Mon, 10/12/2015 - 00:19 -- Sylis
She had a mouth full of metal
Spent her nights running from horses
and riding her days after dreams
She was addicted to the obscene
She was her own girl
She didn't need anything
She had a spring in her step
And a sparkle in her eyes
With hair like wildfire
She had them lined up for miles
But I could see.
See right through everything.
I could see the strain in her smile
The bleak in her eyes
The ice in her heart
And the cracks in her life
She was a supernova
Bright on the outside
Falling to pieces on the inside.
Imperfectly picture perfect
She hid away her scars
Gathered from failures and hidden flaws
She was a supernova
Ready to blow
Why didn't I reach out I'll never know
I could've saved her before it was too late
But now we'll never know
Cause just the other day
They found her lying still
Bloodly pill bottles scattered across the floor
Death by slit wrists and overdose
She was a supernova
A star in my eyes
But now she's dead
And at her funeral
I asked myself "how could I be so blind?"
And as they buried her I could feel the guilt eat me alive
And as I tighten this rope about my neck
I've just one request
Bury me next to my supernova
So I can apologize in the afterlife.
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