As I Remain (As The Silhouette)


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I remain a silhouette 
A shadow behind an unrequited love 
The dweller of the mysterious apartment,
Several floors above the cheaters and false lovers
This is how they treat the poet
And this is how they pay the artist 
Starving for love and thirsty for wine
To be ever drunk from the misery
Intoxicated enough to escape 
But not drunk enough to avoid you.
What has come of me?
But what has come of you?
Who has poisoned your soul with distraction?
How dare her for secretly crashing in the way
How dare anybody come in between my painting?
The painting and poetry I created for us!
We had the companionship, 
We had the top of the tower to ourselves,
But it had to be one of who happened to fall.
Armaan is the lover of the night
The desire of being beyond the shadow of love
And Lo! tainted Beloved, be mindful of the cloak you've worn
For that cloak shall become the cloak of a martyr
That you shall remember the triumph of a companion 
For that will have the rest to remember 
Another victim of unrequited love
Another poet in love's despair 
A friend in need
A silhouette of love.

- Armaan


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Our world
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Really connected to this , i enjoyed the line about being drunk and ''how dare anybody come between my painting'' that was so strong only few can catch that , you say youre new but keep it up and youll learn so much about yourseld. Writing is a self portriat even if its about others 

Armaan Is A Flower

I humbly apologize for a late reply, but I want to thank you for this beautiful comment. I've been writing for almost 8 years, yet in need of more confidence to declare myself as poet. I do declare it now. Aha! A lot of Sufi elements have affect with my poetry. From the metaphors and all, I have developed my own flow. I hope you'd like more :)



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