Reality Hurts

Nothing lasts forever.

Not a relationship nor a friendship.

All the lies and story were killing one by one.

It was like I was a mirror that lose all it's pieces.

It was like someone was stabbing me in my back with an dagger just trying to put me out of my misery.

It was like the people I looked up and I thought were my friends were like normal day strangers to me.

It was like I didn't know them or the person they have become.

They were completely new people under those masks of the people I once knew.

I repeated said that they hadn't changed. 

Treating me like I had just woke up from a big nightmare, wishing that I could escape it.

I wonder if I had just woke up from a bad nightmare or If I just woke up to reality to see what was really behind the smiles they kept on their faces.


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