Strong Mind - Fragile Heart: For Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,


Is your mind an escape route?

Or the devil's labyrinth?


There could be a wide open field stretching for miles,

Or an enclosed room with no way out - shrinking every second.

You're trapped by your own self-hatred,

And it’s fueled by your burning desire to retrieve something just out of reach.


This mind will not stop, for how can it.

If the mind stops,

The body stops,

The heart stops!


That heart is all broken and tattered,

And was since the day it was created.

It's been working to win,

And not let the mind finish it off.


But the conscious is a powerful console.

It controls everything,

Running, writing, cooking, driving, sleeping, learning, fearing,

The muscles in your body - and even the heart.


You are an avatar slaving to your mind,

That will never go away.

Dragging the body over its shoulder,

Until it bows down in fear.


The fear has already taken hold,

While a weary heart begs for mercy.


The body is shriveled up, nothing left to fight.

This monstrous beast has won;

The body lies withered;

Motivation - a nonexistent concept.


The heart beat to its last breath,

Still hangs on that cliff,

And hangs on that cliff,

And hangs on that cliff.


Time forgot and direction lost.

I am left alone to my poisonous thoughts,

Just hanging with one hand, outstretching the other,

And hoping that someone, someone will take it.


With Strong Mind,

Fragile Heart

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