We Are All Little Suns...

Tue, 03/29/2016 - 06:43 -- ChMaEve

I find my mind will change itself.

My body will decay.

My thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations

turn to low vibrations and whither away.

All of these material things

that some hold dear to Heart...

Well... to me... I guess...

I just know they fall apart.

A family is for a lifetime,

and a lifetime ends with death.

However, this will not my LIFE.

It will not end my Breath

that breathes my Rainbows into the Universe,

that breathes my Love into the Source.

You ALL have Rainbows inside you, too,

and you all have Love, of course.

This is the most PRECIOUS thing

that can be released into this world...

All other worlds, as a matter of fact,

so let that Love unfurl.


Close your eyes, remember your youth!

Can you see the colorful shapes

all intwined together in beautiful rays

of light?...... It is a Gate.

Go through it and see Truth that lives

through ages both dark and Golden.

Let me explain in terms that will give

you an insight and leave you open.


Imagine a Bird that lives in a cage,

but can see the Lovely Blue Sky...

Every "tweet" and "squawk" would be

but a mornful lullaby cry.

However, one day, when the cage gives way

and crumbles into pieces...

It is gone, so the Bird can fly away.

The Bird's Life will not decease; it's

just set free. Do you see

the connection here

between the Bird and your Soul?

When your body is gone, your Soul goes on.

I will never dread growing old.

For, this Death does not oppose one's Life,

the opposite of Death is Birth.

Life is ever-flowing....

It cannot be ended by a herse. 


The one thing that I can't Live without

is the Peace of knowing that:

When everything I know is gone,

there will not be a lack

of space where it all sat before, but rather

things all grand and new,

that will be made up of all the things

that once made Me and You.

A part of this that goes along with

the point I'm trying to make,

is that You and I are one of a kind,

but We are also one in the same.

I cannot see through your eyes.

You cannot see through mine,

but together in a Higher Place,

You and I are intertwined

with everything else that has Life within,

and that Life is what We are.

We are not our past, future, or our thoughts,

We are not the result of our scars.

We are True Love. We are Life Itself.

We are Magic. We are One.

We are Everything that We're taught We're not...

We are all just Little Suns.

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