Man's Best Friend

As I awoke and sat up in a room with only bare white walls, I thought I was all alone

Until I turned to scan the space and Poetry was standing in the corner

Watching, waiting.

Poetry has a way of showing up unexpectedly, uninvited,

When I would have otherwise been by myself

But was too afraid to be.

When I wanted to say something but didn’t quite know how,

When I wanted to be heard but was too scared to open my mouth

When I wanted to make art but wasn’t sure what kind

When I wanted to paint a picture but didn’t want the mess it leaves behind.

Poetry is a life vest thrown just as the water opens its mouth to swallow you whole

And being the only passenger on this sinking ship every time takes a toll.

I jump overboard willingly sometimes, testing my luck.

I’m always waiting, always expecting to be saved

And Poetry hasn’t let me down yet

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