowed upon you. 
 My grandmother used to have a man , I don't know him too well, all I know is that he got deported a long time ago,my grandfather....but she found a new husband tho She meet him around the block in Queens, beside  a poor kid in the projects,the gr
I miss him, him, her, them. I have lost myself mentally, Giving to everyone. It's easier than facing my mistakes. Giving to others is more rewarding than, Giving to myself.
my legs feel frail again  (oh am i wilting?) i don’t know if i’ve skipped to the end or rewound to the beginning  unsteady i betray myself almost done, can’t sway not this time  this time 
No time for intimate introductions, I simply have no name. I am a busted lip, a bruised back bone, a scraped knee.
I'm not the norm, I'll never conform, My life's a hail storm, And I'm socially deformed. Unrefined, Unreformed, I'm not the norm, And I'll never conform.
Do you truly understand what it means to be locked away? You see all my life, I have been stuck without even realizing it
Push      the cheese through the              grater rather   than      shredding it back                       and forth like you always do. Just jam it through               the grater
My therapist once asked me what I thought when I heard the word “beautiful” I cringed and sank back into my seat and uttered one simple word - disgust
Burning You Sometimes, I want to just light you up, Burn you in your sleep. Burn you while you’re awake. It would be easy. I'd warm my heart with your flames.
My AC is broke I ain’t got no hope ‘Cus when it’s broke I get soaked And my sweat’s just gross It’s all sticky and icky
The yells echoing from the very thin walls of our house. The scream of a frightened child as she watched her father kick what seems like the only thing she had left from her mom. The mom who she hasn’t seen in months.
The sky doors opened for her wings, but flying wasn't a learned thing. The birds moved to watch her bring hope, love, faith, and joy,
Lust is a strength unlike any other Causing grief and agony in its wakeIt trembles across your fingertipsAs you type a message
They see me from the exterior Talking about all my flaws and paranoia While decay takes over the interior Ripping me shreds to shreds. My mind fades Until nothingness became a reality. My sight faded.
I'm 17 years old with CPThere's nobody else that can be meTo fight all I have to do is believeI've had my soul under lock and key
They say some things never change I follow that comment it’s like my mantra Legs aren’t the same length But day by day I get smarter  
“The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.” -Cherry Wine, Hozier   The wine-red honey courses through her elastic veins as it had for years and years,
You don’t understand that when I say “It was hard for me to get out of bed today,” it was because I had to peel myself
There are times where I would love to start over. Times I want to forget my name and times I wish I could just say forget all this and disappear.
Well, my crazy heart may be the death of me later on. Like it had been for my mom. We both have gambling hearts that throw the die at every shot at the jackpot called happiness.
i am not looking for short termi am looking to be a perennialwhere we bloom onceand then again and againi am looking for forever gr
Flashback and I’m off to the races driving so fast laying on the pavement The road so clear falling from graces and I die waiting on your greatness
All who attempt to Behold the wondrous works Of the ancient wielders of pathos Are to wait until eternal rest comes upon them
I'm paralyzed.Stuck in these feelingsstuck in my head.It's too late for treatment,I'm already dead.I'v
She's not a snowflake Like the rest of us. She is the cloud. And she is disappearing As the rest of us fly Down to safety.
A boy began to learn how to mime at age two His parents bought him a striped shirt Told him to go make money on the corner of 1st avenue and 65th street In front of the drug store
In the world of a cultural salad, I am not American nor Guatemalan I do not engage in my family's culture I do not speak perfect Spanish yet I learned it first I do not resemble that of my family 
Kepada 25 Februari — entah pada hari apa engkau akan jatuh, lindungi ia sewaktu merasa rapuh, tempatkan tubuhnya dalam pelukmu kala tiada tempat berteduh, dan mengeluh, cintai segala kurang, juga lemahnya
Swallow these pills you’ll feel better Prozac, zoloft, seroquel, hydroxyzine, pills pills pills Take it, swallow it with your saliva and let it dissolve in your stomach acid
"I can’t do homework.Now, you probably think I’m wrong, right? You want to make right this wrong in my mind that makes me say… “can’t”. Can’t do this Can’t do that
Just because a boy sees you without your clothes on doesn't mean he's seen you naked.
do those See thing rOcks hurt yo urarm             oredhiDE outin theb aKing sun? care ( your soft belly might get) ful (hurt)so pleasedontdie   from God
To my best friend, 
Dear girl next door,    The fog rushed past my open window  revealing an endless sky showcasing its infinite beauty,  with delicate cotton clouds floating apart  for the silent peach sun.   
