The Lessons She Taught

She is strong,

But she was not born powerful,

She is kind,

But she grew in adversity.

I call her several things

Friend, teacher, caretaker,

But mom is the best name for her.

She raised me with all her love to give,

She showed me how to be strong in the real way,

She showed me compassion and kindness,

She showed me how to stand strong as though I were made of titanium,

But to keep my heart soft like velvet for all those who need love.

When I was younger

I suffered and walked in darkness,

I was lost and in pain.

Sorrow was my friend and tears were my words

She knew my language, but even better

She knew the way home.

She showed me the love I needed and brought me back,

I never worry about people leaving me because of her,

I know that if I am ever alone or lost.

She knows me better than anyone else

She will bring me home.

All these years I have never been able to say it enough

My words were never strong enough

I want to thank her for everything she has done

I will work hard,

I will grow,

And hope that one day it will show

My love and appreciation for her.


This poem is about: 
My family
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