“I love you” should never result in foes

It should never result in therapy, emotional damage, and fear

It should never come to weighing twenty less pounds after the dust has settled

My breath affected by the lack of food

To be submerged into water and when reaching for the top

He pulls me deeper in

It should have never gotten to the point where his family made me believe that I was in fact “crazy”

As a result of bending backwards and letting myself break for his pleasure


I felt more than insignificant

I disowned myself and wore the costume he chose

I wasn’t fond of straightening my natural hair, but I believed this is what you had to do


Love is not a war between the person you say you love most

You don’t show it by making your beloved feeling less than whole

Such a pure thing like love

Doesn’t naturally lead into infidelity


Your mouth says the words I want to hear

But your eyes tear the only security left

To be on a carnival ride that doesn’t end

I could never tell if I was right, or if the words you said are what I wanted to believe


I consider myself lucky for being able to escape with grace

To discover sanity and become grounded

When I used to be dragged into different rooms he hid me in

To discover the kind of gentlemen that understands my severe bruises

The wounds that weren’t made by him and to heal them

Allowing me to grow and discover other parts of our Mother Earth

To know i’ll becoming back home to a smile

Reality is not a distortion anymore

Nothing can be compared to the feeling of being released from the grip around my throat


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