I don't remember when you showed up in my life. You're the companion I never wished for, A thick silence that sucks away the flame of my soul.   A vacuum of grey is left in its place, not bad, not good.
I vigorously wash the dirty pan with all my talent and ambition. I see my pan still disgusting after hours of scrubbing and giving my best.
to you, who loved me without love:   it has been so long. three years ago You were everything. had not touched me yet
Just as I begin my day, I notice a flower. Around the local cafe, Its beauty seems to overpower. Something about it, I just can't turn away. Months go by, and I learn it's soon to go away.
I still remember what you did, The continuous pain of loving you.  You never understood me, you open lid. The lid of a jar to satisfy loneliness I felt too. But I still hung on for ages
Dear Past Self, Thank you for showing me how hate is a double edged sword, Threading each of my veins every time I take a breath, So that I now may feel love,
I am a boat Guided by the great light My beloved captain I tote Sailing into stormy night My sails fill with wind My hull lurches fowards I felt the bend Before the break in my boards
Dear Memories,             Remember when we use to write? We created a blog under a pseudonym and would hash out story after story, Tragically romantic,
Dear My Beloved Copy, I cannot recall the day that you came into my life that well anymore (I guess I am a bad mother) But I can remember is the complete euphoria of cracking your spine for the first time
Dear Grey, The stormy clouds, The people you enshroud To the color of a dull and blunt blade   You are the dusk, The color of dust You are the rocks on the bottom of a rough river, 
Dear Brother and Sister,   I remain an explorer, full of optimism Left to walk among the deserted lands and feral nights
Dear Mom, You always said to fight for what you believe in Fight like the Sun fights the Moon Though the Moon may shed dim light upon the night-enveloped Earth
We are all going nowhere from nowhere   Snow outlined the branches of the trees that shattered the sky Fragmented clouds January come and gone
Dear Abusers,   a being filled with aspirations, innocence, the will to live. I wiped the dirt off, used a bandage, tried to minimize the damage,  but this wasn't a scrape, more like a scar,
Dear child, here's to us,   Do you see it? Feel it? Hear it? Smell it? Sense it?   Take a moment.
They were only friends, that's what they would profess. Experiences together changed for the better, considering an attempt that had the strength of a feather. There was a spark between them that was like magic,
Dear Past Self,    I know you don't believe them when they say,  Don't you worry now, it won't always be so grey.  Yet here you are, so stressed you can hardly think. 
I shall have a love that cannot be found Like a single rose roasting in the sun Never had I thought that I would be bound By the things that made me feel emotion  
Love is a ball of twine wrapped tightly around the hearts of lovers, binding them in a mutual dance of passion.
Dear Mr. Toscano,   What be better joy Than to form a gaming club To make a school hub     Collin Brown
You see these stuttering texts Sent from a heart to a desktop And question the ideals you read before About a solitary departure.  
Dear Anxiety,   Thanks to you, my friends, Will to Live and Love, have left my  Heart.  I try to reason with you, trying to get you to Stop.  
I, a deer in blinding headlights. Whirring wheels screech against the asphalt. Demanding movement but provoking frozen fear.  
Dear my almost lover,  One day when I hear your name it won't ache. One day when I might hear your laugh I won't go running. One day when I might see you I won't go chasing after you.
  last summer, the slant of sun scorching the sky an orthodox jewish man i can’t say his name stabs six people at jerusalem pride parade  
I roam through the most chaotic plains of the savanna I call high school But these Pridelands are nothing like the one we all grew up on For there is nothing cute or cuddly about this Circle of Life
she came into my life the most electric lightning bolt nothing delicate like a squash blossom or an english daisy do you feel that
Little girl, With your feet on The ground and eyes pointed toward the sky, Never forget these moments.
