Mary Jane

He was the light in the dark

the burning flame in my heart

until she came around.

He was my best friend, my obsession

for him i had ever lasting passion

but she came around.

Mary Jane why do you take him from me?

you could have your pick of any fellow

but you captured my favorite human being

who now looks sick and his face turning yellow.

You create artificial smiles on his face

and frozen his heart in a case.

Once he said he loved me oh so dearly

but that was before when he could think clearly.

She is rotting his brain

as his eyes glow fiery red,

he's completely gone insane

and no longer sleeps in my bed.

I hate that she now means everything to him

what about me? your homie, i was your girl.

but my love grows stronger than my hate for him

i pull my friend aside and say to her

"best friend this is terrible,

we all knew it was the inevitable,

but i hope he comes back."


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