I am undefined

I am not defined by the box i check, 

I am not 'that girl' 

I am not defined by the curves of my hips

Or the rhythm that rides my lips. 

I am the mountains I've climbed, 

molehills to some awake the demons in me. 

I am not the words i've said, 

But the mistakes I've learned. 

I am not who I want to be, 

for I will never be she. 

I will always strive for one step more. 

I am the moment you fall asleep, 

the moment that seperates yesterday 

from tomorrow. 

I am the domino effect, 

I am not what happy looks like. 

I am a chameleon soul, just trying to get by. 

I am above the pulse, 

but below the average rating of amazing,

I am what you see in me. 

I am what makes you not give a second glance. 

I am what will always want to be more, 

That's what makes me

so much more then me. 

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I hope you enjoy my poem. 

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