The Game of Love

Oh dear,


I’m having a little trouble remembering

Who I wish to forget.

In that case, to whom it may concern,

I no longer wish to play your game.


There’s a trick to tic tac toe:

Make it so you have two ways to win

And they have no defenses.

It’s a trap.


That’s how you made me feel.

You would twist the game to your favor,

Never letting me feel victorious.

Not even once.


You would twist and turn everything around.

Every ladder I climbed

You sent me down a chute.

Your game was unbeatable.


You monopolized everything I owned.

My pride,

My privacy,

My passion.


Tears fall on the chess board

I now stand tall over.

I look back and know now,

You took my queen before the game began,

I had no chance.


You always seemed one step ahead of me,

Knowing where all my ships were placed,

And knowing just how to sink them.


You gave me diamonds to earn my heart,

Who knew you would pull the spade

Or even the club,

When I said “no more”.


Now I have a clue as to what you really are.


And I will never be sorry,

The bars in front of you are the only thing

you have to drown your sorrows now.


Yeah sure I played your game,

But you just lost mine.



Guess who.

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My family
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