The Weirdness Of It All

Tue, 09/12/2017 - 21:04 -- NiaWalk

It's this weird feeling

like someone just gave you a sip of water 

after a life long drought

like seeing the sun set for the first time

after years of being blind

love is something like that 

something like 

I didn't know the hole in my heart 

until it was filled

Love is the missing piece to the puzzle 

I didn't even know I was putting together

Love I learned 

is not always fast 

not always instant

Our love took a while 

had to be adjusted 

had to be cautious 

Love is not just the skip of a heart beat

but the beats after the skip 

and the beats before

realizing the future you'll have with this love

And what led you to it


It's this weird feeling

like a refreshing feeling 

that isn't always refreshing 

Sometimes it's tiring 

Sometimes its hard 

But it's this weird feeling 

something like 

i didn't know about the hole in my heart until it was filled

And now I can't imagine going back 

Can't unsee the sunset 

Can't forget the taste of water

Can't go a day without love

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