Dear Mr. Berkovitch, Hello. Good day. Is my grammar alright thus far? My writing has all the correct punctuations? With all the correct tenses and verbs?  
Dear Adventurer,    As you reach the Forests, The greatest challenges await Tests of your true self And desire to adhere to the path.   The trees' darkness emanates with pressure
Dear Solid Organism,   Your soul is showered with pain.   It’s garden and store with ancient words that are ruthless and demeaning.  
Step in the circle, swallowed by the cage. My stance; legs staggered, knees bent, swinging arms; as I twist in an elegant, calm rage. Swiftly spin, swirl, and surrend the disc charm.
I used to be so loud. My emotions have always spoken volumes, But now, I am silenced. My words were tranquilized, Put to sleep. My emotions are now dormant, Quiet as a mouse.
Why can't you just be happy? My brain is hardwired for sadness You look tired. Are you sleeping? Sometimes. It's hard to fall asleep Why is it so hard to fall asleep?
To the past young lost me: I’m sorry you’re suffering Alone, sad, confused Sharp reality cutting from the “friends” that sneered and oppressed you Red spilling from being torn by it
To my mother, endearingly:
Dear My Star ,   I am blind and cannot see For who I am I cannot see   When I close shutter The horizon expand
Five baby birds, alone in a nest. Friends due to birth and location. Five baby birds, hormones and hatred manifest, With any contact leaning towards altercation.  
Dear rose,   A hero that carries us all— Willing to caress us with a tender heart. Your sweet embrace is what holds lost pieces together.                 The Valley of the Rose.  
Dear Mom,
Dear old friend, In despair and gloom your golden figure emerges into light, Illuminating the darkness with its glowing presence. Like the sun bleeding through the clouds on a dark day,
Febuary 1, 2002 Dear Future Me,                                                                                                                                                     Your life is a fork in the road
Dear Insecurities, I am not and will never be perfect,Stop trying to make me into one. I do not need to cake on makeup to feel beautiful,I was born naturally precious.
Dear Great-nephew,
Dear Alexander Hamilton, How does it feel to be viewd as a Hero that changed the World? How do you feel about being the "bastard, orphan, son of a whore" that has changed people's lives because of what you've done
To my ex-best friend That tells everyone she doesn’t know what she did wrong; You built your confidence by standing on top of me,  Knowing that I wasn’t strong -- 
Looking at the ocean & it's full with tears  The wind is blowing & my feelings are near The birds are flying leaving me next to you
To the monster in the room,   Everywhere I go, I see you, I here you, I feel you. I walk into school,
Dear, you( I mean me), Do you know the synonyms for consistency, Do you feel the warmth of  tradition or smell home coupled with the thought of peace,
I still remember, Nora, the first time you stood In front of me, trying to figure out the little tufts Of hair on your brow, On your arm, On your leg, On your pit, On your head, On your lip.
dear precious and dexterous,   the house in the hills of cinque terre, is resplendent in its alluring wealth. it is orange,
Dear ex-boyfriend,  
  Dear Father,   Dependent on chance are my regards Every event while unremarkable alone was remarkable in odds A minority in minorities made by circumstances
I still remember my birth Out of the womb and into the light With wing soaring through the Earth Looking up into the night With curious eyes in the stars   The journey begins with hope
Dear Anonymous,   Is your mind an escape route? Or the devil's labyrinth?   There could be a wide open field stretching for miles, Or an enclosed room with no way out - shrinking every second.
Dear Jessica,    What does a man feel like? Is he soft like trampled moss? Or scratchy like peeled back bark? Does his smile warm your heart?
Dear Jessica,    What does a man feel like? Is he soft like trampled moss? Or scratchy like peeled back bark? Does his smile warm your heart?
Her's is a story of a man that exchanged his love for fame. He lost his mind and soul while in pursuit of the game. 
Dear Anxiety, We have grown so close one could say we’re friends. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for being the impending storm
Dear darned pedestal,   Luck is on your side, you know? You get to hold her hand while I can just smell her old scarf. You get to hear her warm whispers while I mourn looking at her eyes.
