Healthful interconnection

To me a healthy relationship means two people,

Two people respect each other, and each other’s wishes.

 Two people laugh and joke together.

Two people hurt and cry together.

Two people star gaze and run in the rain.

Two people empathize on each other’s pain.

A healthy relationship is sharing music playlist.

A healthy relationship is taking trips.

A healthy relationship is blending faith and inspired by love.

A healthy relationship is being mad but not trying to hurt.

A healthy relationship is expressing emotion without holding a grudge.

A healthy relationship is feeling safe at a time of vulnerability.

I used to think healthy relationships did not exist.

I used to think my love was never matched 50/50.

I used to think I would have to settle.

I used to think of lies, infidelity, religion, fertility and other deal breakers.

I used to think people were just using me, even though I had little to give.

I used to think I didn’t want to live.


Now I see the signs and the red flags.

Now I learned I am sensitive to manipulation.

Now I learned to put myself first and to love myself.

Now I learned to look for gratitude and reciprocation of love.

Now I learned not to feed into those synthetic relationships.

Now I learned how to prioritize.

To the young people I just want to say,

To not conform, and be yourself.

To the young people, it is ok not to be okay.

To the young people although your purpose may not be clear, have no fear.

To the young people don’t hold on to promises or secrets be true to you.

To the young people change starts with you have no regrets but always reflect.

Everyone deserves a healthy relationship.

Even those horrible ex’s.

Even bullies.

Even scammers.

Especially those “damaged goods”.

Especially those sweet angels in disguise.

Did you k now that unhealthy relationships actually exist?

Does it affect person to person relationships?

Does it affect person to mentality relationships?

Does it affect person to education relationships?

Does it affect person to wellness relationships?

Does it affect person to nature relationships?

Love can be unconditional.

Love can be frightening.

Love can be spiritual.

Love can be unrelenting.

Love can overpower.

Love can be true.



Because I love you shouldn’t mean tainted love. 

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