WHAT DO YOU SEE?!(by: Mayron M. Cordon Arevalo)

Tuesday, August 19, 2015(Date poem was born)

I see the walls falling down
Fire and tests for which we'll be bound
Losing our life over one another
Forgetting that we have a heavenly father

I see my wings being torn apart by my own brothers
I see my head being slice by my own mother
A shadow staring at me with a thirst of blood
Showing me things we can not be taught

Fear, depression, lost, emptiness destruction, are the things he embodies
I see his scythe reaping my soul of my body
Nowhere to go, just living in my head
"Follow me and I'll set you free," he said

Lies and more lies, stay away from me
A place filled with death and shadows is the place you will always be
This place you call earth is governed by me
I have taken everything from you, can't you see?

A person who tries and tries but can not do anything, that's how I feel
Like a fish underwater that can not breathe through its gill.
It's hard to think, hard to breathe, hard to see
No matter how hard you try, you can not help me

The hole of grief is way too deep
Knowing that your love and friendship I can not keep
The feeling of freezing in my hand as I see my blood drip
A nightmare where I struggle in not losing my grip

What a pathetic human you are!
You think you're safe living under a star?
You absolutely have no idea where you're coming from
He screeches trying to tear apart my eardrum

You are weak!
Not able to think
I'll beat you to your knees
And you will bow before me!

Look up, look down
To the chains above and under you are bound
With tremble and fear
Your life you will steer

I will send fire from above and below
And on your head, everything will fall
Put a knife to your neck! he cried
Go on but remember I'll never let you die

Let me be, let me be
One way or another, I will be free
Run, run little pest
I'll find you for I do not rest

Ha, ha, ha, you do not scare me
Soon you will meet thy
He with me will be
And from us, you'll flea

You may hide high and low
He will send his snake to find my foe
Shut up! Shut up! Pathetic, weak, little boy
Do not tempt me for my wrath you will not avoid

Who are you?
Many know me but those who remember me are a few
I am your friend and your foe
I'm the one who governs this world among you all

What do you want from me you ghost
The one thing your heart desires the most

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My family
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Mayron M. Cordon Arevalo

There are many ways you can see things, for me is through my eyes or through my heart. In the end you dicied the way you want to see this poem, through your eyes or through your heart. Keep an open mind and maybe, just maybe, you might capture a glimpse of my familia's past, present, and future. One word can transfer many feelings but in the end you choose to learn from it and keep moving forward or slimply ignore it and walk away. The choice is yours.

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