Dear Rose, I wonder who you will be Whether I will find you in a library Or a classroom Or online I wonder whether I will approach you then
Dear: Mooneyes I’m not head-over-heels for you anymore In fact, my sperrys have gotten stuck in the mud And the color, cerulean blue,
Skin Unblemished, pure, soft Rubs against the soft touch of new life Undamaged, forgiving and at peace  Skin Scrapes and bruises  Healed by grace and care 
You are the freedom You are the lifted weight You are the big blue sky, but the rock on the ground   Although, you are not the pebble on the shore Or the claustrophobic tress
It’s just a silly little game; Like chess. We’ll move, then they’ll move. We’ll dance in circles until one of us gets too dizzy to continue. The last pawn will eventually fall.
To you, the struggling rainbow after each dark storm. To you, my gorgeous warrior, my faithful sun. Do not stop fighting, but if you must, do not let yourself be silenced.
God please forgive me for i  cannot see what others see in me Everyone sees such a bright future for me However every time i look to the future i feel lost at sea i can't see a guiding boat  
Dear "oh so worried" person,  You're asking for a greater city but why won't anyone step up to the plate to fulfill these youngin's wishes. push them with ambition and put aside their ignorance.
Dear Younger Me,   If I could go back and change things I might, to undo the wrongs and make them right. But that's the thing, the very falslihood I used to believe,
Dear future husband, How I long to find you whose heart is meant to compliment mine who will one day learn  every nuance  of my soul   I cant wait to fall in love  with all you are
To the guts of a tender soul,  
Ode To Lewis:   Lovely cards of life Define her future They spoke with their eyes Minds gleaming and newer Carnival prize,
Dancing in the sunlight, no one could tear us apart. Holding hands forever,  you held my heart.   Dancing in the sunlight, we were forever friends. But in that hot, hot summer,
Dear Ex   Love is an illusion of lust combined with a drug addiction, Finding pure happiness is nothing but a tall tale fiction, Vanished without closure I'm not ready for it to be over,
Dear Antagonist, In a regular story, the villain is plainly, obviously, evil. There was no doubt. However, while reading my own story, you had me for a fool.
Dear Amy, I'm Shy afraid of what can happen scared to say something to accidentally show to much of my feelings but then again, just looking and thinking of what could be won’t do the trick
dear brain, the thing is, we’re screwed. the thing is, we’re at the end of the line.
Dear and belovèd bubble tea And your obsidian pearls, black and buttery, You've oft bequeathèd unto me Foamy frigates upon percolating green seas. Rich jade befogs a balmy troupe
Dearest, I cannot wait any longer To put this sheet of silver Between your two cells of white - Through it like threading a needle   My dearest, It is killing me,
Dear School Board,   You threaten me with your words With your long sentences of gibberish and peanut butter
To the fathers of the laws that sought to chain the night, Harken to my heavy words  There he goes a flappin' like vultureStealing our ways, and feedin' on cultureBlack culture that is!
Nothing lasts forever. Not a relationship nor a friendship. All the lies and story were killing one by one. It was like I was a mirror that lose all it's pieces.
Shaky breathing, heartbeat pounding, tears forming. Speeches are the contests for which they demonstrate their strengths, heard ‘round the world.
i guess i’m a book and i am used to ripping out pages for people to readthis goes out to those who were worth sentencesand those who became phrasesthose who were turned into words
 To No-Name, Dearest No-Name, I've missed talking to you like this. The connection we have goes so much deeper and well beyond words.
Dear Boundless Lament of Remorse and Regret,   My feelings of sorrow are something that will only get more bittersweet with age. Like a fine wine or display china, the quality and pricelessness due to the rarity, 
I was a temple. A garden of life. My walls were strong and I was humanized. I had tourists of awe who would come to see me, but they never were allowed to be too close, only to view me.
One day you will wake in the middle of the night. Believing that you hear the melody of my voice, and wake with a fright. But realizing what you heard was only a sweet sweet dream. You will softly sob, and shed enough tears to overflow a stream.
