The Truth Behind Beauty and the Beast

The truth behind Beauty and the Beast

By Alex Dix


His gentleness was only a lie to cover up the anger that arose from inside, deep within my core to make me nothing more. To everyone else, I was known to be Beauty but nobody knew nothing about the Beast. Which might mean you don't know the truth behind the seams. For me, I was only a puppet being pulled by the strings to think that he loved me but never knew the what it would truly mean. Threw my childish dreams of dancing spoons and talking things I never knew the nightmare that all of this will bring. The Beast seemed so loving at first like a father to me, but when he became angry he turned into such a scary thing .”IGNORE YOUR BEAUTY IGNORE IT ALL!” and once he said that, that’s when I started to  




                                                                                                                  L First he scratched me once then scratched twice and now my scars are bleeding with my hands on his knife. I told myself I’ll never do it again but the deeper I fell in love the deeper I fell under his spell. Transforming me into a Beast and no longer a Belle. I wanted to be loved by another, to be a princess swept off my feet but maybe I had a better chance hiding beneath the pages of this fantasy. The one you all you called the Beauty and the Beast.


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