You are my sunshine,

My grandmother’s voice

is hushed by the foam of the waves.

Her fingers delicately reposition

a ringlet of hazelnut behind my ear.

The seagulls croon along with her,

weaving patterns with their wings

underneath the gold in the sky.

My only sunshine.


You make me happy,

We are balancing on the stilts that are our legs.

Cathie’s closed eyes peer up at us from the funerary box.

Her lips are glossy and her makeup is done,

but it doesn’t hide the death that has settled

underneath her skin.

The younger boy next to me sheds tears

of musical notes and lyrics

and we all harmonize.

When skies are gray.


You’ll never know dear,

Eyes of moss and mud gaze deeply into mine

and beauty beams from the smile

of the boy on my side.

The wind nips our fingers and the silver bench

bites our rears.

An earbud connects the side of his head

to mine and I flutter.

How much I love you.


So please don’t take

I listen to the song that has frolicked

through my memories.

Peals of laughter,

salty drops of mortality,

and clusters of sweet lip caresses

whirl beyond the retina of my eyes.

I reflect.

My sunshine away.


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My family
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