Every Snowfall Needs An Angel

Pain is like snow.

You look up—

And no matter how hard you squint,

You can't quite see where it's coming from.

From time to time it may stop, 

But in reality,

It's rushing at you,

All at once.

No matter the layers of protection you wear,

It's still freezing.

You try your hardest to protect the snowman.

Protect it from what it already knows.

Whether it's with a scarf or a hat or your favorite pair of gloves.

They have to brave the storm, too.

Objectifying it from your window,

Taken aback by it's public display.

You can choose to throw snow at others,

but it won't fix anything. 

It brushes and clings to you in clumps and bumps.

Until suddenly,

It disappears into thin air.

The pain is only temporary.


It may not melt away in a day or two,

or even three.

But one day,

Without noticing,

It'll all be gone,

And the sun will shine again. 

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