Dear Life, I never know what lessons you withhold, But I was always taught to face you and be bold.
Dear Time, I fear you. The belief I had in myself disappears as you pass by,  as you stare me down into submission, accepting my hard hands and tired eyes. 
My Nikes are special They aren’t like any other pair of shoes I’ve ever owned They come from a place far far away It was either the beginning of August, or the end of May
I risk my life to protect you, but you do nothing for me. So as I lay here dying I ask for one thing. let me hear your beautiful voice and sing me one last song.
someday a boy will break your heart in two consider this a forewarning to you   his eyes brilliant baby blue will consume you entirely
January 29, 2018     Dear all those who love me,   It sits there menacingly, waiting It’s come back around, and it’s ready for a fight I’ve prepared my armor…my guns
The first time our lips touched I inhaled your sweet breath Youre my air, my atmosphere I could never forget Nothing but love Hapiness In that moment I still smell you on my jacket
You are me; The me that I can't leave. The air that fills my lungs, And exists all around. You are the blood that flows through my veins; My life. You are the sun in my solar system,
The sky was still, the moon was shining. Suddenly there was a loud cry of  joy and  jubilation, And on the other side, there was a cry of a baby.
Dear, Annie Every morning another dark day, until you. Every day grey and blank, until you. Every time the outside looks brighter. Every look makes me shutter. You are everything to me.
I'm living life as if a dying tree. I find myself corroding with the days. A rot inside that nobody can see.   My instincts are no longer trustworthy. Suppose that is why caring sometimes pays.
dear the one who feels like home   when we were together you looked straight into my ocean of a heart and relieved me of some of its weight some of its noise  
to You--   if You look out onto that manhattan skyline and You imagined that You You were God, gliding
to You--   if You look out onto that manhattan skyline and You imagined that You You were God, gliding
The great  She walks gracefully With pride, so effortless Not a care in the world Nary a soul can stop her  She can take over the world with her mind Confidence runs through her 
Dear Heroin Epidemic,   The lives being claimed, are ever climbing At once just a few, now overwhelming. Not just friends, not just family,
Dear Depression,
The Letter to Nothing   Dear Nothing, I regret to inform you that you are what I am feeling, You visit me every night and fill me with emptiness.
Oh dear,   I’m having a little trouble remembering Who I wish to forget. In that case, to whom it may concern, I no longer wish to play your game.   There’s a trick to tic tac toe:
Dear succeeding Earth, nothing but complete and utter silence. Nothing at all.   Not even the slight sound of birds chirping or traffic moving.
boys. they’ve got me strung up. i am a sweater, thick string; warm, hunger envelopes me and i do what i can.   i’m out on this fence to dry
I keep looking for love in everyone I see: The boys in the hall, I catch myself wishing on sheep.   My inabilities are also my delight,
  I am tired of surfing your waves Looking for a better shoreline to crash into As the sweat beads on my chest You give me no rest
i remember you girl, worn face eyelash whipped, whirlwind wonder-fuck.   i remember how you so delicately accepted me in,
Imagine me: With your solemn look staring into mine, imagine The mines collapsed into me, Making my memories become majestries Making my terrors become tapestries.
You shouldn’t put people in boxes the size of your ego Someone could get lost  
my love; this is tragic someone has died in our attic i saw it yesterday, on the news you should have seen him, body bruised  
  No.   I am no longer going to feel spaced out About needing to cut you off. I was a planet, with rivers and lakes.
Dear Sandpaper family,   I see all of you, All your bumps and bruises All your ragged clothes worn over the remnants of your skin
Dear Sadness,   I know You’re feeling blue, Like an ocean tide scouring anew, Bogging down my carefree garments and,
Dear, my precious friend   You’ve saved me, my knight in shining armor From the castle that brought me dishonor
I told you you did not want to date me because I would hurt you. Not long after that we started dating I hurt you. I left or of fear of getting hurt. Then we got back together. Later you left me on the edge of death.
Dear Nana, How are you? How have you been? I've been trying to be happy but how do I begin? I remember your last day like the back of my hand Little did I know time was running out like dripping grains of sand.
