Life is Like a Roller Coaster

Life is like a roller coaster

You will need a safety belt to hold you in

For things will be scary

And you will have to face your fears

Around the curve there are new possibilities

And a future that awaits

Things won't be easy

And the ride won't be smooth

There will be bumps and sharp turns along the way

People won't always agree with you

And you won't always agree with them

But challenge yourself to look outside of the box

To see things from a different perspective every now and then

To open your mind to the world around you

For the journey of life will fly by faster than you think

And before you know it you will have a story to tell

Full of tests and fears

And mistakes and tears

But memories will be made

And a history will be engraved

For the flips and down hills will always be worth it in the end

Because in one short blink things may come to an end

And we must not take things for granted

For life is like a rollercoaster

And you never know what will happen

Unless you climb the hill

And open your eyes and enjoy

The beautiful masterpiece of life

Which lies right over the next hill

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“We did it!” I screamed running over to my teammates wrapping them up in a hug. It was May 19, 2016, and we had just medaled at the State Track & Field Meet in the 4x800 meter relay. I looked up into the stands where I saw my parents and grandparents laughing and taking pictures. However, there were some very important people missing today. My other set of grandparents were at the hospital today where Grandma had an appointment.

Little did I know it would go from one of the most exciting days of my life to one of the hardest weekends ever. My Dad came into my room and told me the news. My Grandma, my best friends, my rock, and my biggest supporter had stage four bile duct cancer. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and I cried myself to sleep.

Fast-forward to March 8, 2018. "Today in class..." were the only words I heard out of my science teacher say to the class that morning as I wasn't focused. A the end of the day, I was supposed to be getting out of class to see my Grandma with my Mom as she had gone downhill fast in the past week. The door opened and I was pulled out of class only to see my sisters running down the hallway crying saying, "We have to go now!" We rushed to Grandma's house and I held her hand and watched her take her last breath as my sister sang her to sleep.

My head was spinning and I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. Tons of memories flashed back in my head of all the good times. Yet, all I could think about was the biggest challenge of cancer my Grandma had to face and watching her go through it was almost unbearable. Being as young as I am, I probably don't fully understand, but I understand to a point to realize just how quickly things can change in a hurry and all the things I take for granted in my life. We are talking about my Grandma, the biggest rock and strongest willed person that I know who has to put up with something as terrible as stage four cancer. I sat there with an aching pain in my stomach wondering why this happens to the ones we love the most.

After lots of pondering and trying to find the right answers, I realized cancer had not defined her. Her strength, courage, guidance, and love meant all the world to me. I had broken down, gotten back up, and repeated the process all over again, but knowing how brave she was, showed me that I need not fear anything at all. There is a quote that states, "Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you."

We all have our struggles in our lives that sometimes seem to overtake us, and it is almost as if we can't do anything about it. However, it is how we react to those struggles that makes all the difference. The harder the struggle seems to be, the more glorious the triumph is. Our struggles are required in life because, in order to stand up, we have to know what falling down is like.

The whole entire time I was struggling, I almost thought of myself as being selfish. I didn't have to experience all the pain and there are so many other people in this world that have it much harder than I do. In grief, the only way out of the pain is through the pain. At times where I can't speak in words, I have learned to speak in writing. One of the hardest yet most calming thing for me was to hear the words I had written at my Grandma's funeral in my poem titled "Life is Like a Roller Coaster."

We were all given this beautiful gift when we were brought into this world: this thing called life with a wonderful journey to absorb each step of the way. My Grandma's fingerprints will never fade from the lives she has touched along with changing my world completely. She was one of the greatest treasures I was ever given. For that, I'm eternally grateful.





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