Dark Knight

I wanna let you in on a little secret,


not Bruce Wayne, just one of two faces,

Harvey Dent,

caped-crusader of the night,

dark nights, no sleep,

early nights and late morns,

this Dark Knight fights the crimes of his mind,

Gotham City,

filth-filled streets that gain no justification,

No purification for the unjust and ungodly,

the scum life of the lowly,

No God lives here,

in need of a Savior, a Hero,

but I've become the vigilante,

crimes run wild, poison, I be mind controlled,

me into sin,

Bat signal, shines bright in the sky,

a ray of HOPE, coming to my own rescue,

hurting myself, like the Bane of my existence, 

splitting me in two,

Dynamic Duo, letting God ride sidecar,

appointing myself to take charge,

Again, my delusions Robin me of reality,

Boy, wonder how that goes,

Seemingly fearless,

Nah, just taught to fear less,

He sees past my mask, and still, with compassion,

He understands,

No "S" on His chest,

He comes to my rescue,

No Superman.

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Jay the Poet

I tend to trust in myself when it comes to decision making. I never let God get His word in. 

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