When I’m judged every day evidently And I come to think my mother was right How could I ever live genuinely Could I ever be loved for just one night;
Dear Dad,   You say these memories are fake, then dang I must got an overflowing river of imagination.
The ruthless dictator when seen from sorrowful eyes.   The empathic healer when seen from solaced eyes.   The dutiful watcher when seen from admiring eyes.   The reliable partner
Through the time I traverse, moment to moment, memory to memory. The riches on the way, I always grab a fistful. One by one they slip away as it is in their nature. Little remorse is felt since they are but ephemeral.
the prince in this tale was too scared to ask for help he tried to save himself the prince is strong the prince was the strongest
Those who look outside of the window sees the perfection of a house. Built on the sturdiest foundation of all even though it was built in 1942 on a rainy day, still sturdy.
This morning, I noticed something I have such beautiful eyes Which is weird I've never been happy with them Nor sad either I haven't felt any sort of feeling with my eyes Until I looked the mirror
For such a long time, I thought I understood long term relationships and that anyone can have them at any age Specifically my own personal demographic But suddenly A switch flipped And a light bulb flickered
Being with you is like going to the symphony or wait, being part of a symphony sometimes I can't tell the difference   Sometimes I feel as though I'm watching and listening from the audience
I know you don’t understand The sun has set and the fog is heavy But can’t you hear them whispering?   The soft voices beyond our own
I dream of thoughts and spaces where I reclaim my power, I dream of reciting verses: A reclamation of the use of my voice. A voice that in reality fights being free,
  Dear Hate,                                                                         I hate you. Always have, always will.I hate how you ensnare, trap, and tangleand like a fly I danglein your web of red hot anger.I hate how you make me crumple li
Dear Depression, Your goal seemed to be to wreck what I had worked so hard to build. You tore and hurt and left me a shell of who I was and could be. I lost myself amongst your waves,
Everyone tells me what I did wrong and how to fix it for next time. Next time. Next time there won’t be a next time. There are too many holes and trysts and trails in my heart I’m shutting it all down.
The Black (pt. 3) In the farthest field there is a deep pit A wound, proclaimed in the dusty outreaches Of sweeping grass element Which now and again bubbles and Blossoms
Dear Ex-Best Friend,   I can’t thank you enough for what you did to me. Yes, it was selfish and rude and incredibly mean.
                The Black (pt. 2) In seventeen years All the roots have settled The roots are strong, They breathe. In seventeen years Our sun has curated Created Our plentiful harvests
Dear world,   I often ponder your composition A seeming giant reservoir of water Flowing as one, united   But is this really true?
I have meaning, past my purpose. I do.   I know this. I am even - most days - convinced of it.  
To the man I should have known to become my uncle,                   You were the butterfly who sent a hurricane, except it wasn't just a flutter of your wings that ripped through what should have been my stable and permanent home.
To the man I should have known to become my uncle,  
Breathless. My fingers intertwined with a desire, not a reality. Enclosed in a blanket of thoughts and ideas, Eager to blossom its petals to showcase its individual colors, But quickly wilts away, overshadowed by fears. Children no longer play on
Dear my protector, Satheric, Satheric. With feathers so sleek like a silent owl in flight, The comforting hum of your voice, kept me asleep all night. As I knew there was nothing to fright.
Dear Papa, at night i would open my window to touch the warm breeze that sang me to sleep every night the moon the last image to grace my eyes before slumber i grew up with mama telling me to be wary of the moon to never look through the glass at
My child has finally been born. Thy world awaits ye beauty. Yet I must hide thee from scorn, So I take thy to a place that’s gloomy.  
The air can blow us away, But we can also blow air. We can create air to use on others, Yet air can not create us to use on air.   It is tossed around,
Once There was a castle. In that castle was a princess. Cursed, By danger and imperfection.  
Dear Dad,
Dear you, You are the best I hold you above the rest Your perfect face and golden hair The beauty I want not to share
I have never been to great at math. Numbers looks like hieroglyphics that have yet to be tanslated into english. Its symbols look like my 5th grade art portfolio scribbles, but yet
I wanted to write you into a love poem, But all I can conjure Is a picture of a girl crying off her mascara On a stoop in the south of Chicago,
  It’s one of those nights.   One where the stars are too still in their orbits, And I can imagine the scent of your perfume Lazily wafting its way around the room,
Dear You, I'm Sorry.  Based on A True Story.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I see you in my sleep, there, you’re still alive, Refusing to accept you’re gone, is the only way I survive,   I reveal all my stories,
Dear Kevin,
Anxiety, What triggered you this time? Was it the way that man looked at us on the street? Was it the test we have in chem. tomorrow?
Dear Rebekah, I always take a look at you when you're not aware, But most times you catch me looking and I find it so unfair That the stars in your eyes twinkle, when you see him and not me,
Dear People With Money, Attending college is tough when the world ain't as sunny.   I've learned people like you make my debt appear. And it's also you who brought me great fear.  
This poem reflects a bad relationship: Dear whoever cares, My heart hurts. My stomach hurts My chest hurts. It's my entire body actually. I feel like I forgot how to breathe. This isn't right.
Dear love,   As time passed, the flowers faded and so did our conversations only meaningless words flowed I looked for the same sparkle I once saw
The nicotine in my brain,the tar in my lungs.
Dear Iceland, “Almost eradicated” the headline reads. Tests spot extra genes Future without disease. Ninety-percent One loop too many Snipped.   Green goggles. Disney songs.
Dear Future You,   Are you still breathing? Are you still fighting? Do you still walk with flames in your soul? The flame that burns, burns out of passion, love and dedication;
Dear Dragon,   You have been called dream devourer, war starter, world conqueror. I never thought you would hunt me down as I, a measly wanderer, kept trying to move around.  
Dear TBD, I need some time.  But- You’ll ask why and I dont know how to tell you Its you.  Time.  That is the spell keeping me standing here.  But- I’m not sure how to fix this. 
Dear friend,   I love seeing you every morning.   Your presence makes me shutter.   I enjoy our small talk. It's nice.   Sometimes there's silence. It's nice.  
Dear first love,
To the woman who gave me my first breath The one who carried my weight The one who loved me without even seeing me There's a knot in my throat when I try to tell you What I felt went wrong
Dear Aidoneus, Goddess of death! Za, God of men! Why must you sit on your ligneous chairs drenched in ichor?
You look And you see A pleasant home.  The flowers are bright,  The bushes are trimmed,  The shingles are painted, Two wicker chairs are on the porch. One white picket fence guards the path. 
  I thought your face was covered in snow I tried to find it, but it’d never show Old soul, from which I learned a lot Never told me how to take care of my heart  
Sahabat, bila engkau berkenan kusurati, hendak sekali hati kecil ini mempertanyakan.   Apa yang telah menjadikan hari kemarin terasa begitu memikat? Mungkinkah karena secangkir kopi hitam pekat,
--with Khansa Khalisha   Share, share the words you wish to say, silent murmurs of your evening pray unspoken tears of your pain yesterday.   Share, see me as shoulder that you can lay,
Liberation, She called it, Discharging pet Lovebird from the Foreign shackles Named commitment  
Dear Justin,  Only Fifteen  Still Learning How to Live  You taught me how to stay strong.  You gave me laughter and smiles.  During a time I only had sadness and grief.  You had me and I had you. 
Dear Forgotten Ones,   In the beginning,  I took you for granted.  In the beginning,  I hid you on a shelf.  You collected dust In the back of my mind  For many a year.
A Letter to The People Who Don't Realize,         Every person is a ship.     When something bad happens, or the person becomes sad, their ship cracks.     Some ships crack at the top; plain for everyone to see.
You can keep the flowers, carry my words, leave with tide.   And keep the winter silence, you so willingly traded me for.
Music is the key to the soul Our twisted hearts bound by these shackles Take this key and remove your chains  
The moment I wake up you're on my mind Between my stomach and my throat, there are too many ties You've consumed my brain and while I'm trying not to let you go I know I've got to let you slip down and off my spine
Can you hear me now? If you can’t I can only wonder how Why is it the only way to get your attention?
Beauty impossible for just one to obtain Roots so deep Branches both long and graceful Facade hiding what’s inside
To Love: You are so enchanting.                                         A blooming rose bush. You have so many flowers.                                         So wonderfully fragrant. You are so vivid.
My Dearest Lover, I don’t believe in using metaphors to define people. Metaphors are romanticized. If someone is defined by the metaphor in which I put them in, people no longer see the person,
Dear Freshman,   Life is like ocean waves Unpredictably unsettling, Boldly beautiful, Carelessly cascading Never hesitant to bombard bountiful beaches
Shed no more dear Shed no more the tears Baby a day will come when that three words gang and say
ravenous creature feeding on scraps and whispers tired of waiting   no longer sitting patiently or silently
Dear Love,   For someone so nurturing to others You sure are disloyal to me Why is it That you come so Faithfully.
Nurses, Should be nice.   Or at least that's what I thought.   They didn't care about me.   Hurt yourself? Stop crying.   Lonely? Oh well.  
Dear Dumb Diary When I need someone to talk to no one listens, So I write in you. The best parts of my day And the things I can’t say You're always there. Just like little Junie B.
Dear river, I love you. I am jealous. You are who I wish to be!
Eyes close, Wandering hands, Fingers visualizing Soft pricks, Flabs of skin, Rouch pad, Desiring to- Glimpse the tail whirl, Hear babbling over commotion, He is the fireplace
Where do you grab your why? Out of thin air? Does it come to you while sitting, watching the day go by? Maybe it runs into you on your deathbed, seein' your life flash before your eyes.  
Our bodies are a kaleidoscope, limbs entangled in damp silk, hearts pulsing to the drum of now, yesterday, today, tomorrow.   “You’re so perfect” you breathe, calluses tracing my veins,
Tell me what tomorrow will bring Solar wind or heavenly fire Tell me when I wake you will be here Wrap me in your arms Those frostbitten demons
My mind is a computer, It plays games, Process information, Turns to power-saving mode.   But if this is true, Then what are my disorders?   They are flash drives,
Love... Now when you hear that word, what comes to mind... ..
By his side, I watched your son grow, With shackles on small hands, Their great weight you bestowed, But learned to withstand.   Your mistakes he bore with a smile With chin up and back straight -
Standing at the mouth, seeing the belly of the beast. Steps I take toward the impending digestion. Strange people. Getting lost. Go here, or there?
Five Stages of loss colored with the paints of emotion, stained by the blemish of unexpected commotions. It gets ugly, "it's on me" you say to survivors who feign joy.
I wanted to say love u mom and dad, but the cousin's here
Being broke is like people out there homeless and need help
You are an artist when it comes to words.  Your tongue is the brush, my heart the canvas.  You knew just the words to paint my heart  the color of love you promised me.  You charmed me with reds of passion. 
Mother The rise of sun I cannot see it Helplessly, I lay My wings nearly bare I cannot move I cannot speak My limbs heavy Bricks on my body
Silent nights lay rest to broken hearts The hands of the strong hold the feathers of damaged birds Your warm smile puts back together the shattered pieces of me
Dear Kim Jong-Un, I see you up in your palace, your insulation spilling over your belt I see you but you see the skin dripping off the bones of your people
dear boy i almost gave everything to, i am not a glistening bar of solid authentic gold, i am not a crystal clear 50 karat diamond, i am not a smooth pearl that shimmers in the sun.   i am a ruby.
A blackbird sits upon a tree and no one bothers to see what lies inside its tender heart or how it used to be.   ‘I used to fly above the earth,’ said the recollecting bird,
Ode to You:  
Screams I hear every morning  I wake to the clouds storming The lightning fills the air I try to say my silent God prayer  amongst the clouds trying to see  why they can't agree  All they do is fight
The door is sealed shut to lock in the spiraling shadows that are so haunting at night   The barrier brings comfort, muffling the bustling mascaraed while silencing staggered breaths  
Dear Trauma,   letting you go is harder than diminishing you into “just something that happened to me” or “nothing big really”.